New neighbourhood.

We have moved again.
DSC_9100 DSC_9101 DSC_9102 DSC_9104 DSC_9105 DSC_9106  DSC_9109 DSC_9112 DSC_9113DSC_9722DSC_9721DSC_9741

In October 2003 this little one had been made homeless after cutting of some trees near where we then lived in Bombay.

almost thirteen


20 thoughts on “New neighbourhood.

  1. I always love squirrels. We have got many here mainly because we have a guava tree!

    I know Tejaswee loves animals. She was following my blog just for the cats’ posts, I think! She looks at the baby squirrel with so much affectiion!


  2. Such cute pictures! I love squirrels and I so want some to visit my house… there are quite a few in the neighborhood due to all the trees around, but they mostly scuttle around on the compund walls.


  3. Wonderful pictures ! I have had my experiences befriending squirrels in the past. These pictures brought back some fond memories.

    My latest post is about a kitten I was with for the past couple of months. And while writing it I was thinking about the picture in your blog header with a kitten on Tejaswee’s shoulder. Was it the young Sher Khan ? That was an awesome click and would always come to my mind when my kitten would jump on me. By the way, you are an amazing photographer.


  4. Congratulations, sincere ones, on having moved. 🙂 I so dislike the madness and unsettledness of moving…. 🙂

    The pics remind me of the squirrel who allows me to share my balcony instead of leaving it only for her. Lord, she can scold…..


  5. This year we toured around north India and came across many cute little squirrels. They were trying to hide in shoes, climbing trees, socialising.. we got lots of cute pictures. Somehow I never noticed how many of them there were before but they were the star of this trip.


  6. My brother “rescued” a baby squirrel (Momma squirrel was killed by a cat) and I have fond memories of feeding the little thing with milk from a ink filler (Do they even have those now? I miss my “ink pens”!) I remember shrieking the first time Frisky ran up my arm – the little claws were scratchy in a very weird way – and stood on my shoulder with paws firmly clutching my hair. We all mourned when my brother took him to a cricket match to “show to friends”, and lost him/her there. 😦


  7. My heart breaks into a million pieces and the pain is so sharp I forget to breathe when I see your daughter’s photo ,I am a lurker ,I check in here only to see if you have uploaded her photo.Such sensitive emotional face .


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