Reply from the Indian mother in law.

Sharing the response from V, the mother in law who wrote, ‘An email from a Mother in law’

Reply from ‘V’

Dear Bloggers,

Thanks a lot for your honest remarks, comments, opinions and valuable suggestions given to me on respond to my blog on family situation. I discussed all these suggestions with my hubby and decided to take it positively. Last Sunday we all four (Incl DIL) sat together and had unanimously resolved all the issues in friendly and fruitful atmosphere. I am immensely happy that my DIL and son took lead role in the discussion. She (DIL) herself changed her decision on ‘separate’ home but given an idea of investing money for 2nd home near Lonavala or Khandala so we both family (her also) can enjoy weekends or vacation together. My son also opined that we should invest some amount in Recurring Deposits which can be utilized for both families’ emergency need. They also suggested that my hubby’s all retirement money (PF/Gratuity) need to be invested wisely to get regular income to meet our own expenses and to get big chunks of money. They also decided to look after all monthly home expenses, finance planning with the help of my hubby after his retirement. We are very proud of our daughter (DIL) and son.Thank you bloggers once again for changing our mindset and kudos to IHM for creating such wonderful platform.

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29 thoughts on “Reply from the Indian mother in law.

  1. after a long time, it is so wonderful to read something so positive! glad everything worked out, and god bless for a peaceful, prosperous life.


  2. Wow! This feels good to hear!!!! 🙂

    Congrats to IHM For creating this platform and to everyone who contributed to solving this problem. This blog has paved way for some positivity in earlier unsolvable problems!


  3. It’s nice of V to have updated. Best wishes to her. She has set an example by showing that people can be open minded irrespective of age and gender. It’s wonderful that she took criticism/advice positively and showed willingness to change. Best wishes again.


  4. Well this unexpected. But how wonderful. Kudos v for taking the comments in a positive way. And your dil is lucky indeed to have in laws that are ready to go part of the way for the sake of a happy family and not expect her to make all the adjustments. You will provide inspiration to others around you.

    Thanks indeed IHM. What a difference you have made to this one family! God bless.


  5. It takes a lot courage to admit that there’s a problem. Once we do, it becomes possible to address it. Kudos to this m-i-l for taking an honest look at the problem and being open to new ideas and thoughts. So glad to hear everyone was involved in the decision making. I’m happy for your family!


  6. I am deeply gratified to read this response.
    IHM deserves kudos for having provided this platform to all of us.
    I regret being unable to participate as actively as I used to due to pressing domestic commitments.
    But I do take time off every few days and read the blog and catch up with previous posts.
    But it is too late to comment when I finally get to read the post.
    The time difference also adds to the delay.
    I will be back in Bangalore on April 2 and will resume my old routine, in which reading this blog and a few other selected blogs and actively participating in the discussions is one of my regular activities.
    Camp: California


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