Five year old abducted, raped and tortured by neighbour : Delhi

Another disturbing news. And the crime is said to have been committed by a neighbor, around 30.

This five year old rape victim is struggling for her life.

… she was found battered and bleeding. She had been missing for three days.  Her cries alerted some of her neighbours, who found her in one of the flats in her building.

The suspect, who allegedly did not give her water or food, and mutilated her, is missing.

The child was reported missing on Monday.  When she was found, her father says the police offered him Rs. 2000 “to keep quiet”.  He said they advised him, “Thank God that she has been found alive.”

…injuries and bruises suggested that the rapist tried to strangle her and left her to die.

[5-year-old rape victim’s ordeal shocks and shames Delhi]

Another link.

Anger rises, protests spread in Delhi as 5-year-old victim battles for life

NEW DELHI: A 200 ml bottle and pieces of candle were inserted into the private parts of the five-year-old rape victim


The girl was abducted on April 15 and kept hostage for two days without food and water in a flat owned by the attacker, said to be in his 30s. He lived on the ground floor of the building in east Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar, in which the victim’s family also stayed, police said.

The girl, who was raped repeatedly, was rescued when members of her family heard her screams on Wednesday evening, police said.


50 thoughts on “Five year old abducted, raped and tortured by neighbour : Delhi

  1. If the accused is on the run.. Why aren’t pictures and name of the accused being circulated as most wanted across the country?
    More so, I have read no reports of checkpost traps or vigilance patrols or anything by the police.
    Until now I thought I still had a thread of hope left in me, but I’d like to congratulate this city and this country on finally leaving me with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to say and for giving me a whole new bout of fear (of EVERYTHING) all over again… good going my fellow noble countrymen… just well done.. :/


  2. To all the people who say “She deserved it”, “she was asking for it”, “FI#K you!!!”. A five year old kid… a five year old kid, man. Makes me want to cry and vomit at the same time.


      • Probably because they are misogynistic shit-heads who think that in most cases the women did ask for it and this was just an exception. Just basic day-to-day freedom of choice appears worthy of being punished by rape to them.


        • So every body who you don’t agree with is a misogynistic shithead, no matter what their objection is?Am i supposed to take your lordship’s permission before i click anything on this website?

          “I believe that India is huge country with a billion people. Unlike other countries, our newspapers aggregate rape stories from all over the country on the front page these days. In such a huge country these kind of stories will never stop. As long as your personal boundary is not being violated on a day to day basis, you should keep a mental distance between such stories and yourself. If you keep subjecting yourself to such stories and its hair brained commenters, you will keep having the kind of reactions the original poster said she had to crimes that are not personally connected to her. This i believe would paralyze a person and give her a distorted view of the world”

          This was my reasoning for a down vote. They are my own personal reasons. I believe this gives me the right to make a down vote. You may or may not agree with me, but you cannot put probably at the beginning of a sentence and accuse me of whatever sexist biases that you go by.


        • @Anon, you have recourse to expressing your own view, as you did. I never contested your right to down vote. As much as you can say what you like, I can too. Seems about right to me. My response does not impede your rights.

          “They are my own personal reasons. I believe this gives me the right to make a down vote.”

          Sure. Her personal reasons give her the right to be disgusted at victim blaming and continuing crimes. Mine give me the right to disagree with down-votes.

          ” In such a huge country these kind of stories will never stop. “

          It’s easy to say for self-preservation but not accurate. Firstly, the police attitude of not registering complaints, not acting, assaulting protesters should stop, we pay them. Secondly, there is much room for improvement, there are other big countries in the world but studies have found India is the 4th worst in the world for women. I feel it when I walk around in public in India. (

          “As long as your personal boundary is not being violated on a day to day basis, you should keep a mental distance between such stories and yourself.

          Apathy? It’s a luxury that I cannot afford. Every single woman in India DOES face her personal boundary being violated on a day to day basis. Not only from men leering/commenting/touching them but also from not having the freedom to go out when we want, wear what we want, say what we want.. for fear of these very men!

          I have lived in Delhi, amongst many other places in India. I have been ‘eve-teased’ since age 11-12, and no one in the public ever batted an eye.. it was ‘normal’. Any one of those men could have taken it further. How ‘personally connected’ to the crimes have to be before we react?

          Apathy for self-preservation seems to be conter-productive in the long run. I recommend this by Martin Niemoller:

          First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
          Because I was not a Socialist.
          Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
          Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
          Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
          Because I was not a Jew.
          Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.


        • @ anon

          Today in so far:

          A 6 year old raped and murdered in Aligarh (happened a few days ago), police manhandled the victim’s mother, dragged her on the floor.
          A 4 year old raped in Madhya Pradesh – critical with brain injuries
          A minor gang raped by 8 men in Delhi – attempts suicide, parents say police showed apathy and did not want to file complaint when she went missing
          Eight year old raped in UP by neighbour
          Hospital warden rapes mentally challenged woman

          These are just the cases that caught media attention today. India being the huge country that it is, stigma for sexual assault victims (not assaulters) being as it is and the police being as callous as they are, we have no way of knowing just how many went unreported. This is not even a fraction of the ‘eve teasing’ and molestation cases, they are so commonplace that they almost never reported to the police or media. Anyone suggesting that there is not a systematic problem here is simply in denial.


        • You have the right to disagree with me, but not to trump up hate and demonize the people you disagree with, like a sly politician, by making up reasons which you want people to believe are true. If what you were implying were to be true, there are plenty of other comments that i should have downvoted.

          My reasons were my own. It would have stayed that way, private. I put it up so that people could see that the reasons for my downvote were not what you were implying. I certainly did not put it up to start a line by line argument with you.

          I still believe that emotions expressed here in some comments, show that people are mentally traumatizing themselves,first by reliving the trauma of the rape victims and and then by reading idiotic comments made by people on such stories. That is the reason i said people should maintain a mental distance from such stories. Since i am nobody to tell these people how to react to the constant barrage of rape stories coming out of India, i downvote the comments that i feel are expressing such emotions.

          And its not like my single downvote is going to prevent you from becoming the prime minister of india. I am not saying that i am a hater or i disagree with everything that you are saying. It just says that there is something in it that i don’t agree with. it doesn’t mean much, so don’t take it seriously.


    • Just curious, but where did you read comments stating that she deserved it? TOI comments section by any chance? I can’t imagine anywhere else where anyone’d say anything like that.


      • Noone said anything like that for this case, she’s talking about the people who say its the woman’s fault in the majority of the cases.
        In fact the top comment of TOI is a guy who makes fun of the moral police.


    • What has gone wrong? This is happening across the world? What a shame? Here in South Africa A young black girl was raped and her stomach cut open and throat slit. Who in their mind would ask for this?
      God save us all humanity


  3. From the NDTV article linked in the post-
    “The child was reported missing on Monday. When she was found, her father says the police offered him Rs. 2000 “to keep quiet”. He said they advised him, “Thank God that she has been found alive.”
    So now we know the Indian police are bribing victims to shut up.


  4. These men should not be kept in the jails….they should be left open on a island without water and food but in the company of each other (all the rapist)…..Let them die repenting for what they did….a slow death……and also keep the animals away from them…..


    • slow death is not allowed even in Saudi Arabia…. but death penalty for brutal child abuse is worth pursuing… moreover, the law should be clear about punishment when the girl is below age-of-consent, even if it is not brutal


  5. When the Delhi gang rape happened, I heard a lot of well educated and generally sensible people saying… “Agreed.. what happened was terrible.. but why was she out after 8.. In a place like India and more particularly Delhi., shouldn’t she have been sensible to stay home after dark”..

    These people themselves have daughters and yet they kept looking at how girls were provoking the attacks.. either by their attire or by exploiting the “freedom” given to them, by staying out after sunset.

    I asked them a simple question… Why don’t you teach your sons better? Why don’t you prevent the perverts from going out after dark…. why don’t you chain them at home instead… The answer I got for this retort was a lot of raised eyebrows.. and statements like “Today’s girls!!” and “You can act brave and defy societal norms, but in the end you are the only one who is going to loose, the guy/guys will continue with their normal life”

    Now I wonder what they have to say about this..!! This 30 year old pervert stuck a bottle and candles in the child’s private parts. And yet the cops tried to bribe the father with 2000 rupees. Someone should have asked these cops, if their daughters life and body was worth only a few thousands.How could a five year old have done something “to provoke” an attack!! Is the fact that she belongs to the feminine gender reason enough to do something like this. The perverted men of India are telling us.. they loose control when they see girls/women… It doesn’t matter if she is 6 months old… 25 years old or 70 years old…

    I recently joined as a Lecturer in the post-graduate department. 2 weeks into my new job, I was asked by the other teachers, to wear a dupatta even if i am wearing kurtas, because the boys are grown up and no longer kids… Whatever the hell they meant by that!!! I wanted to tell them, I am still their teacher and our culture teaches us to respect teachers and parents alike! (Matha, Pitha, Guru, Devam) What shocked me was the fact that this kind of behavior from men/boys is expected and even justified. The funny thing being a majority of women are in on this.

    Would we stand and watch our children being put through this kind of barbaric treatment. Why do we react only when something happens to our close one’s. I have heard many parents saying, If this had happened to my child, I would have butchered them. I say today it is someone else’s child, tomorrow it would most certainly be yours.

    A majority of Indians have lost faith in the judicial system and justifiably so. Everytime we walk in to a police station for help, we are taught to never repeat that mistake again!! We are ruled by people who take 2 days to even verbally react against such atrocities and that too only after a lot of public outrage… Let us stop waiting for help from the authorities and take a pledge that, we will stand up for ourselves and for others, and stop this kind of atrocities from ever happening.

    And if these kind of incidents do occur, we will stand together as a country and fight these cowards to the last breath.


    • Right, so now will the 5-year old be blamed for playing provacatively, wearing provocative frocks and in general, existing provocatively on earth instead of getting aborted in the womb 😦

      Has anybody spoken to rapists and criminals like these, studied them and tried to find out what incites them really? It is a sense of misogyny, illiteracy, lack of fear of the law, abusive childhood or all of these combined?

      What kind of upbringing would this psycopath have had? It surprises me that someone like him could find a wife also!


      • “It surprises me that someone like him could find a wife also!”
        Women’s lives are cheap. They will be married off to psycopaths too….who cares, as long as they’re married? He didn’t have to find a wife. In this society, it’s his privilege.


        • He raped her and then married her. This is per the interview of the area where this bastard lived with his family and later moved to Delhi.


        • For all we know, he might well have got paid according to his ‘status’ for allowing his would-be wife the wonderful privilege of being married to him. What the hell more could she have asked for.
          God, I am so angry I cannot think straight. What a travesty of a country this is.


      • Just read on TOI website that the rapist had raped his wife before marriage… our great societal norms got the victim marry her offender and he went ahead with his crimes…so disgusting!!!My heart goes out for the little girl. Why did she have to go through the brutal rape? I cannot imagine the agony and pain she might have gone through when that monster stuck the things into her private parts. I am in tears as I write this.

        And why is the face of the monster(s) covered? Let the whole world see them. Let them be left amidst a group of angry protesters. They will dead in few mins.


    • “but why was she out after 8”
      Yeah, and the best bit is just how flexible they are. The ‘8 pm’ guidelines changes with every rape, sometimes it’s 7 pm, sometimes 6 pm. Best if you never leave the kitchen really. No one is ever raped in the kitchen.. however you might have a ‘kitchen accident’ if you don’t pay your dowry on time, so it does have it’s own risks.

      “to wear a dupatta even if i am wearing kurtas, because the boys are grown up and no longer kids”
      So if they aren’t kids then they must know that women have breasts. Why should every woman need to cover up her breasts in layers and layers of cloth? Are we trying to convince the world we don’t have breasts and it’s a figment of their imagination? Also if all men are so deviantly dangerous that the mere hint of the existence of breasts will make them commit horrible crimes then they need to all be locked up. What’s a dupatta going to do in the face of such danger afterall?


    • asked them a simple question… Why don’t you teach your sons better? Why don’t you prevent the perverts from going out after dark…. why don’t you chain them at home instead… The answer I got for this retort was a lot of raised
      eyebrows.. and statements like “Today’s girls!!” and “You can act brave and defy societal norms, but in the end you are the only one who is going to loose, the guy/guys will continue with their normal life”

      Those responses aren’t surprising, but it also shows that it’s becoming more and more difficult for people to deny rape culture. Especially in the case of a child. It’s much more difficult to vilify a child even though many people will try. As far as “you can act brave & defy societal norms” that implies that when a woman steps out of her “role” she’s asking to be raped. Also it’s saying that men will rape women who do this.


    • “You can act brave and defy societal norms, but in the end you are the only one who is going to loose, the guy/guys will continue with their normal life”

      They continue with their normal life, because we let them. We blame, menataly torture and screw up the victim’s life rather than doing what’s just. Why don’t I see the name and picture of the criminal? We never punish the rapist but the victim. That’s why we are at the loosing end while they continue with their life. WE LET THEM.. it makes me sick and want to scream…


  6. My heart breaks for the little one. Can’t hold back these tears anymore.
    This country needs a revolution and gender sensitization should be made mandatory in all schools from a very young age.


  7. I was having brkfast when I saw it on TV.Had to rush into the bathroom to cry.I was sad,angry,disgusted and frustrated.
    It never will stop.I have lost hope.Repeated rapes, one after the other,and each more barbaric than the previous. A child. A mere child. What did she do to deserve such traetment in the hands of a neighbour? And more importantly,what did she do to deserve such indifference towards what happened to her from the police? Nothing.She was merely born a girl in this hell of a land we call …oh S***.cant type.disgusting.the cop will rot in hell and the rapist shud be.i dontknow.


  8. When you can’t blame the victim, bribe them!!!

    I saw it on TV and couldn’t breathe for some time. WTFF??? I took out my anger in a sarcastic post on” 5 YEAR OLD GIRL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HER OWN RAPE”. I proof read it and realized it sounds so much like nonsense the real life jerks spout, that I better add a disclaimer about it being a satire.

    Sometimes you just want to bomb people down to ashes. I know it won’t solve anything, but sometimes you are just tempted to just kill a few jerks in bloodthirsty manner. Like today.


  9. Sick, absolutely sick. Made worse by the fact that the police would then try to bribe the victims to not report the disgusting crime and after that assault a female protestor IN the hospital. Unbelievable.


  10. The most horrifying aspect of the case is the way in which the Police handled everything. It is as if they don’t care even after what happened in December.
    Every society has a number of psychopaths and they are present in abundance in India. This is a larger problem that cannot be solved in a day. But the way everything was handled after the crime was committed was equally gruesome. No lessons learnt.


    • Yes. You cannot have a crime-free society, but what you can aspire to is atleast a society in which the police, and the judiciary do the jobs that they are paid to do- by the taxpayers no less.
      I agree that the rape was horrific, but the true solutions lie in police reform and some sort of speeding up of the judicial process. Many police forces around the world- including the US- were at one time perceived to be corrupt and not fit for purpose. However, political will managed to change that.


  11. I am just speechless. The moment I saw this news on Tv, I was like “WTH was that man thinking”. How could he even do all that to a 5yr old!!!! I have seriously lost all hope. I don’t know what this country is coming to. This boy deserves to be hanged-I want to know what the human rights activists have to say to such gruesome crimes.


  12. disgusted… exhausted… lost all the remaining hope… ashamed of belonging to this race… ashamed of pointless existence… nothing to do except react against misogynists who never attack on face anyhow…


  13. The police who tried to bribe and hush the case is as inhuman as the rapist and legal action should be taken against him at the same level. Reading this case itself makes our mind go numb. But the police could think of helping the rapist, after seeing the condition of the 5 yr old girl ? What kind of a human being can do that ? A person who supports a rapist is no lesser criminal than the rapist, he shares the same mentality.


  14. I just don’t understand what makes someone behave like this toward an innocent five year old child. And he was already married. Wonder what the wife was going through all these years.

    I may be wrong, but I think school and college are the best places where these kinds of attitudes can be rooted out at an early age, or at least be found and rehabilitated – assuming that is possible. But sadly, that is hardly the case as people are not interested in even talking about basic sex education, let alone concepts such as these.

    I shudder to think how many other people with similar perverse fantasies are roaming amongst us, and what they will attempt if they feel they could get away with it. And I wonder how many people are actually getting away with it already, with so many unreported cases.


  15. Sick minds that engage in barbaric acts exist in every country. To me, what is truly sickening and disgusting is the police and the judiciary that will let this man (or others like him) get away, the common man who prefers apathy/denial and thinks the media is exaggerating things, and the people who continue to help spread the cancer of misogyny through eve teasing, and shaming girls/women in a hundred other ‘everyday, harmless’ ways.


    • Agree. Infact the common man’s denial/apath, in some cases,arises due to the way the police and judiciary system treat them. Look what happened in this case: the cop suggested the father just pocket 2000 ruppees and be glad that his child is alive. Next time something unlawful happens, I am sure nobody in their family will go to the cops.Why should they? This has become a Catch-22 situation. Common man says going to the cops is abig mistake.Cops easily wash their hands off of the issues saying what can we do if nobody comes seeking our help.
      Totally disgusting situation. My neighbour’s house got robbed while they were away on vacation and they approached the Cops via a distant relative who is himself a Cop. They took6 months to recover a portion of the stolen items. Now, had they not had theconnection of that distant relative in the Police force, do you think thepolice would hav acted on their complaint? I highly doubt it. Sad but true.


  16. What I don’t understand is why the news is not showing pictures of the missing suspect?! The girl was found in his house, he is missing, I’m sure DNA evidence can be found on the child to confirm the man’s involvement in it, and should have been done by now.
    Then WHY is his photograph not being plastered across the newspapers and why are the cops not calling a man-hunt on this sorry excuse for a human being?


  17. Also… I cannot believe that the cops are justifying their shoddy work of not checking the neighbours (which is the FIRST thing they should do, no?) by saying that the mother did not suspect anyone! Look how subtly they blame the woman, AGAIN, for something like this!


    • Yes I also was surprised that didn’t bother checking the neighbours! I suspect they didn’t bother checking anything. Sounds like since the family didn’t automatically know who might have kidnapped their girl, the police couldn’t be bothered to actually investigate and do their jobs!


  18. All the recent spate of media coverage about these rapes (recent coverage, cause I am pretty sure this has happened all along, but have never had this scale of coverage from the print or television media earlier) is creating shock waves and anger among people. Like this 5 year old child, and the many other cases of girls in similar age-groups across the country, it is deplorable yes.. It makes me wonder, are we as a nation, as a collective society, horrified/ angered/ disgusted/ sad only if there is a degree of brutality/ bestiality/ incidents ending with the victim dying etc? Are we so conditioned? Are we so insensitive? Are we so used to molestations/ eve-teasing/ sexual abuse/ cat-calls/ groping on streets, on buses, by family members, that only the most heinous and the most horrifying incident is what it takes to shake us?
    I wonder if we (I mean us, society in general) would be collectively so enraged if it was about a child being repeatedly abused, if it was a sex-worker who was raped, if it was a drunk girl, out with her friends?
    Why is our anger, sympathy, empathy reserved only for those we think fit in a box, deemed right by society? Shouldn’t we be enraged that another human being was wrongfully assaulted/ hurt? If we listen to all the voices that do have the courage to say – this happened to me, in no matter how meek a voice; if we created an environment of inclusive safety, where man, woman and child, even if hurt could be heard and supported, wouldn’t we be nipping so many of our repressed, depressing problems in the bud?
    My heart goes out to the little girl, I know, I was abused myself, systematically by a family member for over 6 years. What she suffered was brutal yes, undeserved? Rightly so!
    But why is our anger, only reserved for a few? The unmarried, virgin girl with a ‘clean’ history (whatever that is), an upper caste woman, or a student with a bright future. Why doesn’t our heart go out to the little child of labourer parents (Noida murders), why not the rape and murder of Dalit women (Khairlanji) or the most recent rape and murder of the activist (Patna)?
    Shouldn’t it start and stop at woman, child, man? Why the labels and why the boxes? Are we so narrow minded a society where our definitions of justice and stability extend only to a privileged few? Or are we so conditioned that we are just numb, and only the brutal, beastial, depraved knock on our minds and hearts, and that too for a fleeting pocket of time.


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