A tag: But when a woman sees a hot man, nothing happens in her brain?

Gounder Brownie’s post ‘Eye Candy‘ struck a chord.

If you are a woman, have you ever shared pictures of George Clooney or Brad Pitt, Hrithik Roshan or anybody else (though not Salman Khan I hope!), and claimed absolute rights on finding them drool worthy because you shared their pictures first? Have you sulked because somebody disagreed with you over their drool-worthiness?

Then maybe you would agree with this?

What I like most about these books is the way in which the women talk about the men. To be precise, the way they check them out in a non-Twilight and Indian way. And without making any big statement about it, break the whole pathi-vratha notion that a lot of people seem to have about Indian women.


the discussion was on violence against women and why it happens. This portly auntyji declared that women were to blame because if a man were to see a naked woman, he gets ‘excited in his brain’ while if a woman were to see a naked man, nothing happens in her brain. And this, she said grandly, is Science. Clearly, she’d never been in a room with 54 girls watching Eric Bana and Brad Pitt lunge at each other in Troy. I think that scene must have been played in our BA Lit class a million times because we were studying the Iliad and needed err…motivation. [Eye Candy]

If you agree with Gounder Brownie, then why do you think so many people, including some women claim otherwise?

And is there any chance that you or someone you know might prove GB’s suspicions right (when she responded to my suggestion that we tag women bloggers to answer the questions above) – “Maybe someone will even find the Shravan Kumar type hot ;)”

If you are a woman reading this post, please consider yourself tagged. You are even free to claim that Salman Khan is hot. Even if that hurts my sentiments, it’s a free country. If women have the right to like Shravan Kumar, why not Salman Khan or Shakti Kapoor?

Do tag atleast five more women or else it would be assumed that Shravan Kumar is the guy who makes your hearts beat faster.

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133 thoughts on “A tag: But when a woman sees a hot man, nothing happens in her brain?

  1. I’m a guy reading this. Haha. But one thing I found which kept tickling my brain was that, isn’t Salman Khan anymore that guy who objectifies girls? Even though he is considered to be one of those bounteous guys inside the actor’s circles because I remember as I once saw him how cheaply he was checking out a contestant in some competitive singing show where he was one of the judges. I don’t watch tv that much so I can’t specify the show’s name here but I really did notice how his eyes were hopping all over the contestant’s body. That was cheap. At least I found it cheap. 🙂


  2. Good lord. Clearly the aunty-ji in said situation is sexually repressed because she believes that women should never admit to having sexual feelings or she’s asexual. I’m going to go with the former. My 12-year old self would have vehemently disagreed with her point by describing my [then] infinite attraction to the 17-year-old Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.

    But seriously though, I’m sure the aunty-ji will change her mind when she sees Johnny Depp circa The Man Who Cried or From Hell.


  3. are you sure she was an aunty ji? not an unmarried spinster-ji?
    i mean, women have eyes.. they see men..judge them sexy.. but i am pretty sure they dont jump on them, as those countless axe advertisements try to make the men believe. gah, that takes me to that rant against objectifying men’s desires 😛


    • Why does that sound typical of unmarried spinsterish and not auntyji? I thought all spinsters are unmarried?Do you have married spinsters too? I don’t think it’s a good idea to stereotype spinsters.


      • sorry for the late reply, but i was using the colloquial term for an older unmarried woman who disapproves of sexuality in general. Yes, unmarried spinster was overkill. i was NOT talking about a single lady (unmarried/divorced), i was specifically talking about the type of person who looks down her nose at any type of physical appreciation between the sexes. well yes, that IS stereotyping spinsters. sorry if it offended you.

        @ IHM, “//objectifying men’s desires// Is what axe ads do.” EXACTLY.
        sorry if i was unclear, but i hate that some ads specifically objectify men’s sexual desires, and somehow promote the fact that [a man can seduce any woman whether willing or unwilling..] by using their product. and somehow, they make it look like women’s desires are easily bendable.

        … hmm come to think of it, they are accepting that women have desire too 😛


    • I don’t like the word spinster. Sees derogatory. Why not use the gender neutral ‘single’? But I agree with the rest …. yes women have eyes, and the rest of their senses are working just fine!


  4. I loved Prithviraj in Aiyya. Seriously hot. Not his character in the movie, just him. I also loved that the movie showed a woman’s desire, even if it got all weird as it progressed. I wish it was better made. It’s a complete myth that women don’t get turned on or don’t feel aroused. Ofcourse we do!

    Bollywood movies have only now started showing mutual attraction between men and women, in the old days, it was always a stalker and his unwilling victim who later falls in love with him because he loves her so much (it’s all about him!). Our weird society just wants women to believe that they don’t like sex and men to believe that they cannot control their urges. Neither of those ideas is true. I have checked out guys too, I’m just more polite about it and I don’t try to touch them or say lewd things in their ear. Maybe men would act less pervy if they knew that it’s mutual interest they should look for, not forced bodily contact and a disgusted look from their prey.


  5. Clearly Auntyji is gay. I mean, we cant blame her if she is not turned on by naked men, maybe she is turned on by naked women..I mean lets give her the benefit of doubt people..go auntyji 😛 😀


  6. An aunt of mine who’s been married for a quarter of a century once said to me that men have sexual desires, but women are neutral, they only respond to men’s advances. Clearly she hasn’t been in my head.


    • and she has not been introduced to something i would expect a married woman to experience at least once in 25 years of marriage.. but then, that would be stereotyping 😀


  7. Uff why are some Indian women so repressive and assume that other women don’t have feelings and desires. She clearly has not seen Mohit Raina in “Devon ke Dev”. Maybe we need to show her the show and find out if her feelings r neutral. Sigh


        • And I keep telling my husband to retain the growing amounts of salt in his pepper patch because it looks yummy. If he insists on yanking ’em salty bits off, he’s got to get me some new salt-and-pepper-adorned studs to ogle at from afar. Digital pictures played in a loop the TV will do, thankyou. 🙂
          (And I enjoyed writing this comment so much, I’m gonna post it on FB too :D)


  8. hmmmm…..then, Auntyji, how on earth do we justify John Abraham’s very existence in the movies 🙂 .. I don’t remember a single dialogue or even a fully clothed frame that he might’ve done in his movies. Or we have a serious number of gay men yet to come out of their closets!!


  9. i Have been drooling over Tom Cruise since I was 12 and still swoon over him .. John Abraham and Arjun Rampal exist in movies for only one reason – eye candy 🙂
    I suppose Auntyji belongs to the generation when sex was taboo and chee chee and woman were supposed to comply to a man’s desires and not have any of their own !


  10. I think it needs a certain amount of self-awareness for an Indian woman to realise that she has sexual desires and preferences.

    I’m always amazed at how little effort men in an arranged marriage setup expend on being physically attractive to the “girl”.

    During an arranged marriage meeting, the girl is likely to spend the whole day preparing herself for the “bride-viewing”. The “boy” however, comes just as he is. Very little effort is taken by men in an arranged marriage setup to make themselves physically attractive to women.

    That’s one reason I favor casual dating. At least women’s preferences and desires will affect men’s behavior.


    • Not only that I have seen Indian families telling their daughters that in arranged marriages only look at the guy’s education and job profile. Looks shouldn’t matter in boys/men. But guy’s family always wants girls who are tall, fair, slim, the rest of the criteria comes later or even is ignored.


      • I agree. There is a saying in my community that goes along the lines of brides being judged based on their looks and grooms based on how much they own or earn.

        Mutual sexual attraction is an important aspect of marriage. I cannot fathom what it is like to have sex with somebody one is not attracted to. Yuck! I’d find it abhorrent and could never get used to it.


  11. My vote to Arjun Rampal! Sigh!

    GB’s post made me smile. But I guess we cannot generalize. True, matrimonial columns still have requests for the “Tall, fair, slim” women, and in case of men “well settled, post graduate boys only”. But I also know that my mother rejected a guy when she was going through the arranged marriage thing, 32 years ago, solely because he was balding. And I think that’s fair. And her parents who were too traditional, getting her married at 18, not letting her speak to the guy before they got married etc, were ok with this.

    Also I feel this ‘wanting to look good’ is still more a girl thing, and I don’t think it is FOR the man in question, it is in general. Between me and my husband, I spend a LOT more on clothes, shoes, hair, ultimately to look good. He on the other hand has basic minimum needs, which doesn’t mean he doesn’t bother to look for “me”, he just doesn’t bother I think.

    Lastly, in today’s scenario, I feel that if some girl says “Looks don’t matter to me” to a prospective boyfriend or groom, I doubt he will take her seriously! 🙂 I distinctly remember not even remotely considering any guy who was not approximately 6 feet tall and had a head full of hair not very long ago 😉


    • Hi,

      You said “Also I feel this ‘wanting to look good’ is still more a girl thing, and I don’t think it is FOR the man in question, it is in general.”

      And that’s true in my experience too. But don’t you think this is a consequence of our patriarchal society that values women mostly for their looks?


  12. Im ashamed to say the first thing about my husband that caught my eye was his looks. I didn’t even know him, i passed by while he was sitting with friends and relaxing and thought ‘ wow’.. then i passed him again a few days later and he was walking towards me and i think i just stood and gawked. well i was a lot less wiser and hormones were on a rampage i think and this was a few decades back.
    As i got to know him and became friends the other aspects of his nature took over.. as a funny story ( now) we had gone to hoggenkal ( this was decades ago) , we knew each other a few months and were friends. and his group of friends were going and i joined. i was sitting on one of the ledges and just enjoying while him and a few friends and their Girlfriends/wives were swimming below and having fun. he looked up and said ‘ get in’ ..jump .
    While i had this refrain going on in my head ‘ you cant swim, you cant swim’, i took one look at him in swim clothes and jumped… like a fool.
    and then when i hit water i started screaming my head off. of course he was nearby and in a few sec half the group was there in panic. and when my head was above the water i calmed enough to tell him, ‘ i cant swim’. you should have looked at the expression on his face. ‘ then why did you jump like an idiot’ and all that popped out was ‘ you look so good ‘ .. never meant to say that and haven’t lived it down since. they’ve told these stories to my boys and sometimes when we had disagreements he diffuses the situation by asking ‘ will you agree if i wear swim trunks and take my shirt off’ !!!!!!!! so no auntyji women are just like men. same species we see beauty too.


      • yes, very much so, in my early 20’s and v naive. working alone in a diff city and thought i was very city smart and capable.
        but it worked out and we’re still together now it’s the turn of my boys to be the dolts.


        • All I want to say is God Bless. Radha , My heart warmed up when I read this. Made me believe that true love is out there..still.


    • Awwww, such a sweet story! So do you really agree with him if he does those things during an argument? 😉 I have a really cute partner-in-crime too and in my case, while we’re in the middle of an argument, I happen to remember something very cute that he said or did a few days before, and I crack up and the battle is lost 😀


      • Gosh no 🙂 i can be a mean witch and can argue with the best of them. but no we rarely disagree on much , we are both easy going . but good for you, i always find it better to stop in the middle of an argument and think of a joke and diffuse the situation.
        i’m old and fastidious now, when i see the boys lounging in the hall like shitrless slobs, i throw t-shirts at them and yell to take their feet off the table . they can strip in their rooms or hostel for all i care. no slobs in my living room. even if it’s hot. if i cant go topless, no one else can.


  13. Pardon my ignorance IHM – but why finding Salman Khan hot will hurt your sentiments? What is it that I have missed from the news? I understand Shakti Kapoor and ‘Shravan Kumar’, but I don’t know much about Salman Khan…


    • He was in the news for physically and verbally abusing his then-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai. And of course, he went to a wildlife sanctuary and killed black bucks (sorry, “hunted”) and as if that was not enough, he ran over some pavement dwellers in his SUV.


  14. Why should a hot naked man be the only turn on? Maybe the hot naked man does nothing for her and she needs something else to get ‘excited in her brain’ . That does not make her asexual or gay. Whatever floats your boat. Isn’t that what people say?


      • Sigh! I wish I had been born 30 years later!
        Or else all of you folks had been around 30 years ago!

        The girls I knew in my youth, wore “paavadi/daavanis” (half saris) took oil baths, and smelt of turmeric and chandan and went around with jasmine flowers in their hair and clutched their books to their bosoms as they commuted to college.

        They looked at boys,if at all, through the corner of their eyes and a public discussion like this would be considered scandalous.
        How times change!
        Don’t mind me and my grey hair.
        Keep your lurid confessions coming.
        I promise not to read them.


        • GVjee, I volunteer at this senior center – all the men and women are in their 80s – some of them are cranky, others are charming, and still others are downright flirts!:) It’s heartening to see them have these sweet crushes – I guess one is never too old for that:)


        • GVJi,
          trust me those davani clad girls very much discussed boys and their personalities 🙂
          You would have been surprised to hear the talk in one of those navarathri golus among young girls among sundal and songs !!


        • That is exactly the point here GV Ji, Why men take pride in boasting about girls they like and girls are no more ‘nice’ if they talk about boys? Those paavadi/daavani girls would have the same feelings of the current jeans wearing girls and they did not express only because of the social stigma but now girls are trying to break free of the same social stigma And since girls were forbidden from expressing their sexual desire people like ‘aunty ji’ came up with the idea that girl’s brain don’t get excited. Both men and women’s brain get excited and there is nothing wrong in that. The problem is when one’s brain doesn’t understand that the other person too has his/her own brain and desires and he/she should respect the other’s right to say NO.
          We need the times to change GV ji. Please promise to read and please do not compel us to be ‘nice’.


  15. Dear me, such misconceptions!

    Surely, the very existence of the human species is predicated at least partly on the fact that naked men and women tend to find each other attractive!

    The idea that women can be physically attracted to men is very obvious to anyone who has lived outside of a sexually repressed society.

    Back when I was just starting out in my career, one of my colleagues (who remains a very dear friend) fell head-over-heels for one of the firm’s IT Techs, more or less because of his physique and looks.
    Her computer gave her some grief one day, so she called in tech support, and whoops-a-daisy — magic ensued. I suppose the guy had no idea that just a couple of years on, he’d be married to the stranger whose computer he was fixing, and that he’d later go on to have no fewer than four beautiful children with her.

    On a more personal note, my wife claims that my looks were one of the factors that prompted her to start seeing me as a potential partner, rather than just a friend. Obviously, I cannot verify this.

    I do know for a fact though, that she has a little soft corner for Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother fame – the crestfallen tone in which she exclaimed ‘What, the man is gay?!’ was quite hilarious to me. :p

    Fun post.


      • I did not realize the tag applied to men too. 😉

        I suppose my only real celebrity ‘crush’ (if it can be called that) was not on a real person, but rather the character of Dana Scully from The X-Files. Funnily enough, this did not translate into admiration of Gillian Anderson herself (who played Scully on the show). I did think Anderson was good looking, but it was really the hard-ass, skeptical, self-confident, attractive FBI agent that she played which went a long way with me.

        Other than that, I’ve found a fair few women physically attractive, but even when I was much younger, I honestly never even considered people I didn’t find personally engaging (not even for short-term relationships that were more or less predicated on sex).

        Cliche though it might sound, the attraction was always more towards the person as a whole, rather than just a pretty face, or a well-proportioned body, and as far as I’m concerned, my wife always has topped THAT particular list. 😀


        • Celebrity interviews, on conan, letterman etc, when these celebrities are out of character are the best way to pop any fantasies and bring you back to earth


  16. I grew up with a crush on Tom Cruise. And Aaamir Khan. And they’re both still cute. I think with Tom Cruise, it was purely looks. With Aaamir Khan, it was also his roles and his off screen personality. I don’t know what this Auntyjee is talking about. My mom was in love with Dev Ananad all her life and Gregory Peck was a close second. My grandma always sat glued to the TV when a Raj Kapooor film came on – and would blush when we teased her about him.


  17. Okay, listen up people! Divorced woman talking, post dry spell of two years. A guy only has to TALK to me nicely these days for me to DREAM about having wild sex with him in my dreams at night. I wake up in the morning going wow, I had no idea I saw potential in that guy. That auntyji needs to tell me what she’s been smoking so I can use it too and get back to having “normal” interactions with people.

    I do remember watching a TED talk by this woman who’d been doing research on sexual desire and she said what turns women on is the same stuff we protest against by day. Quite an eye-opener.


    • This is precisely the kind of comment that tends to make social conservatives very uncomfortable indeed.

      True-blue social conservatives are often very supportive towards such things as limiting female objectification in cinema and advertisements. They will lend their voice against pornography and prostitution. They will support stringent measures against rape and sexual harassment.

      But they cannot tolerate the idea that a woman can have needs and desires of her own, sexual or otherwise. In their minds, women exist only in relation to men, not as independent entities, and any demonstration of independence is anathema.


    • Oh yes, rape fantasies for one. Or those horrid Mills and Boone novels where the woman is pinned against a wall on every page by the tall, dark and handsome stranger.


  18. No, can’t agree with this idea. C’mom we are all humans and our brains are wired in such a way to respond to beauty and hotness. Emotions is a very natural outcome of our persona and reaction:) But, nicely written post.


  19. Benedict Cumberbatch, IHM!!

    And I could go on and on and on! Johnny Depp, Naseeruddin Shah, Beatles videos from the 60s. 😀 Yes, I have an eclectic taste.


  20. During my teens, it was mostly tennis players. (My father is a good player and loves the game, he still plays it with slightly weak knees.). My nightly fantasies included Stephan Edberg, Mats Wilander, Pete Sampras and, Goran Ivanisevic, I simply love carnatic music and my favourite musicians are M.S. Subbulakshmi and M.L.Vasanthakumari. Unfortunately, they were both elderly women, so Mandolin Srinivas made frequent appearances for traditional Indian style romance.. (He was a dish back then.) The wildest and most emotional ones were Goran Ivanisevic and Mandolin Srinivas (western and Indian style respectively, depending on my mood). Now, living away from India, respectably married with two children, my most recent crush has been a British actor from a period drama. He is so delectable. Ooh, let me go now and fantasize about him.


    • OMG Darcy and Heathcliff for me too! We read the same books, Biwo!:). Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters probably shaped my teens!:)


      • Heathcliff? Isn’t Heathcliff a cat in a comic strip?
        Ah, Wikipedia tells me there is another Heathcliff I didn’t know about! 🙂


    • Awesome, same book characters would totally turn me on if I was transported back to Victorian England. Another character would be Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind. Not to forget Ryan Gosling from Notebook, he is absolutely the hottest, anything for him. i could watch his movie over and over again, may be this auntyji could change her mind if she saw Ryan Gosling dripping wet in the rain.


      • Thank you Priya and Anon. Colin Firth breathed life into Mr Darcy, as did Jeremy Northram into Emma’s Mr Knightley. I just have a thing for tall men in fitted longcoats, cravats and breeches. 🙂

        Ooh, also Patrick Swayze! Dirty Dancing sent my 16-year old self to heaven! 🙂


  21. Shashi kapoor ( yes i’m that old) made my heart go thump thump.. although i did think his hips were a bit too wide for a man and shekar kapur.. was it digjam suiting ?


  22. Which world is this aunty living in? Throughout my teenage years almost all the girls I knew were fixated on good looking guys, and had set ideas about how tall they wanted their guy to be. Everyone fawned over the cutest, attractive, or most handsome guys. I considered myself to be ‘above it all’ and insisted (and still do) that I only liked a guy after I liked his personality and mind, and that I would be physically attracted to him only after I was mentally or intellectually attracted to him. Sure, I find them aesthetically attractive, but if it is going to be sexual in nature I need to have a personality and character put to them. 😛

    This attitude of mine however was vastly different to most of my female peers, whether or not I was making a conscious effort to not be ‘superficial’. In fact, I find many guys these days insecure about their appearances, especially about their height. I find it sad, because while women are making strides towards not being judged on their looks, guys are going the opposite way. I’m not talking about taking basic care or grooming, but actual insecurity about their looks, and even skin colour.


  23. Aunty seems to living in a completely different world. All women I know, from my grandmothers’ generation down, have cheerfully admitted to finding certain men attractive. Sure, my grandmother never outright claimed something happened in her brain, but she loved GNB’s pictures in mags, talked about what a fine figure of a man he was etc. My mom’s generation had Dharmendra to drool over (and I do too – young Dharmendra – sigh.) – and my gen has too much male eye-candy to enumerate – it’s human nature, IMO, perfectly natural.


  24. I think it’s more than pure eye candy though. For me a guy being cerebral, down to earth, original, and doing the right thing without being self-righteous can make him incredibly sexy. Which was what drew me to my husband. Looks is only part of the equation. There’s a lot more to chemistry than that.


  25. I don’t know where to start with my list!!! So many of them (not all conventional I suppose). Apart from cricketers, rock stars and movie stars, I’ve also had the pleasure of something happening in my brain while watching eye candy at the gym. There was one guy once (and only that once!) who literally made me weak in the knees for a few minutes…and was very motivating for my run after that while watching him continuing his workout in front of me! 😛


  26. Oh IHM, I have been waiting for this post since reading GB’s yesterday. My list of men that give me the tingles is ever so long, so I will just say – Auntyji!! If only you were in my head last night when I met this guy for the first time, and I imagined doing unmentionable things to this guys’ mouth, and having said mouth do unmentionable things to me, we would not be having this conversation. All it took was an incredibly beautiful set of teeth and lips made for sin.
    I shall stop here before going into the rest of his ahem…attributes, I think my point is made.
    And @TheWildChild I hear you, in the very same boat.


  27. There are quite a few in my list. But the one who comes to my mind now is Alec Baldwin. His eyes are so sexy. I know he is as old but fell in love with his eyes ever since I saw Suburban girl 🙂 My Dee drools over Prithviraj and Hritik Roshan and we love to see the expression on Jeeju’s face whenever she talks about them. He is just Thankful that dee doesn’t have acces to them 🙂


  28. Ahem, are fictitious characters allowed?To me, the Shiva of the Trilogy is HOT. Tell auntyji to chant shiva shiva, I will only love it even more! Can’t wait to see it as a film. Dear KJ, please get Hrithik to do it. Please.


  29. Who says my brain doesn’t work when I see Salman Khan 😀 *you may chose to hate him, it is a free country after all ;-)*

    As I was saying as soon as I see him my brain tells me, “he is unmarried because he never found you” and thr other thing that it says is “how can some body be so good looking”!!

    Come shoot me 😛


  30. IHM… why this bias against Sallu? Why Why Why? He is seriously hot and good looking…

    OK, for me, its too big a list… but from Bollywood: young Amitabh ( Blue shirt in Deewar) from Hollywood its so tough to choose, but young Marlon Brando takes the cake , Fiction: Mr. Darcy, Music: John Lennon.

    And hundreds and thousands of others of course…


  31. I don’t think everyone believes that women are asexual beings anymore. The trend must be changing cos the bollywood movie scene shows a lot more skin on men now and the men are conscious about body image now as much as women are.

    Even dumb movies recognize that men are ALSO eye candy as much as women are.
    Like that movie with akshay kumar and john abraham as gigolos or strippers or something?
    “main tera hero” song wala movie.


  32. Karthik Muthuraman (hot!hot!hot), Arjun Rampal (I pray to him), Anil Kapoor, Darcy, Petruchio, Howard Roark…the list goes on. Did I say I have got a thing for tall, dark men with moustache when I see them in flesh? 😀


  33. my roomie in college and I once decided to list all our non-celebrity crushes. we each had more than 20 and we were barely 20 years old ourselves. we could never decide which celebrity posters to putup on our walls and so wed rip out pictures that i’d assemble into a collage. needless to say the collage changed faster than semesters…
    current crushes- Bradley cooper and George clooney. not to mention a guilty pleasure in watching mahesh Babu (Telugu) movies


  34. @priya

    Yes, I too have heard of these old men who are never too old for anything.
    Senility affects only their head.
    ND Tiwari, Berlusconi and others are examples of this type.
    But while they get easily turned on by women around them, I wonder if the women ever get turned on by them.
    In my opinion, it is the power, status and wealth at these men’s command that might attract the women, never the person himself. I wonder if Monica Lewinsky would have done what she did if Bill Clinton had NOT been President.

    Thanks for spilling the beans about paavaadai/daavani clad girls even if 40 years too late! Who would have thought so during those years? I guess I was innocent. We were afraid to even be seen looking at the girls. For girls it was shocking and scandalous behaviour to look at boys or talk to them. That was the extent of sexual repression and conservatism prevalent in our community at that time. A forum like this did not exist where in the cloak of safe anonymity, one could discuss secret feelings. We could only discuss amongst ourselves of the same sex and we spread more misinformation than information.


    I agree with your views. My “promise” not to read was obviously just a joke.
    I am reading this post with even greater attention. I can’t respond quickly as I am currently located at the other end of the world from all of you and I can read your comments 12 hours after you post them, unless it is posted late in the evening or early in the morning at your end.

    Do let yourselves loose.
    You all have the cloak of anonymity and can feel uninhibited.
    These “lurid” confessions can only benefit all of us.



    • Oh God, did not mean those types. These guys and gals (80 year olds) have crushes on each other. They are all single/widowers/etc. I thought that was cute. Being ‘in love’ makes them more in love with life itself. Regarding famously older men and very young women, that’s a whole other topic, I guess!


      • Sorry for misunderstanding you Priya.
        I get what you mean.
        This kind of love is on a different plane altogether.
        Yes, it is rather cute.

        ND Tiwari and Berlusconi’s love is not “cute”.
        It is lust, pure and simple.



    • GV,

      We are not commenting here openly because we have a “cloak of anonymity” as you said. A lot of us commenting here have very real personalities online, and I for one blog under my own name and you can link back to my blog from this comment. Also, let me tell you that this discussion is only an extension of the conversations we have in real life too. My friends and I sit together and talk about our “lists” as well. It’s just a funny discussion where people make fn of each others choices ( like this one guy who likes Vidya Balan and gets a lot of flak for it :P).

      No one is being nice or not nice by being liberated sexual beings.


  35. (Phew) took a while to get through the comments to try and think of someone who was not mentioned, but both the Bachchan men! Gosh! Admittedly, Amitji is waaay older than me, but I genuinely think he’s aged very gracefully. Put him in anything white, and I will drool (secretly of course). And don’t even get me started with Abhishek. Sarkar-wala Shankar anyone? Or Raavan? I can only hope he ages as well as his father, and I will have eye candy all my life 😀

    This Auntyji is obviously lying to herself, or to her audience if she hasn’t gotten hot and bothered by at least one person in her life. It’s biology, Auntyji, really.


  36. What funny comments! I have one word for that lady: Fangirls. Enough said.

    I have a thing for Korean men…eye candy all the way. And also Katrina Kaif – she can’t act to save her life but all is forgiven because she is hot.


  37. Javier Bardem in Vicky, Christina, Barcelona, Johnny Depp in all his avatars, Penelope Cruz in ‘Don’t Tempt Me’ all so gorgeous!

    Love the comments on this post!


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