Mera Tharki India : Can we have more such music please!

“Choti soch ke zaade,

tu kyon kohraam kare?

Tode iske armanon ko,

Aur apni shaan kare….

Oooh Mera tharki India”

Rough translation: Why are you making a racket you narrow/petty minded, spoiled brat? You demolish her aspirations and pretend that makes you look better… my tharki India)

Tharki means somebody who is always ‘Provoked’ and hence ready to sexually  assault anybody.

Better definitions: Urban Dictionary:

The video suggest young Indian men, ‘apne bheje ki batti jalaa’ {Roughly translates to ‘wake up and change the way you look at crimes against women’]

Some screen shots.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 11.26.21 AM

Indian Traditions and Culture being taught at home, by Baap (dad).

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 11.23.40 AMAnd here’s the video. Do watch and share.

Music like this is impactful. It reaches out to those who can bring change the fastest and they are also those who spend the most time listening to music. I think the man who told a journalist ‘Aap bhi khoobsurat hain’ and others like him who support Khap Panchayat and Moral Police need to hear this song too.

More music against rape-culture?

The ‘Legitimate Rape’ song. Love this!

This has to be the Guwahati molester Amar Jyoti Kalita’s favourite song!

Sharing an email and a song…

And an email for young Indian men who need to watch the video above:

An Open Letter to the Brotherly “Activists” Who Protect My Uterus


6 thoughts on “Mera Tharki India : Can we have more such music please!

  1. I saw this on Facebook the other day and I must say, this is the need of the hour. Very well written and depicts the true state of affairs of the entire nation. Unless we teach the entire population to respect woman, we can’t bring about the change. Kudos to the people behind this song and video.


  2. Agree with all comments above. We need popular media to educate people – songs, movies, television soaps. Maybe this is what’s been missing all along. The intellectuals can debate, bemoan, and articulate all they want, but who’s going to read their thoughtful analyses?
    As Akanksha says, “this is the need of the hour”.


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