“Both boy and girl were responsible, who had done marriage without informing their parents.”

I wonder if the law would consider the husband a rapist in this case. How would her marital status affect the Rape Survivor? Does it benefit the man, legally and socially, to deny, or to acknowledge the marriage?

If the marriage is recognized by the law, then the husband probably can’t be convicted of rape (marital rape is not a crime in India), so maybe then the woman has the option of seeking divorce on grounds of cruelty?

What are the chances of her parents and the police being supportive, specially since she had ‘married’ without taking the parents’ permission and blessings, and also because the other two rapists seem to be related to the ‘husband’. (Family matters, family name, honor etc)

New Delhi: 20-year-old woman was raped in a moving car allegedly by her husband and his two relatives in Delhi, police said on Thursday.

The incident came to light on Wednesday evening when the victim was found unconscious in Najafgarh by a passerby.
… a medical examination confirmed the sexual assault. She and Inderjeet got married in a temple without informing their families.

The victim claimed she was served cold-drinks laced with sedatives allegedly by Inderjeet, and his relatives Nitin and Vijender – all in their early 20s – then allegedly raped her. The trio have been arrested.

Inderjeet allegedly asked her to come to Delhi from her house in Jhajjar in Haryana to get their marriage registered.

When she met him, she was taken to a car.
“She told us that after she became unconscious, they allegedly raped her,” a senior police official said. [Woman allegedly raped by husband, kin in a moving car in Delhi]

This response sums up how many others would see this crime.

So the wrong this husband committed is marrying without informing the parents, not planning the rape with two relatives?

oh……..but who is responsible…..is that govt.?…….no…..both boy and girl were responsible,,,who had done marriage without informing their parents. [Anonymous]

Another comment is trying to understand why such crimes are so common.

We are a repressed society.. Have u seen animals raping? Or always sexual.. We need to understand why we are a repressed society and the reasons we indulge in such activities.. It’s just not only rape…  It’s also violence towards women n children.. Especially girl child… The only remedy is to understand why.. Laws will be made, but people’s urges can’t be tamed with mere law.. A deeper reason has to be understood and rectified.. [Akshat Mehrotra]

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Making Marital Rape a legal offence is the fastest way to make it clear that Rape means forced sex, not lost Virginity or Honor.

This is what Haryana Khaps are not saying.


11 thoughts on ““Both boy and girl were responsible, who had done marriage without informing their parents.”

  1. Khaps? Are they human? Or are we taking opinions from zombies. I can’t call them animals. Animals are never brutal for the sake of being brutal.


  2. The problem is the toothless law and I wonder what is the government is waiting to make marital rape a crime. Sexual repression is indeed one of the reasons that is leading to many sex crimes in society. High time to change our attitudes towards women and implement tough laws.


  3. I don’t think the commenter was saying that animals are violent/rape. He was saying that animals do not, but people do, and that we should figure out why.

    Something to look into, is that rape is more about a display of power/dominance and subjugation of the lesser/weaker, than it is about sex. Straight male inmates sometimes rape other male inmates as a display of power. Even though India is a democracy, people as individuals do not have much power here. There’s a hierarchy about everything (to give you an example, I found my cook yelling at my cleaning lady because, apparently, cooks are higher in the domestic staff hierarchy than others)!

    I can’t imagine the feeling of powerlessness and helplessness that most of the population must feel. Add globalization and and availability of goods (which has increased exponentially since 1992)–most Indians will never have access to this and they’re beginning to get angry. Since women and children have always been on the lower hierarchical rung in a patriarchal society, they’re an easy target. Corruption and lack of police empathy ensures that these crimes go largely unpunished. (Police officials themselves are underpaid and poorly trained).

    I hope all three are charged with rape, and the ‘husband’ is charged with fraud as well.


  4. I am not completely sure if this marriage is valid. Hasn’t it recently been made mandatory for all marriages to be registered? At any rate, a rape is a rape is a rape.


      • But, they were married in a temple, which is not a legal or accepted form of marriage. You need to get the marriage is registered. I can’t recall where I read this term, ‘ accepted form of marriage’. I think, martial rape is also abolished by the SC.


  5. Am I missing something here? It seems to me that the whole point of the ‘marriage’ charade was a ploy to sexually assault her without facing any consequences (him being the ‘husband and all’) .. a woman couldn’t possibly file charges against her revered husband and ‘in-laws’ .. it would be so ‘shameful’ .. after all, what is a teeny weeny assault in the face of attaining life-long security in the name of ‘marriage’ .. :O


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  7. Dear IHM:

    Hello from Kentucky so happy to find your blog but sad too because the stories are often about atrocities against vulnerable people!

    When I read a news story such as: married woman lets acquaintance enter house, offers him juice, and he rapes and murders her, I change it in my mind like this: married man lets female acquaintance enter house, offers her juice, and she violates and murders him.

    Violence on women is accepted, but violence against men is not. Even if a man is unfaithful to his wife, makes a bad decision, or has bad moral character, the crime against him receives the attention.

    I ask myself: why do women not matter? Why does no one want to protect them? What hope is there when it seems like everyone turns away?

    Yes, men are like zombies, and they must find a cure or human society in danger!



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