Delhi bloggers meet to Ring the Bell :)

Indibloggers and Breakthrough organised a thought provoking and fun filled Bloggers’ Meet on Women’s Day. I wish I had video recorded the part I loved the best, ‘Mahabanoo Mody and her bewitching Monologues‘ ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  (Ruchira’s words) I am sure I am not the only one who would love to hear her again.

Performance by Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, Monologues, Breakthrough, Bell Bajao, IndibloggersI mostly agreed with everybody in theย  panel discussions too, except,

1. Rahul Bose saying, (something like) men should ‘give power’ to women. I don’t think power and control should be given or taken to/by men or women. Everybody should have power and control over their own personal lives and choices.

But agreed with him that it’s awesome that we are actually talking about crimes against women and women’s sexuality today – it’s the beginning of changes that are going to follow. (very slowly)

What do you think of the concept of ‘many masculinities‘?

Rahul Bose, Indibloggers and Breakthrough, Delhi Bloggers Meet, Bell Bajao, Women's Day

2. Didn’t quite agree with this:

“Let’s bring back the ‘Gentle’, men.”

Indibloggers and Breakthrough, Delhi Bloggers Meet, Bell Bajao, Women's Day,

Was the past ‘gentle’ compared to today? Aren’t the society, the men and the women today more ‘gentle’ than they have ever been before?

[Disagree? For the first time in human history, we are asking for sexual assaults to be seen as crimes against women, and not as a crimes against Patriarchy. Which is why, for the first time we are realizing that it is not ‘honorable’ for rapists to ‘be a gentleman’ andย  volunteer to marry the people they rape. (lots more) More in this post.]

Swarathma the folk-rockers.swarathma, the folk rockers

Swarathma the Folk Rockers

As many bells as it takes.

Swarathma, from Bangalore, #Ring the Bell Must share what they did to the audience in the next post ๐Ÿ˜€Swarathma the Folk Rockers, Indibloggers and Breakthrough, Delhi Bloggers Meet, Bell Bajao, Women's DayAnoushka Shankar ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s a picture, specially for the blogger who raised her one eye brow when I wondered why we needed her photographs at all, why couldn’t we just, google for her images.

Hope you like it!

Anoushka Shanker, Indibloggers and Breakthrough, Delhi Bloggers Meet, Bell Bajao, Women's DayUpdated to add: More photographs coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚


15 thoughts on “Delhi bloggers meet to Ring the Bell :)

        • I have been to one of her performances and the guy who was supporting her outperformed her, but since she was a star’s daugther and a pedigree everyone gave her the red carpet. Can I go ahead and say she tries hard to walk in the shadows of her father, She tries very hard to be like him, but I think she should be her own egg


  1. Missed this one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ….. But reading your post, and the accompanying pics make it seem as though I was there. Completely disagree with the ‘gentle’man thing. We just need plain old humanity!


  2. For the first time in human history, we are asking for sexual assaults to be seen as crimes against women, and not as a crimes against Patriarchy. Which is why, for the first time we are realizing that it is not ‘honorable’ for rapists to ‘be a gentleman’ and volunteer to marry the people they rape. (lots more) More in this post.

    Oh, I don’t know. I agree that a lot is being done, and the system is in a fair state of flux, but…

    It just seems like some of us have been asking for decades, and those same people continue to ask for it today, and their children and their friends have begun to ask for it too, but that’s about it.

    Every evening, I step outside my house for a run, and on my daily route, I see these little girls selling tissue paper near the traffic lights, at the same spot, every day.

    And that’s when the horrible emptiness of it all begins to sink in. We squabble about laws and legislation, and we get happy when something nice is tossed right out of the black hole that we call our legislative bodies. Certainly, I do it. But what do the laws even mean to these girls? The laws are important, but our lives aren’t really shaped by legislation. Our lives, like it or not, are shaped to a great extent by the people around us, the society around us, by their attitudes, their opinions, by the situations they create for us, by their encouragement , by their ridicule, by their condonation, and by their sanction.

    Ring the Bell calls on men to end violence against women. And yet, I cannot help but wonder what those promises are worth in a place where misogyny is entirely normal and acceptable. Can we really change an entire society, by sheer force of will? Can people be persuaded to confront their own failings, their own abuse of privilege, the blood on their own hands?

    Someday, perhaps, but I am convinced I won’t be alive to see it.

    Call my cynical, but I tend to find the symbolism of a ‘women’s day’, as well as the tokenism that the government/civil society pushes for in the name of ’empowerment’, rather exhausting.

    For now, I take solace in waxing eloquent about equality, in making my odd contribution to some not-for-profit I happen to like, and in raising a daughter with my wife in our own little bubble, for it is in the personal sphere of two egalitarianists that feminism is most unnecessary.


    • It’s not clear to me what part of India’s population is changing and what part is not (or getting worse). Sometimes I feel positive that there is more awareness and people are talking about these issues. At other times, the vast majority seem very unquestioning, defensive. Due to both my husband’s and my work, and both our families being in India, we visit often and spent a pretty good amount of time there. Many times, we’ve pondered the question of moving back. When I’m on this blog, I feel hopeful. There are so many logical right thinking men and women here. When I stay in India, I feel suffocated. No one around me has really changed. My relatives are still telling my sister to “adjust” to her in-laws problems and are still accusing my parents for having raised us to be “too-forward”. The neighbors still like to gossip about some single woman and cast her in an evil light. So, who’s changing? And why don’t I meet people like the ones here? So we end up avoiding everyone other than our own “immediate” families. A “bubble” describes it well – that’s how I feel – have to stay in this bubble and ignore so many things you can’t change in your lifetime, and that too, not for lack of trying.


  3. Beautiful pictures. It was quite an evening. Turned out much better than I had expected. And it was great meeting all of you. More pics on FB please. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. It was an evening which on the Women’s Day has rung the Bell for a new vision towards a new horizon. Being part of it fills my heart with pleasure and I pray that the resonance of this Bell engulfs the whole globe soon.


  5. Very valid questions. I feel a lot of thought needs to go into evaluating whether “movements” claiming to address gender abuse are not actually an imposition of “male” mindsets, a kind of act of patriarchal benevolence. The difference of opinions on the anti-rape laws is a clear example. Loved the post. Yes, and the pics too. You guys really had a great time! Jealous!


  6. Amazing pictures! I know totally look forward to many more! I agree. It was disappointing to hear points that Rahul Bose made that evening, though some were relevant, he had nothing new to offer.

    Genderification of power-relations, codes of conduct, perspectives and motives need to be done away with. The very sense of what determines patriarchy or otherwise, must be rendered inconsequential.

    However, the whole thing is that ki madamjee, jaldi se photus upload peleeeej! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anoushka Shankar looked her prettiest best! I have seen many of her youtube videos and pictures, but she looked stunning in the event!


  7. Liked the post for many reasons. One, that while you clicked the pics and conversed with all of us, you listened and listened deeply. Agree with you on the “giving power” piece. I have always disliked the word “empowerment”–why should we use it? Were we ever without power that we need to be now filled up like an empty pot? I prefer the word “repowerment”–the power that was taken away returning to its home base.
    Loved all your pics and yes, Anoushka’s pic is phenomenal. I hope I can download and preserve it on my latop as one of my Heras.
    In between, I also loved Rahima Khatoun and the otehr woman head from safai Karmachari sangh’s presence at the meet. I felt more grounded after I listened to them.


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