What I shot over the weekend :)

Streaked Throated Woodpecker – pecking for food in the rain.


Bar Tailed Tree Creeper: It crawled on the tree trunk like a lizard, almost invisible, and then disappeared here.
DSC_7850-001Rock Bunting.Rock Bunting, Nikon D700, Nikkor 70 300mm

Rock Bunting

Rock Bunting, Himalayas, Kufri, SimlaHimalayan Bulbul

Himalayan BulbulRusset Sparrow, male, in the rain.
Russet Sparrow

A closer look at the Russet Sparrow

Russet Sparrow

Black Hooded Oriole I think... wish the shot was not so blurry. Don’t miss the rain drops!

UPDATED:  Scarlet Minivet Female, Thank You Sangeeta Khanna 🙂
Scarlet Minivet Female

Another look,
Yellow and Black bird, Scarlet Minivet Female, Kufri, Simla

Great Tit Updated: Green Backed Tit
Kufri Birds, Green backed Tit, Kufri, Simla, Himachal Pradesh

Russet Sparrow – female? Looking for nesting material in the rain?

Sparrow in Kufri Sparrow with grass

Verditer Flycatcher
Kufri Birds6

Little Pied Flycatcher – Male
Little Pied Flycatcher

Ficedulla westermanni. Little Pied Flycatcher

Another out of focus shot…
Little Pied Flycatcher

And this is what Brat Three captured 🙂

Sony Cybershot, DSC-T90,  Snail, Slug, Kufri


25 thoughts on “What I shot over the weekend :)

  1. Lov ely shots all of them. I loved your captions. For some reason i very much liked the caption that says Dont miss the rain drops. My fav shots are the last butone and the close up of the Russet. It looks so chubby all fluffed up.
    Btw, whatare we looking at in the last pic,the one that brat3 captured?


  2. Awesome shots, IHM. You are one dedicated bird photographer. The cold deterred me from venturing out as much as you. And I enjoyed how the little ‘bird-spotter’ did her job with diligence!


  3. Amazing IHM… Have you you read Birds of Kerala by Induchoodan (not sure if Eng translation is available)… If you have plan to visit wayanad, you’ll fall in love with the place with chirps & chirrups loud enough to turn one deaf
    Since my hometown z near Wayanad, birding ws an obvious hobby. Miss those days 😦


  4. I am not able to decide whether it is amazing “you” or amazing “birds”!
    Superb captures by you! Glad got to see these through your eyes. 🙂


  5. Loved these. I was waiting for the bird pictures 🙂
    That is not a black hooded Oriole, looks like minivet…female of scarlet minivet?
    And that is a slug, we have them in our garden too.


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