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“I am glad someone caught that on camera. I love the anger (and disgust?) evident on her face. I love so much the purposeful way she walks. I love even more the defiance her body language screams. She is THE symbol of hope, a girl child I adore, the one who is able to stand up to nonsense”


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  1. I pray that Arya comes across this blogpost by you and Shail. I watched the video though couldn’t get Malayalam. What bothered me was girls smiling and touching his feet. Why do people teach children all this? To agree and show respect to age without evaluating what he is advocating. Would like to see his peer questioning him too? Who would these girl go with then?


      • Yes, comments from that page:
        “I didn’t see anything bad in his speech…absolutely normal and much less in content what could be discussed in a degree Biology class…the girl who walked out showed her response..not worth noting.”.

        “Atleast Mr.Suresh should listen his older speeches.. and ofcourse arya too.. she says language is man made and there is male sominism.. my dear sister pls understand that even the god is created women in such a way to live in the shades of men. go thru all aspects of the world from the oldest history, there is male domination.”

        What the f are these guys smoking? What kind of a biology class or history class have they attended?

        I am genuinely surprised at all the comments in the man’s favour. Just goes to show how education is failing our youth.


        • Whenever I go for social meets or functions, people introduce me and then say ‘shes from Kerala’ like its a big deal. Perhaps its because of this 100% literacy thing, people think that mallus are culturally advanced (whatever it means) and all those crap. I roll my eyes and tell them that apart from its scenic beauty Kerala is nothing its blown out to be. I hate to admit that we walk, talk, smell, dram sleep hypocrisy.


        • everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether right or wrong.
          I don’t expect much education happening in a place where men like him are invited! people are not exposed to anything better and so don’t teach their kids/students any better. rinse, repeat. it’s a vicious cycle…


        • //”my dear sister pls understand that even the god is created women in such a way to live in the shades of men”//
          And of course God personally sat him by His side and told him that before he sent him to Earth.*eyeroll*


  2. What a brave girl! I doubt I would have been able to stand up for myself like she did, at that age. I feel there is still hope for this country when I see young women like her refusing to take all the shit that is dished out to them. I hope this girl retains her courage, her conviction and her strength through her life!


  3. That man infuriates me!!!!! IHM, what do you think should be done with people like him?! We keep advocating a peaceful reconciliation of issues on this blog always, but that man….. he makes me want to resort to violence! WHAT is to be done with people like him???!!!


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