Talaash: Lakh duniya kahe

A friend said she wanted to ask me not to watch Talaash, because she thought I might find the movie disturbing. The fact is, the movie was of interest only because some reviews mentioned Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat and his wife Roshni coming to terms with the sudden death of their child.

And I am glad I watched it.

Spoiler Alert.

I would like to believe these lyrics (and what they mean in the movie), and even if believing is not easy, or possible; the remotest possibility is more than not having even that little, remote hope…

Lyrics, translated in English.

Laakh duniya kahe, tum nahi ho
Tum yahin ho, tum yahin ho

How much ever does the world say, you’re not there… [that you don’t exist]
you’re here..

you’re here only…

Meri har soch mein, meri har baat mein
Mere ehsaas mein, mere jazbaat mein
Tum hi tum ho
Tum har kahin ho

In every thought of mine, in my every talk,
in my feelings, in my emotions,
only you’re there…
you’re everywhere…

Laakh duniya kahe, tum nahin ho
Tum yaheen ho, tum yaheen ho

Tumne chhoda hai kab saath mera
Thaame ho aaj bhi haath mera
Koi manzil koi rehguzar ho
Aaj bhi tum mere humsafar ho
Jaaun chaahe jahaan tum waheen ho

When have you left me alone, (you never have)
you are holding my hand even today..
be it any destination, any path,
you’re my companion even today..
wherever I go, you’re there…

Laakh duniya kahe tum nahi ho
Tum yaheen ho, tum yaheen ho..

Khushboo banke hawaaon mein tum ho
Rang banke fizaaon mein tum ho
Koi gaaye koi saans goonje
Sab sureeli sadaaon mein tum ho
Tum ko har roop mein dil hai pehchanta
Log hain bekhabar par hai dil jaanta
Tu mere paas ho, dilnasheen ho

You’re there in the wind as a fragrance,
you’re in the seasons as colors,
whoever sings, or whatever breath echoes –
you’re there in all the musical calls..
the heart recognizes you in every form,
people are ignorant, but my heart knows..
you’re with me, close to my heart..

Tum yahin ho, tum yahin ho…

[From here: Lakh Duniya Kahe Tum Nahi ho Tum Yahin ho Lyrics Translation]

34 thoughts on “Talaash: Lakh duniya kahe

  1. Haven’t watched the movie, but I did watch my brother and SIL go through the loss of a three-year old daughter, and I think it’s really impossible for someone who hasn’t gone through that to understand the pain involved. I cannot even imagine what it’s like.

    When something like that happens, I don’t think you ever really accept it. There’s no point at which you’re just okay with it. The most you can do is resign yourself, resign to the fact that some calls are not yours to take, and that the best tribute to your loved ones is to shed the bitterness and channel it into something positive.

    I wish one of those techies invented some way to transmit a hug across the internet. I’d pay a lot of money for getting to use such a device in posts like these.


  2. Havent seen the movie yet… Loved what you wrote there : “the remotest possibility is more than not having even that little, remote hope…” 🙂


  3. Went to watch this movie last Saturday at a local theatre here in Fremont.
    Returned home disappointed!
    No, it was not the movie that disappointed me.
    I didn’t get a ticket!
    Happens rarely here.
    Will try again later.


  4. Hugs, IHM.

    I would like to say these lines to my mother:

    Tum Yahin Ho Tum Yahin Ho
    Tum Har kaheen ho

    Life is not the same after you lose a loved one. It took me many months to accept that the person who gave birth to me, who raised me and who was there whenever I needed to share joy, sorrow or any other feeling is not around. But she appears in my dreams every night and I wake up smiling the next morning.

    Tum Yahin ho Tum Yahin ho, Amma.


  5. You are a very brave and inspiring woman IHM. May you always be blessed with this strength to see the sunny side and accept the not-so-sunny side in your stride. From you, many like me will draw the strength. Hugs.


  6. IHM,
    There is a beautiful movie called Rabbit Hole which had this very touching dialogue – “I don’t know… the weight of it, I guess. At some point, it becomes bearable. It turns into something that you can crawl out from under and… carry around like a brick in your pocket. And you… you even forget it, for a while. But then you reach in for whatever reason and – there it is. Oh right, that.”

    No one can even begin to understand the emotion unless you have carried that brick. More strength to you.


  7. These words are true. They are with us. Watching us. Holding our hands. Talking to our hearts. Melting in our souls. They are with us everywhere…

    I would like to believe my mummy watches over me…. 🙂


  8. Ohh IHM .. I want to hug you so hard right now .. I so enjoy the header pics of Tejaswee and sometimes just refresh the blog so that I can see new ones 🙂 And I always think about her love for vibrant rich bright colours 🙂


  9. Hugs. My thoughts were with you too while I was watching the movie. I know it was supposed to be a murder mystery but this part of the story was what really resonated with me.


  10. saw the movie with a friend a few weeks back. Really liked it. I could understand what the parents were going thru and somehow it gave me strength and I told myself that if they can bear it so can I (never mind it is make believe and a movie!).
    I learnt about you and Tejaswee from NDTV just a few weeks back. Sandeep would have been 24yrs on 1st feb. Though the feeling of ending my life still comes to my mind from time to time but I’m trying my best to live a full(?) life without him. It’s hard but not impossible I think. And people like you are a huge source of strength. Bless you!


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