Just how disgusting can they get?

Anisur Rehman sought public apology soon after these comments, but what exactly is he apologising for? For exposing how his mind works?

While mocking the rape victim compensation policy at the open session of the CPM’s peasant wing Pradeshik Krishak Sabha, held at Itahar on December 25, Rehman said: “I would like to ask didimoni (Mamata) what her fee will be if someone gets Rs 20,000 after being raped.” The former minister doesn’t even know that the chief minister is only implementing section 357A of the amended Criminal Procedure Code that provides for such compensation.

Just how disgusting can they get?

Rehman reminded the gathering at Itahar how Mamata Banerjee showcased Champala Sardar of South 24-Parganas as a “rape victim.” “She (Mamata) is in the habit of picking up women on her way and claim that they have been raped. We used to make fun of it. I told her that all and sundry won’t serve her purpose. She has to look for good women. No one can be better than you (Mamata),” the CPM leader said.

[Ex-minister’s filthy jibe at CM raises storm]

And Trinamool Congress MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar made this comment while reacting to the above comment.

“If you’re referring to the Park Street rape, see that is a different case altogether. That was not at all a rape case. It was a misunderstanding between the two parties involved between a lady and her client. This was not a rape,”.  [TMC leader denies Park Street rape, says victim was sex worker]


7 thoughts on “Just how disgusting can they get?

  1. IHM,

    Just found out that the young woman died and I’m vacillating between feeling numb and enraged.I’m praying for her family today and hope they get some privacy to mourn and grieve for their child.

    While I do want her rapists punished to the full extent the law allows, true justice for this young woman and the thousands who are raped like her would be for the wave of reason that has erupted to change into a tsunami, engulfing the whole nation, changing the way they think about rape.

    May this brave young woman’s soul rest in peace.


  2. No matter how disgusting do they get, but sadly it is their right of freedom of speech to express their views. All we can do is make them pay the price via social scorn, contempt and possibly make them lose the next elections, but till then we have to bear with their wisdom.

    “Indian politicians very much have the right to insult any and all women if they so choose.” – as told to me by this blogger :



    • Yeah, they have the right, a right they don’t give us, by censoring/removing content on social media, arresting people for updates on FB. Sad that we have leaders whose rights we recognize, but who don’t recognize ours.


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