Do you think this murder is about love, lust and erosion of Indian values?

In Haryana couples run away, hide, seek police protection, do everything but kill or hit back, even at those who are trying to kill (honor kill) them. In fact, couples in love don’t even seem to kill in self defence.

What prevents them (or anybody) from killing their family members (or anybody else) often even in self defence? Indian values? If it was Indian values then their family members’ Indian values would have prevented them from killing them too.  Right?

So, obviously what prevents or makes people take other people’s lives is not ‘Indian values’ or love or ‘lust’.

Those who can take life in cold blood (like in this case) would probably do the same for property, disagreements, road rage, or hurt sentiments, because, they for some reason see killing and violence as an option.

Most of the comments below this news article blame modern values and ‘lust’ for this shocking murder.

Please take a look at this news report.

16-year-old kills mother to marry lover in Haryana

The urge to marry her lover drove the minor girl to kill her mother as she was against the matrimonial alliance. The 16-year-old school dropout married her 23-year-old lover barely 10 days after the murder. The latter is believed to have assisted in strangulating the elderly woman.

The crime came to light when girl’s maternal uncle got suspicious over the way his sister had disappeared and lodged a missing persons report with the police on Monday. When police questioned the girl and her husband, they gave contradicting replies. But persistent interrogation made the culprits confess to their crime.

Gohana police station SHO Rajiv Kumar said the girl told her interrogators that she was having an affair with the youth for some time, but her mother had strong objections. …

On the night of October 25, the girl along with her lover took turns strangulating the elderly woman at her house and then took the body to a canal on the outskirts of the town. “The girl put a lot of salt on her mother’s body to quicken the decay process,” said the police officer.

Three days ago, her uncle came to their residence and found his sister missing. When he inquired about her from his niece she claimed that her mother had gone on a pilgrimage. But the uncle got suspicious and contacted the police after which the case was cracked on Wednesday. [Read full article here]

So, if this couple had not met and fallen in love (or lust) they would have lead peaceful, dutiful and responsible lives as law abiding citizens?

15 thoughts on “Do you think this murder is about love, lust and erosion of Indian values?

  1. I think this can happen anywhere. Nothing to do with India. This is a perverted result of strangulating the basic human needs – sexuality & love. All human beings are sexual since they are born. Ever heard of someone murdering their mother in the west coz they did not approve of their bf/gf? Also, mothers are put on a pedestal. But everybody has to become a mother in partriarchal societies whether she likes it or not. Was she nice to her children? Do her children have a bond with her? That does not justify a murder but these are questions society should look into.

    Either ways, if the girl is old enough, she can move out and refuse to have anything to do with her family instead of resorting to violence.

    Violence is often seen as a viable solution in our society.


  2. It’s a crime of passion, for sure. But, what Indian values I’m wondering. Doesn’t Indian history have stories of children killing parents for property (or Princes killing their fathers/brothers so that they could ascend the throne?)

    So, when kids murder their parents for property why isn’t the question of Indian values raised?
    When parents murder their children over family honor, why is there no question of Indian values raised? So parents have the right to kill their children? It’s OK to kill your parents for Property but not for some one you love?

    And funnily, one person even blamed feminism for the problem. Feminists have raised the marriageable age for women due to which all these problems have arisen. Reduce the legal age of marriage and all problems will vanish. So, come my dear feminist sisters, let us all change the law and make the marriageable age 16 or should we make it 14 or even 12?



  3. We DO see such murders happening in the west, although Indian people, in their glamourised ideation of anything ‘veest’ overlook those incidences.

    A couple of years back, there was a rather sensational murder that happened in New Zealand, that got blamed on the girls’ lesbianism and the mother’s disapproval over one of the girl’s sexual orientation. Then we have another one that happened in a Scandinvian country when I lived there, a girl murdering her mother after she wouldn’t allow her a sleepover with her Arab boyfriend. In the comment section of the listed article, someone also mentioned a similar case in US, involving a said Sarah Johnson from Idaho killing both her parents.

    The people involved in such murders are psychopaths. But I can see how to some people, it would make a moral angle, given that the idea of a ‘murder driven by lust’ makes for far more sensational/moral angel than parents murdering their kids for ‘failure to uphold family values’.


    • @ starlitwishes
      I can see why it would be a moral issue to assert that, but most cold blooded murderers have traits of psychopathy. It is even more pronounced when one murders their family members. It doesn’t make it more justified though (or ‘easy’, as you’d like to moralise with).


  4. i think attributing these incidents to westernization or lack of Indian values would be too simplification or trivialization of the psychology that is behind such heinous crimes. Its not at all about Indian values of lack of Indian values… Its about criminal psychology and multitude of other situational, emotional etc. aspects…..


  5. A murderer is just that. A killer. A class all unto themselves. And this girl who killed, is a killer first and everything else later.
    This has nothing to do with feminism obviously. People who claim that it does, are clearly just looking for anything to blame feminists. They would blame global warming on feminism too.


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