Girl gang-raped in moving bus in Delhi

What do you think made these rapists in Delhi so fearless?

Definitely the fact that they have hardly ever seen rapists being convicted and put in jail, and they have seen enough victims being shamed, blamed and named into silence.

Do you think our society really sees rapists as serious criminals? Many of us seem to see rape as something that happens when a rapist is not able to control himself. It seems we have special standards for judging sexual criminals, and rapists know this.

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NEW DELHI: A medical student in her twenties, who was traveling with her male friend in a whiteline bus from Munirka to Uttam Nagar area in west Delhi, was allegedly gang-raped by a group of men inside the moving bus and thrown off the vehicle near Mahipalpur in south Delhi on late Sunday night.

They boarded the whiteline bus from the bus stop to go to Uttam Nagar area near Palam where they reside.

The girl was gang-raped by people including the staff of the bus even as the driver drove around the city and her friend was brutally assaulted.

The duo were then stripped and dumped from the moving bus near Mahipalpur flyover.

The girl and the boy raised an alarm and the cops arrived. They were taken to the AIIMS Trauma Center for medical help.

The girl was shifted to Safdarjung Hospital later. Her condition is stated to be critical. She has abrasions and head injuries apart from the sexual assault injuries.

From here – Girl gang-raped in moving bus in Delhi


Delhi gangrape: Police release CCTV footage, identify accused.

Delhi gangrape: Police identify 4 suspects, bus found in a Noida school campus


64 thoughts on “Girl gang-raped in moving bus in Delhi

  1. What’s horrifying is how a bunch of people could do something like this, that seems like a scene out of a rape-fetish-horror movie, in public in the capital city! It’s very very hard to be optimistic that anything will change in the near future. It’s not about individuals. It’s about a mass cultural mindset that’s the issue here.


    • That is exactly what my thoughts were when I read about this. We need to resort to fast track courts and extreme punishment. Or else, these things will continue to happen. I was literally in tears when i imagined the ordeal that medical student had to undergo. She is just 23 years old..


  2. The biggest question here is, how can 5 people lose their minds at the same time? Its never going to stop. When such incidents make me feel disgusted, i also het scared. That girl could have been me, and she wasn’t even alone. How can anyone expect us to feel safe? I’ve written a post over it this evening. I’ve stopped thinking that this is going to end some day. It won’t ever.


  3. Just read about this in my mail…. horrified and sickened.

    One more reality check for a country that claims to ‘respect’ and worship women.

    Yep, let’s round up Bloggers who criticize a dead politician even as the people who gang raped a woman and beat up her friend for daring to try and stop them roam with impunity.

    There’s going to be outrage tomorrow, and the day after. Perhaps the day after that, if we’re lucky. Then we’ll all go back to our lives, the aunties will go back to telling women to stay home after dark, the moral police will go back to blaming women for being stupid enough to get raped, and lawyered up rapists will simply claim that they were provoked, even as middle-class drawing rooms cluck-cluck their sympathies to the poor young men. Welcome to Delhi, welcome to modern India. Roam free, but at your own risk, folks.


  4. I am still shivering after reading this news.I stayed in a hoste in Delhi for almost 10 years.Being a small town girl,my parents were very cautious about my movements and so was I.I got married in 2006 and moved abroad with my hubby.Delhi was unsafe back then and it has become even worst.I remember how an uneducated rich property dealer made my life miserable.I remember how he followed me in his car with tinted glasses around 5 pm in RK Puram and no one was there to help me out.I was in an autorickshaw.At one point he actually stopped his car parallel to my auto and I thought that this was the end and he will have things his way. The auto driver saw me crying and told me that no matter what he will help me out and we somehow escaped.I never discussed this incident with any of my family members as they would have stopped my education and called me back.I still get goose bumps when I think about it and now thinking about this girl,my soul cries too.I cant even imagine whether its good that she survives or if she dies.There should be capital punishment laid down for such devils.I know its inhumane of me to say so but these people should be punished in such a way so as to set an example for others who even think on these lines.I am a mother now and if tomorrow my daughter would like to go and study in delhi,would i let her??Not at all..Delhi gave me so many memories,more bitter than sweet and it still continues.


    • I am a mother now and if tomorrow my daughter would like to go and study in delhi,would i let her??Not at all.

      KG, your concern is completely understandable. The incident is horrifying, and I’ve certainly been having second thoughts about raising my own daughter in Delhi.

      As parents, protecting our children is perhaps the deepest instinct there is. We want to be there for them, we want to protect them from a world that can sometimes be very cold indeed, we don’t want to even contemplate the possibility of their being in harm’s way.

      But as parents, it is also our responsibility to let our children fly just as high as they would go. Our protection must not be so overpowering as to smother their very spirit.

      If your daughter really wants to go to college in Delhi, you must let her. If, in the future, your grown daughter wants to join the Army and put her life on the line, you must let her do that too. If your daughter wants to engage in activities that are risky, and may hurt her, you can always tell her you are worried for her well-being, but you must not stall her ambitions, her freedom, for the fear that she might be hurt.

      Life and well-being are both fragile. One cannot guarantee either for oneself, much less for our children from one moment to the next.
      For what it’s worth, incidents like these are a rarity. Many, many more women are raped by their own husbands than are raped by strangers. It is rational and normal to be worried about the possibility of sexual assault, but it is important to keep some perspective too. To what extent would you let fear rule your life? To what extent would you let YOUR fear rule your daughter’s life? Where does it stop?

      At some point, you must let her go, and trust in the fact that you have raised her well enough to face adversity, raised her strong enough to challenge wrongdoing, raised her wise enough to know the difference. That’s all anyone can ask.

      The khaps and the moral police would love you to stamp all over her dreams, love you to tell her to live in fear of them all the time. The chauvinists in our society, the apologists for rape culture, the misogynists – they want women to be vulnerable and afraid. It suits them. It makes it easier for them.

      Don’t give them that satisfaction. Let her be her own person. Give her all the support and strength you can, and don’t let life be just a big gilded cage for her.


      • True PT… This is exactly what my sister told me. She and her family, my cousins and their family aer working in US and after hearing the school massacre news, I was quite hysterical and asked her to homeschool my nephews for a lil while… Yea, all logic left me at tht point. She was like “you call yourself a feminist and are saying this? we cant succumb to fear and lock up our kids much as we’d like to”.


  5. Well I am tired of reading such news. Firstly India should be ashamed of not being able to make its capital city safe and secure, let alone other states and cities.

    These would automatically stop if the punishment was severe and swift. Then we should see who talks about losing control. You can afford to lose control there, you know nothing happens, you know you can walk all over people and nothing happens, you will continue doing shit.


  6. Horrific and shocking! What makes these rapists so fearless? And the staff of the bus was also involved! Instead of protecting their passengers, the staff chose to assault a girl? All the rapists should be castrated! Hope the girl recovers soon and gathers strength to move on. I hope her male friend is recovering too.


  7. I am speechless. I can’t believe that such a thing has happened in a Public transport, in the Capital City!!

    Those rapists are animals! After all this, I can’t believe they wont get more than 6 years in jail for this (if even that – if they don’t manage to get off on some “technicality”). And, people will blame the girl for the whole thing, the rapists were “provoked” into gang-raping and stripping a girl and throwing her out of a moving bus. Ugh….

    If things continue like this, this Country is doomed.


  8. The news annoyed me, made me agitated and a little later scared me to death…I was just thinking of the mental state of the girl. How can people be so cruel and ruthless? I am sure some of the assaulters must surely be having a sis, a wife, a daughter or atleast a mother, even if they themselves have no idea of who their father is. Bloody hell, how on earth could they commit such a heinous crime? And the worst amongst them happens to be the driver…how could he keep driving around the city with such a terrible thing happening inside the vehicle. I would have had some sort of respect for him, if instead he would have driven them to a nearest police station.

    This episode makes me wonder how safe are my daughters in a country like India where rapists walk freely and the victims are tortured mentally for their life after all the mental and physical trauma they go through. And then we talk of our culture….Shame on us!

    I now feel female foeticide is good…atleast those parents are not allowing such things to happen to their daughters. God, please stop sending females on earth. N yes, if this is the future, I sincerely wish that the world ends on the 21st of December, 2012.


  9. IHM,
    Till our law makes an example of a few of the rapists, it will not stop. Fear has to be driven into men who think it is ok to do something like this. I am really wondering what will push our government into action? Do they have an upper limit of the number of girls who will have to be raped before they wake up from their slumber?


  10. “No…the girl must be wearing some thing that exposed her skin…she must be there out at odd times or must be ammm…how does it matter to us? If we give freedom to girls, these things are surely going to happen…times when we didnt wear jeans and things, we lived happily….these girls are mad and stupid, responsible for their actions and the things that happen to them…”

    Hey! Any more excuses?
    They are never going to end, because we always blame the person who is affected by the crime, not the criminal….they are said to be “out of control” by seeing a girl…
    What the hell do these beasts think of themselves? I dont think normal people think any different…no. They too say the same, “the girl…etc”!

    How is a girl responsible for it? Or the dress? Or the time? Or anything at that….
    Mind, not the dress or any other thing is responsible.

    And the punishment of such cases must be made more strict, Capital Punishment at that. Two or three years jail is NOT AN ANSWER.
    Its an INVITATION .


  11. Just returned from cafeteria in my office, saw a girl in her 20s – in T-shirt and jeans- saying that we need strong laws. But she also says I advise girls to wear conservatively – otherwise invite.. blah blah.. , you all know what i’m heading at .. right?


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  13. This is disgusting. Of course we need stronger laws – or to begin with at least implementation of the laws that are already in place. The implementation is lax. And we hardly see any political leaders coming out and criticizing the incident. I don’t think there has been a single call from the political leaders for a stronger laws. How do we even begin?


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  15. There is a movie in Malayalam “22 Female Kottayam”. This movie should be screened to all these inhuman morons. They should realize that girls have the strength and will power to get back and might take their revenge some day.

    These people are not scared. They know they will not be punished. They know they can get away. What I don’t understand is, as soon as they see any girl/woman alone or with just 1 person for company, is sex and rape all that they can think of? What values did their parents or school teach them? Are they not getting it at home? Is lust the only thing on their minds? Aren’t they scared of contacting HIV or other sex-related diseases by indulging in gang-rape or even rape otherwise.

    How can these B******S live with themselves? How can they see their own kids/family and continue to live as though they did nothing wrong. Capital punishment or something equally stringent must be the answer for rapists.

    Gosh I’m ranting and just can’t stop. Feel like beating all these kinda people black and blue and castrating them.


  16. More than capital punishments i think they should be locked away… Isnt that what we do to people who have no control over their actions. Make good use of asylums and madhouses!


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  19. All of this has solidified the fact that our 5 year plan in India will remain a 5 year plan. The outrage will die down, the rapists will go free after a slap on the wrists….and the young woman will be scarred mentally (that her country forgives and coddles men who act this way) and physically…

    Bravo India!


  20. horrifying as this incident is, i am relieved that atleast nobody is asking what she was doing at that time with a male friend. everybody seems to understand that the rapists are completely at blame and not the victim. but unfortunately every time such an incident occurs, rules for girls get a little stricter at home and women think twice before stepping out at night and/or working in a night shift. employers hesitate to hire women because they need to provide extra security and travel which they find burdensome. directly or indirectly, all the women in the country are victimized incidents like this.


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  25. how long will it take for the girls to live fearless….
    this awful act really shievered every girl of the country….criminals of this act should be hanged to death ….
    i pray 4 the girl to gel well & it is difficult 4 her & her family to regain confidence bt the whole nation is standing 4 her……


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  37. i not say any think. I`m shocked my gang friends are so hurted then we are ready to get vio-leance. That 6members didnot came out because all youths ready to murdered in that 6members.


    • that girl diffinetly come soon am confedint she`s punished him am pray all gods include (vaigunda egathesi) that night full i can’t sleep only pray her… Because she is my friend.


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  41. These guys are worse than animals, they are devils. They should be named and shamed for a while before they are sentenced to death. This is the only way to stop these monsterous devils from raping and killing women.


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