It’s not yet summer in Delhi…

Short short spring, squirrel in green grass, last winter flowers The last days of winters, pink flower, Delhi winters squirrel in winter afternoon, Delhi Purple sunbird, Delhi winter, Poppies, end of winter, Delhi winter afternoon March flowers, Delhi NCR flowering trees,  Semal, red flowers on trees in Delhi, Bombax ceiba Short short spring8 Short short spring9 Short short spring11 Short short spring12doll or doll end of winter, Semal , Bombax ceiba, cotton tree Foot prints in the morning dew…  foot prints on morning dew


22 thoughts on “It’s not yet summer in Delhi…

  1. 🙂 mmm… pretty colours, joyful hues, birds and flowers, signatures of nature……. lovely pics IHM. They are a treat for the eyes. Totally my type of post!

    You are a remarkable photographer!


  2. It is Spring and it is most wonderfully captured !!!! Loved loved loved each and every pic… and the colorus of Nikon !!! sigh… I can not stop wowing at it ! 😛


  3. oh.. how cute these pics are.. U n Shail capture super shots.. So timely and sharp images..:D I love the simplicity in ur shots.
    I cant stop smiling.. 🙂 How cute 🙂


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