Student gang-raped, killed, ‘Maratha’ etched on body

What kind of culture and values create this kind of hate, misogyny, aggression and lack of fear/ respect for law? Rape is a crime of hate and aggression. An innocent young person is tortured and is dead at twenty, and for many it is not a crime against her, but against the community she comes from. And there are many who still claim that rape is about sex. This is Rape Culture.

Student gang-raped, killed, ‘Maratha’ etched on body

BELGAUM: A 20-year-old college student was gang-raped and murdered at Sulebhavi village, 20 km from here, on Friday. The girl’s half-naked body was found in a farm on the outskirts of the village the next morning.

Police sources said the rapists had smashed her face with a stone and written “Maratha” on her body in Devanagari script before fleeing the place.

Maybe this is an attempt to create conflicts. Or maybe the rapists thought it would be be easier to avoid arrest if the crime is politicised. Identity of the victim has not been revealed, but here’s a TOI comment (edited)

1 ***** community girl = 20 *****other community girl . now wait and watch what we can do you **** community



18 thoughts on “Student gang-raped, killed, ‘Maratha’ etched on body

    • This makes me wary. Could the police have tortured a confession out of the fiance because they need an easy scapegoat because they’d have to spend their time and energy into finding the culprits?


      • Yeah his ‘confession’ sounds suspicious. He killed her because she wouldn’t yield to his sexual advances apparently… but they were going to be married soon so he didn’t have long to wait. That can’t be a calculated motive. If it was a ‘fit of rage’ type thing then would he have enough sense to write ‘maratha’ on her to mislead? Sounds dodgy to me.


        • I have to say I think it’s fishy too. The wedding was on May 20, about three weeks away- doesn’t seem like enough of a motive. To me, unfortunately, it seems like a classic of rape to ‘prove a point’ to the community to the girl. Rape as a tool of trying to establish superiority and dominance.


    • @ Carvaka
      “but they were going to be married soon so he didn’t have long to wait.”

      @ desidaaru12
      “The wedding was on May 20, about three weeks away- doesn’t seem like enough of a motive.”

      So, does getting married give anyone the license to have sex with the other person? Hasn’t a lot been discussed about marital rape? Are we presuming that the girl was sure to consent once married to the guy? How do we know the girl was not being asked to marry the guy against her choice? Or are we still being hung up on considering sex before marriage as wrong? Or is sex automatically implied by marriage?


        • Just answered this elsewhere and repeating here:

          I was not referring to my feeling about rape and consent about marriage, but to what his likely motive could be.

          I don’t think marriage = consent or that it would be ok for him to force sex on her after marriage. I think the state should absolutely recognise marital rape or any non-consensual sexual activity as a crime.

          However, the Indian state unfortunately does not currently recognise marital rape as a crime. That is why, it would have been very easy for him to wait some days and then rape her with impunity. Why risk being punished by murdering her? I find this motive presented by the police suspicious.


  1. I am getting sick reading about rapes every day. Is there an end to all this? Is God watching? Would he intervene? What kind of adrenaline rush these men get by raping a woman, toddler, or a teen? Does raping a woman, seeing her weak, crying, scared, and miserable make them macho? The 6-year old doesn’t even know that behind that human face is a coward. Raping toddlers and minors is not due to lust; we have become a sex hungry nation; a nation with no stringent law towards rape. The reluctant behavior of some politicians who think women themselves incur rape upon themselves make it worse and they get away with such comments. For them, rape is more like a vote bank.


  2. Its shameful how people fight through women’s bodies. I heard a pretty intense song about Delhi rape victim where the singer was scolding the rapists for having no shame or mercy but ended it with telling the rapists that he is going to rape their sisters. What irony. At the same time TOI was running a campaign urging people to take an oath that they will not objectify women etc., and at the same time they were running extremely objectifying pieces about HIna Rabbani Khar.


  3. Don’t know what to say. Feel sad, angry, especially knowing that the rapists/murderers will walk away effortlessly. India has often been called a ‘functioning anarchy’. Nothing works but nothing falls apart either. We ‘manage’. I’m beginning to doubt the ‘functioning’ part now. Are we really functioning?


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