One Billion Rising…

Will share more pictures and details tomorrow, but couldn’t resist posting this  one picture just now,
One Billion Rising, Gurgaon

Laying Misogyny to rest and Celebration by LWG with Gurgaon Moms and GDC along with One Billion Rising.


11 thoughts on “One Billion Rising…

    • Usha it was much more than laying Misogyny to rest… I am hopeful that atleast some in the crowd that had gathered are going to see everyday acts of misogyny, like domestic violence, marital rape, sexual assaults against women, sex selection… and gender bias in general a little differently after today.


  1. Learnt about this too late … couldn’t join walk in my area …. must’ve be so exhilarating for these Gurgaon moms to be part of this crowd of strong women!


  2. आवाज़ से जब आवाज़ मिले
    और जुड़ें हाथ से हाथ
    सदियों की चुप्पी टूटने का
    जब हो ऐसा आगाज़ !


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