When we order gifts for ourselves :)

We are made happy 🙂

Ordered in the evening, arrived the next afternoon 🙂
birds of india5

It’s difficult impossible to open Flipkart packaging neatly!


Everything must pass his scrutiny 🙂

Birds of India1

Taste and smell it just a little 🙂

birds of India2

Birds of India: Om Field Guides

And now that the guide is here…

Birds of India

And these two have been placed strategically. [From www.natureforever.org, reached there via junglee.com ]

The sparrow nesting box.

Nature Forever, Next Box for sparrow, www.natureforever.org

And the sparrow feeder.


Maybe I can hope to find the names of those I shoot 🙂



No sparrows ever visit the balcony here, though I have seen a few just across the road. Sangeeta Khanna feels it’s not a bad idea to make the place inviting just in case a sparrow does happen to fly by.

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18 thoughts on “When we order gifts for ourselves :)

  1. hey IHM..same pinch. we also got 2 bird feeders from natureforever a few months back. Installed them with Ragi, Corn and Millets. I also put some rice on the plate. The sparrows around my house seem to be pecking only on the rice. They are just not pecking from the feeder to get the other grains…and we had to wait for almost 3 weeks for the sparrows to get used to the feeder :-(. We are members of a group called BSAP (Bird watchers Society of Andhra Pradesh) and go for birding trips with them. Some of the members have installed the Nesting boxes, but sparrows seem to prefer only the electric boxes 🙂

    You can join this group on FB, people post such beautiful photos of birds…I have never seen so many of them in all these years. If you do not know the ID of a bird you clicked, you can post your photo there and ask for ID help too.


    Is there a way to upload a photo in the “reply” box????


  2. Nice book.
    We have a similar book authored by Salim Ali, the noted ornithologist.
    I am not an avid bird watcher but my son is and he bought this book some years ago.

    I am mailing you separately from my cell phone three pictures, of the front cover, back and a typical colour plate from among the several inside the book.

    Happy birdwatching and bird feeding.

    We need to go to the Ranganathittu bird sancturary to see birds.
    There are hardly any birds here in Bangalore.
    The sparrows have fled.
    Even crows are scarce.
    Only pigeons are plenty in my apartment complex but no one is watching them and we are rather fed up with their monotonous “gooter goo”ing and our maintenance staff are sick of having to clean up their droppings.



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