If these Jawan Girls were born somewhere else.

Are they unaware that in many parts of India (and in many parts of the world) jawan girls do sing, dance, play, run, earn, protest, lecture, defy, win, lose, dream, aspire and succeed, infront of jawan boys (and girls)?

Controlling the lives and choices of jawan girls (and boys) is necessary to ensure they don’t learn to say this,


My voice is louder than my clothes.

‘Kashmir lost its only all-girls rock band on Monday as its three teenage members decided to call it quits, a day after the Grand Mufti issued a fatwa terming singing as un-Islamic and asked them to abandon it.”[Link]’


‘… the teenage members of the Valley’s first all-women rock band have gone into hiding immediately after receiving a threat of ‘social boycott’ from the Dukhataarn-e-Millat, a radical women’s outfit.

Coming as it did after the fatwa from Kashmir’s head mufti, this development has halted all support for the band from civil society and cultural circles.

Left to fend for themselves, the families of Noma Nazir, Farah Deeba and Aneeka Khalid in the vulnerable neighbourhoods of Chhanpora, Bemina and Rajbagh have forced the teenagers to snap their contact with all, especially the media. “We have seized their cellphones and laptops,” two of their relatives revealed to The Hindu. “Their band has been shut.” [Rock band girls go into hiding after social boycott]’

What kind of people would make someone give up something they love?

‘The band Pragaash (morning light) comprising three Class 10 girls, gave their first live performance at Srinagar’s music festival, Battle of the Bands, in December.

Adnan Muhammad Mattoo, who trained them before they formed the valley’s first girls’ rock band, told IANS: “Since the grand mufti, whom we treat as part of the government, says they must not play music, the three girls have decided to quit.”  “… I now feel seven years of my life have been wasted. I have also decided to quit and give up my pursuit of rock music,” Mattoo said. [link]’

Is it surprising that those who make these threats defending patriarchal values (in the name of whatever might work, religion, culture, protection etc) always hate modern, western culture and liberal values??

Because modern, humane, fair, just, rational values expose their hypocrisy. In these ‘bad’, modern times, those they desire to control are empowered enough to openly condemn, mock or question them.

So the only tool they are left with are threats or violence. Why are they being allowed to get away with this?

What would you say if they really, seriously, mean this?

“They should sing in their rooms, or within the family, but singing in public  They can sing, but singing in public, which would provokes men, is not good.” [Full text of Grand Mufti Maulana Bashir-u-Din’s speech, here.]

Heard the grand Mufti on social media, say this on TV. What is he trying to convey to jawan boys?

“Jawaan ladkiyan, jawaan ladko ke samne aa jayengee, beparda hoker, to insaani khwaishaat kaabu mein rahe sakte hain? Kya isko aap azaadi kah sakte hain? Aap kar sakte ho, mein kar sakta hoon, kya har koi kar sakta hai…”

(Rough translation: Young girls coming infront of young boys, without being veiled, then human wishes/desires will remain in control? Can you call this freedom? …You can, I can but everybody cannot… )

Some other voices on the TV said the girls should sing only Indian music and reject western music, some claim any music and dancing is wrong, and others seem to allow men to sing but not women. Do they believe they have a right to control what other people do?

I agree with  what Arnab Goswami said (in News Hour), about being born free and not needing to engage and debate (once every twenty four hours) to justify our right to freedom and equality. But these girls are class ten students.

Some more examples of attacks on democratic values, freedom, justice, common sense and human values.

I could not sing after my marriage and I am really sad about it, but women have to ‘adjust’ to see their family happy…

I can’t sing and dance, so I am safe!! – dhwanis

No Jeans For Indian Daughters in Law.

What moral policing? Pub attack is a law and order problem.

Do some of us see anything that is done purely for pleasure (no moral or monetary benefits), as wrong?

Bajrang Dal activists beat her up for travelling in a car with her manager, a man from a different community



25 thoughts on “If these Jawan Girls were born somewhere else.

  1. The whole scenario that has played out just points out how free we are… sigh…

    I remember during our college days we tried to do a miss bharuch thing and the bajrang dal guys threatened us like mad… we were petrified till a girl’s very powerful dad stepped in and provided his goonda’s to take on the Bajrang Dal activists….

    I guess true Freedom is only for those in power…. not for commoners… certainly not for girls who decide to play rock music in Kashmir ! sigh….

    The whole thing just throws a shoe at the word Free India…


  2. I am a daughter and a mom of a daughter and it saddens me to witness my country having no place for daughters for creative expression or otherwise.i have a book titled- “bhartiya sahitya mein mahilaaon par abhadar kahavatein” ( indecent sayings about Indian women in Indian literature and it has many which refer to women who step out of the house,do not wear a ghoongat,study,sing,dance,laugh loudly or are fond of dressing up as immoral.So much for culture.shame indeed.
    Incidents like this one make me ask myself so if my daughter wants to play tennis,or form a band,or just board a bus alone ……what do i tell her?
    This is what I dedicated to pragaash on my blog http://poojasharmarao.blogspot.in/2013/02/prgaash.html

    Recently on an online poetry forum me and a few other women poets were targets of lot of undue verbal slur disguised as critical analysis.The “provocation ” as the male poets called it was a series of poems we wrote about marital rape.These were considered blasphemous,obscene and instigating a sense of repulsion for marriage in young minds.

    This is what I wrote in response to that http://poojasharmarao.blogspot.in/2012/03/blog-post.html


  3. Now singing in public provokes men??

    Tch tch. To think men are supposed to be part of civilized society. Right, then. Let’s ask all our friendly extremists one simple question: “What is the normal / accepted treatment of wild beings that are a danger to humankind?”

    (Answer: They’re kept locked up in cages, or are shot at when they attack).

    Extreme ideologies like this (be they from any group or community) are not just an insult to women, they are an insult to good men too. And there are plenty of right-thinking men out there who, I have no doubt, are equally outraged by this kind of irrational thinking.


    • I think since men are so easily provoked, they should be chained and put in fetters for their own protection.

      If a man can’t control his sexual urges after hearing a woman’s voice, then well, put him in a padded cell, in a straitjacket.


      • The mufti says the moral fabric of the society is affected to girls singing. wow! the moral fabric is so delicate that if our girls sing /pursue their goal/ be independent/ act according to their wish, it will simply break. But if the girls dont come out of the house, marry, beget children, allow husbands to take 3 more wives, the moral fabric will be in tact. utten nonsense! Very sad to see the girls give up their talent because a fanatic thinks girls should not sing. And ya, the moral fabric will be in tact if men sing, come out of the house, marry 4 women. These fanatics are a threat to the society. I think the moral fabric of the society will be in tact if these fanatics are caged or sent somewhere else.


        • According to conservative religious folks, every aspect of society is incredibly fragile and will crumble to dust at the slightest provocation.

          If women sing – the moral fabric disintegrates. If two men are allowed to hold hands on the street – marriage dissolves. If a single mother is respected – then families are torn apart. If a 17 year old girl kiss her boyfriend – then the gates of hell itself are torn open to release unspeakable horrors upon the world. If a woman walks down the street after 8pm, then the daemons that live in all men compel them to rape her. If children have *any* contact with people of different faiths, then they end up hating their parents and likely as amoral sociopaths.

          I don’t know why they’re so scared. My moral fabric can handle singing without even stretching, nevermind disintegrating.


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  5. I guess we will have to wait patiently for Mufti Saab to grow more old and die to get the Earth rid of his ideas. Also, we have to pray that he hasn’t passed the germ to many people.
    Can we do anything more beyond this in our great democracy?


  6. Surely, if there exist men unable or unwilling to behave if confronted by a woman singining in a public place, then the problem is with those men. Consequently, they should refrain from going out in public, rather than demand that the women stay at home.

    Behaving in a perfectly normal manner is not “provoking”. If you toss rotten tomatoes at me, you’re provoking me. If you call me rude words, you’re being provocative. If you deliberately insult me, I may also be provoked. But a civilized person behaves with dignity, and with a response adapted to the provocation, *even* when provoked.

    If you toss tomatoes at me, you run a risk that I toss some back. If you call me rude words, I may do the same to you (or I may decide you’re not worth the trouble and just leave). If you insult me, I may insult you. These are proportional responses.

    What these idiots are threathening though, is essentially: if you sing, we’ll use violence against you and/or sexually harass you. That’s -not- a proportional or civilized response. Furthermore, after we’re done being violent, we’ll claim that it was all your fault, because you sang. That’s completely ridicolous.


    • It’s the simplest, most logical things that are the most difficult to make people understand, accept, and follow. Loved your response; sharing it on FB (with attribution), where I shared IHM’s post.


      • I’m optimistic. Today such things are atleast -reported- and this particular stupidity was reported far and wide. Would you believe that this case was mentioned on the main news here in Norway today ? On the opposite side of the world, where few if any have even heard of the band ?

        Misogynist pigs do not like having the spotlight shone on them. Let’s give them a lot of light, and a lot of open, well-reasoned critique. That’s one thing that they absolutely cannot handle: free and open debate.

        Thanks for the nice compliment, I’m honored that you consider my words worth repeating.


    • I don’t think we should be defending the right to sing. This whole ‘she provoked me’ theory is a transparent attempt to restrict the victim and give a free license to the bad guys to do as they please.


  7. “So the only tool they are left with are threats or violence. Why are they being allowed to get away with this?”
    This is exactly what I wonder! Why doesn’t the government take a constitutional stand saying that a ‘fatwa’ is unconstitutional if it asks for violence (isn’t that like hate speech?) and provide protection to the girls?

    Why are these misogynistic people allowed to get away with such sadistic controlling behaviour? He will die soon, as Amit says, but he will have corrupted SO MANY minds by then! He is telling men that their ‘urges’ cannot be controlled and its ok to do whatever they feel like to a woman if she turned them on. With such entitlement, why would these men ever treat women as equals?

    “Young girls coming infront of young boys, without being veiled, then human wishes/desires will remain in control?”
    If men are really so incapable of self control, then they are worse than many animals and should be locked up in cages. Fed through bars. Why don’t we do that? That will also ensure that morality is ‘maintained’, right?

    We know that men are perfectly capable of controlling themselves, just like women. What they are actually saying is that men shouldn’t have to control themselves because they are superior to women. If they are turned on, any woman is fair game. They are brazenly providing a free pass to abuse.


    • Not only if it asks for violence. The meaning of a fatwa, is that a religious person tells others what they have to do (or refrain from doing). We have *laws* decided by *elected* politicians for that, we do not require additional “semi-laws” issued by old grumpy misogynist undemocratic men.

      All human beings, female or male, are free to do what they want, as long as they stay within limits of legality. This includes doing things which “provokes” medieval autocrats. (really: having a vagina and refraining from being totally invisible in public is sufficient for that)


  8. Did you read about the Saudi cleric who has called for all female children and babies to be veiled to avoid sexual molestation? Thankfully, the Saudi government has rejected this fatwa. Left to these guys, all women would be killed but then again they need them to give birth to male babies and provide men with sexual pleasure and food.


    • Exactly. I think men like this Mufti really think women exist only to serve men. Anything they do that doesn’t serve this divine purpose is blasphemous and against “God’s law”.
      Strange how all the major religions are in perfect agreement about women’s duty towards man. Hindu, Muslim or Christian, all fundamentalists agree that women have to be CONTROLLED.


      • All that karyeshu daasi, karuneshu mantri…stuff should be simply erased from our history books. So women were expected to multi-task since ages. These fanatics cannot tolerate women having a mind of their own. They will then say the nonsensical stuff like men getting attracted to women blah blah blah. The remedy is to cage such men who get ‘provoked’ at mere sight of a woman or hear her talking or singing. The remedy is NOT to have women sit at home and stop them from doing what they love to do.


    • Yes, it’s not a democracy yet for women. Good thing to keep in mind. We are often under the illusion that we’re a free country. Which often puts us in a state of complacence.


  9. Frankly, I do not give a flying fig what the honorable Grand Mufti thinks about teenage all-girl rock bands. He has no expert on either rock music or human sexuality, and I do not feel the need to give any weight to his opinions on those whatsoever.

    I do care, thought, that we’ve come to a point where the government prefers nurturing whatever imagined vote bank catches its fancy over actually doing what it is meant to do – protect peoples’ rights and freedoms when they come under threat.

    This isn’t about some politically powerful misogynist. It’s about the utter lack of very basic protections to dignity and life. India likes to call itself a free country, but the fact is that it is free only for people who can actually control and game the system to their benefit. The people who really need the freedom get nothing more than a paper version of it.


    • Agree. It’s about vote banks. And we should never ever justify why something as human as singing is a right. The whole ‘she provoked him’ theory is just a despicable ruse to shift the blame away from the perpetrator and on to the victim.


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