This is not the first, or the only time a rape victim in UP has been kept overnight in a Mahila Thana.

A ten year old girl is allegedly raped by a 24 year old man. Her mother takes her to an all woman Police Station. Medical examination confirms the rape. The police allegedly does not write the report. The mother is allegedly driven away away and the child is locked up and kept in the Police Station overnight.

What would have happened if a free lance journalist had not heard about this ten year old rape survivor’s ordeal?

The Police, it seems, is claiming ‘misunderstanding’.

What misunderstanding could there possibly be here? Did they ‘misunderstand’ that the child had committed some crime? Did they also ‘misunderstand’ the child’s age?

There seems to be lesser delay or misunderstanding in reacting to some other kinds of crimes. In Haryana, a rape victim was booked for suicide attempt in Jhajjar

Another video:

Does it look like the UP police has been given clear (or any) instructions for dealing with sexual crimes? (or any crimes)

This is not the first, or the only time a rape victim in UP has been asked to stay back in a Mahila Thana.

Where could this girl have disappeared? [As the victim was to appear before a magistrate the next day to get her statements recorded, she was directed  to stay back at the Mahila Thana.]

But this time there is hope for justice,

Explain how minor rape victim was put behind bars: SC tells UP govt

The Supreme Court on Wednesday took suo motu cognisance of media reports about detention of a 10-year-old rape victim by the police in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh recently.

The apex court has now sent notice to the state government, asking how the police put the rape victim in custody.

More about UP Police.

Do you remember this murdered couple who made a ‘dramatic reappearance’?

“The rape victim had gone there willingly. She was not lured into it. They drank vodka.”

In Saharanpur UP, a DIG recommended honor killing. [“I don’t have magical power to recover your daughter. But if your daughter had eloped then you should be ashamed of it and end your life…”]

So how does Delhi – NCR Police define Rape?


15 thoughts on “This is not the first, or the only time a rape victim in UP has been kept overnight in a Mahila Thana.

  1. The fact that it happened in a ‘Mahila Thana’ disgusts me.If women,who may be a mother,sister or aunt to 10 year olds can do this,really what are we expecting from sick rapists?


      • Yes,that had to be the possible reason.They might have been scared, so they took the safer option.If at all there was one officer/constable in the station who wanted to help the girl, they would have had to watch the victim,their hands tied.No one wants to get ‘involved’.Law and order in our country is a big joke now.But there is no way they can justify beating up the victim.


      • Why keep her in the thana just to find that out? Is it even legal to detain a child in a regular police lock-up? There are so many things wrong here it’s hard to know where to start.


  2. Terrible news. It’s a travesty of the law and basic human decency. Every time I think I’ve become desensitized to stuff I hear/read on the news in India, a story like this comes along.

    Will the police officials involved face any consequences?


  3. So here’s a thought. This might sound like it’s not the direct answer to rape of any kind, leave alone that of a girl as little as the one here. There are tons of people out there aware and working hard at the direct issues concerning women and their safety .. albeit with very very slow progress. But I do have a different angle here. Are there people out there in our community, activists, politicians, NGOs etc. that work on the system that can actually help this problem? Has any state govt. role modeled working with policemen to change their outlook, their thinking, their beliefs and the way they think about the role they play? There’s been a ton written about how we should be trying to change our men rather than teach our girls to be safe. Can we not religiously target city by city, state by state slowly over years to recruit men into a proud growing community that pledges to be decent? To be proud of being decent? To role model for the world, what policemen can be? The roots of indecency are soooo deep rooted in our social, political and cultural system. All policemen are seen as servants of rich politicians. But there must be a few left in each city that are simply trying to do their job and making ends meet. What if they could be recruited into a camp of sorts by experts who can run these workshops. Eventually teach these policeman about their role. It’s not all about protecting women all the time, it’s eventually about them doing their jobs and being proud of it. You should see some of the policemen in the west (yes there’s a lot of problem with them too but they are marginally better), there’s no getting out of a simple speeding ticket in the US! People pee in their pants when stopped by one. There’s a reason we don’t fear our policemen for the things we should (for that matter there’s a reason our criminals don’t fear anything or any one in our legal system) and there’s a reason we fear them for all the wrong reasons (that include corruption, indecency etc.). Do you know of anyone or any org working with such smaller groups of mean towards a solution? Rising from the grassroots can be a very powerful solution.


  4. Am I the only one wondering why no one took this child to the hospital?
    I mean she could have serious internal injuries/bleeding, rips, tears & whatnot.
    Not to mention a forensic rape exam soon after the incident to gather evidence would be helpful legally also.


      • From an article in ‘India Today’-
        ‘A resident of village Meerpur under Kotwali area of Bulandshahr district, the Dalit girl was going to a village shop to buy some daily need items when a rich middle-aged upper caste villager promised her chocolates and took her to an agricultural field and allegedly raped her…..
        “When we started searching for her in the evening, we found her lying in the agricultural field. We took her to district hospital where the doctors refused to admit her because it was a police case. So we went to police station,” said her father.’
        Read more at:

        Ok, so I’m an American physician & I really don’t understand why doctors would refuse to admit her because it was a police case?
        Can the police not come to the hospital?
        If she had internal bleeding & or went into shock would they admit her?
        As a physician I would admit her at least overnight for observation.


        • Sadly, it seems, many people here try to avoid having anything to do with the police 😦 For example, road accident victims are left on the road by those who can help them receive immediate medical care, and people avoid reporting crimes, including crimes against themselves.


        • Yes, I’ve picked up road accident victims & taken them to hospital frequently while living in India & here in Nepal while bystanders stared & did nothing.
          I was curious as to the policies & procedures for documenting rapes by Indian physicians & came across this recent recommendation by the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) –
          “Rape is not a medical diagnosis; it is a legal definition. Hence the word ‘rape’ should not be used while forwarding opinion and no doctor should opine in medical reports on whether rape occurred or not. Even he should not depose in court on the same issue,” says the latest Instruction Manual for Forensic Medical Examination Report of Sexual Assault (Victim) brought out by the ICMR.
          According to the instruction manual, the victim of sexual assault “must be given appropriate treatment and counselling as per the need” and the victim “must not be refused treatment and examination for want of police papers.”
          If anyone would like to read the Forensic Medical Report: Sexual Assault Examination Manual (Victim) Instruction Manual you may do so here-


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