It happens every time there is a major rape case in the news.

“Here is an ironic feature of rape culture: One of the key ways the rape culture is protected is by media outlets giving space to people who don’t even know the most basic facts about sexual violence to wax imperious about rape culture.

It happens every time there is a major rape case in the news. And, every time, misinformation is disseminated about rape and rape culture by pontificators who imagine that everything there is to know about rape and rape culture is so self-evident that experts are unnecessary, irrelevant, nonexistent.

It is one of the great lies that the rape culture tells about itself: There is no nuance that requires a trained eye; there are no hidden details to be teased out, no patterns to be identified by experts who spend their lives immersed in this ugly subject. Instead, anyone who takes a most cursory gander at The Issue of Rape finds everything there is to know.”

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And which is also why it’s good to see Asaram Bapu, Trinamool Congress MP Kakoli Ghosh DastidarVijayvargiya etc being asked to explain what they mean by Arnab Goswami on Times Now.

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31 thoughts on “It happens every time there is a major rape case in the news.

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  2. God, every time I see something like this my heart sinks. As if any victim colludes in their own rape. As if anyone would wish that upon themselves. Sad as it may be, calling on God or religion during a rape will not help, nor will pleaing, nor will begging: BECAUSE IT IS AGAINST THEIR WILL BUT THEIR RAPISTS DO NOT CARE.

    In the act of rape, who will listen to reason, when they’re so bloodthirsty for power and domination. What utter rubbish and completely insensitive considering the climate.


    • He also refers to how dowry laws in India victimise men and warns that a stricter anti-rape law will persecute “innocent” men, just as the dowry law does.

      Men have such a hard time in India, don’t they? Those wretched Indian women need to be taught a lesson about lying about rape and dowry.

      Sounds familiar doesn’t it?


  3. Well, putting myself in the victim’s shoes, if some people are raping me, I WOULD NOT call them my brothers!!!! Why should I???? Do brothers even think of doing such horrible crimes? Or would calling them ‘brothers’ make them stop?? If that was so easy, we all women would just have to go around yelling ‘brother, brother’ and no case of eve teasing/molestation/rape would happen!


  4. I thought we were being spared this sort of imbecility this time around. The sheer arrogance, not to mention insensitivity, demonstrated by that statement makes my head spin. What an incredibly idiotic thing to say.


    • What makes my head spin is that a female disciple chose to defend his views on TV.

      I can understand why Asaram is a rape aplogist and cannot change his victim-blaming views, but a woman endorsing his views?

      She’s obviously not lived in the same India\Bharat that I have lived in, to borrow a phrase from another intellectual giant who recently weighed in on the subject.


      • Well, I’m not entirely surprised by that.

        I mean, there are gay people in the US of A who call themselves staunch Republicans, and presumably agree with the idea that they shouldn’t have the right to marry, adopt kids or have workplace protections against harassment.

        In the 1920s, a relatively large number of women actively participated in Nazi political activities. They believed in the Nationalist Socialist cause so strongly that they cheerfully, and often vehemently, argued for their own irrelevance and exclusion from public political spaces, in line with National Socialist ideology.

        The only sane reason to do something like that would be a firmer belief in aspects of the ideology that do not involve persecution of your group or community. For example, gay Republicans tend to be strong fiscal conservatives, and in their mind, that issue often overshadows the more unpalatable parts of Republican ideology.

        Female disciples of Asaram ‘Bapu’ are likely to be social conservatives who either do not feel that traditional social structures harm them, or are so enthralled by his other ideas (I have no idea what those ideas might be) that they are willing to overlook an obviously misogynistic discourse.


      • She might be benefiting financially by supporting the crackpot. She might have position of power in the crackpot society. She puts her personal benefit above any gender based concerns. Why should that make your head spin? Is it difficult to believe that certain kinds of women, like certain kinds of men have a vested interest in supporting such a stance. All women are not standing with you and all men are not standing against you. That is a fact. No need for any surprise.


  5. This fellow doesn’t deserve to be even criticized on your blog or any blog for that matter. Ignoring people like these would be the best way to make them insignificant. There have been instances of him abusing flight attendants. He once showered filthy abuses on his assistant in full public glare when he stepped on his feet trying to protect him from his followers. Kids have gotten murdered in his ashram – mysteriously.

    Why is the media paying to much attention to this sorry & filthy piece of shit i don’t understand.


    • Exactly, I wonder if all these people are making statements for their 10 minutes of fame. I did not know the existence of such a dumb ass baba till now. i think the media and everybody else should ignore them.


  6. what does he have to say about Guwahati molestation incident. The girl had begged the attackers to think of her as their sister and not to not molest her. But then in her case again he would say she was at a pub at night. These so called excuse of a living beings leave aside being called gurus will find something or the other to blame the woman. And you should have heard his dumb spoks person Neelam Dubey blabber on CNN. The newswoman took her to task. At one point she was asked a question to which she replied that she is not a puppet to keep answering them, who do they think is she. The anchor replied, ” well you are bapu asarm’s spoks person”.


  7. I wonder what this man’s followers would have had to say if some Muslim leader had dared to say such a thing about this brave girl. No doubt the newspapers would have been full of outraged demands along the lines of “hang this man”. But since he is an Indian guru, the media even gives him space to air his disgusting views. Bigotry and hypocrisy at its best.


  8. I sincerely wish that all Indian women call out to him and say – “Brother… father… ‘bapu’…, please go and jump into a dark well and spare us the torture of your wisdom !!”


  9. I don’t understand why the media is giving him and others of his ilk any attention. As a society, our media- need to be working on holding the responsible parties accountable. The MPs, police and judiciary in India have a lot to answer for- and it is on them on whom the spotlight should be, along with others actually involved in productive work related to incidents of this nature.

    I fail to comprehend why each and every regressive viewpoint must get airtime/print space- yes, there are extremely illogical people living in our midst , but surely the media not need to acknowledge them right now and further spread their message around!


    • I think it’s a good idea to discuss and trash their misogynistic ideas. If the media doesn’t do that they would continue to propagate them and sadly a huge number of people would continue to see them as believable because they remain unchallenged.


      • Yes, it is a good idea to discuss and trash misogynistic ideas- but who’s? Now is the time to challenge the regressive views held by the police and the judiciary more than anyone else- for each rapist and rape-survivor will invariably deal with those 2 institutions . Simeltaneously, it is the time to challenge views held by men in our immediate surroundings- the co workers, the family members and the friends.
        Asaram should ideally be far down the list- a wiki search reveals that he was investigated for attempted murder and also for the deaths of two children at his ashram. He is practically then , a criminal, so we should we WASTE time discussing HIS (of all people’s ) regressive views?


  10. My mother actually laughed out loud when she read what he had said, apparently (she told me afterwords). I just shook my head, wanting to bang it on the desk, but refraining from doing so. The victim might as well have carried a bunch of rakhis with her, and immediately tied them on the rapists’ hands, hmm? That SURELY would have saved her “dignity and life”. (rolls eyes)

    Just, no words, IHM. Because stupidity apparently knows no bounds, as such idiotic comments by public figures clearly indicate.


  11. So true, everyone suddenly becomes an expert. The worst part is I think these politicians and so called gurus are keeping the more misogynistic of their thoughts to themselves, and only airing what they think are common sense statements that no one can argue with.

    I sort of wish that the media would report on what clothes etc. the victim was wearing, not that western clothes are ‘bad’ in any way, but just to get into these idiots heads that the majority are wearing salwars/saris/Indian clothing! Everytime something like this happens, out come the usual ‘western influence is bad’, ‘ women are displaying their bodies’ to explain why rapes happen, so perhaps stats that show that this is clearly not the case would help? Anything to get them to see that segregation and making women wear lab coats are not solutions.

    And why do these people never try to profile the rapists??


  12. why is this man still alive? I am sorry to say this asaram bapu, but you, my dear brother, is a bane to humanity and must cease to exist.


  13. Guru-Speak

    O , Mothers of Men
    Mark my words :
    Ignore your perishable body
    Save your immortal soul
    Blame your attitude
    And change your outlook,

    A rapist ceases to be a rapist
    The moment you cry, Brother Dear
    And fall at his feet.

    Don’t venture out of home
    And if you must , never alone,
    Repeat after me :
    “ I have no use for mobile,
    Nor for a pair of jeans,
    I will never wear a skirt
    And go to hell for wearing shorts,
    I will never give birth to a girl,
    Or fall in love “
    Chant my children
    Chant a thousand times :
    “ Guru is my Asha
    And he is my Ram “

    hemen parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth


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