I have been busy…

He’s been busier 🙂
IHM's cat 1

IHM's cat 4

IHM's cat 1
He still found time to …

IHM's cat Puppy


33 thoughts on “I have been busy…

  1. Hahahah 😀 Beautiful!! FINALLY you loaded new pics!!
    I love the second pic… he’s posing even with his eyes closed!! :mrgreen:

    Reminded me of my two cats. You could interchange them in this scene and you wouldn’t know the difference (in expressions and poses I mean) ! 😀


  2. Sleepy and sleepier! He’s adorable.

    My cat does the same thing. She’s super annoyed that we’ve started drawing the curtains to keep out the heat.


  3. How come you missed blogging about the rape and imprisonment of the 10 year old girl?You are pretty quick to come up with posts on such issues. Does it not fit the usual narrative?


  4. You have such a beautiful home IHM! I would request for a home tour. I totally love the cabinets that you have (green and the grey ones).

    Me – The green one is a long chest, love both the pieces myself, but it’s an ordinary home Deepa, kind of eclectic.


  5. Ufff! His life is soooo hard! 😀 And I can feline attitude dripping in that last photo.. like he’s saying “Whatevs!” My doggie back home has the same attitude, she must have been a cat in her previous life.


  6. Well, I dont like animals in the house and Im scared of most animals (not horses though). But the pics do look adorable. I only like cats and dogs in books and movies (timmy, buster, snowy, hatchicock, list goes on).
    But seriously, cats can be branded as the feminist group among animals dont you think? Doing what it likes, getting banged by whomever she likes, nonchalantly carry on with single motherhood & curls up where it finds comfortable… And the constant F-you expression 😀


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