Same old story and misunderstood cats.

Same old story.

Sher Khan wants to sleep where he sleeps every morning.

Gabbar Singh doesn’t want to move.

Sher Khan insists.

Gabbar tries to ignore.

Sher Khan attempts to make Gabbar change his mind.

All he can do is wait and hope.

He waits patiently.

Waits very patiently and non violently, at various heights and locations.

Decides to compromise…

Decides that sharing is an option. (Cats are like that)


Sher Khan’s presence here makes Gabbar uncomfortable.

It makes somebody else uncomfortable too.

That’s why I say cats are misunderstood.

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20 thoughts on “Same old story and misunderstood cats.

  1. How lovely to see these wonderful pets 🙂 Glad to see them so happy and well fed in your house. Please do post about them quite often 🙂


  2. Beautiful!
    And the sixth pic is absolutely frameworthy. You are really amazing with the camera.
    That said Sher Khan should get a restraining order against those mynahs! A dude needs some peace and quiet for God’s sake! And Gabbar isn’t a pushover…he’s a gentleman! ;D


  3. Fantastic photography.

    Reminds me of the times when my wife is doing her meditation in our bedroom and I feel like catching a bit of TV.

    Yes, I’m the cat.


  4. Charming pictures!

    About a mile away from our place here in Fremont, there is an open park where dog owners meet at 10 am on all Saturdays. They linger, meet other dog owners, exchange stories and experiences with their pets, and also unleash their pets and watch them as they frolic all over the place. They spend a few minutes here before coaxing their pets back, putting them back on a leash and resuming their walks. At least two dozen dogs can be seen at one time, chasing each other, barking gleefully, playing with toys, jumping in and out of the water in a nearby pond, ignoring their masters call to refrain and generally having a good time with their own species. I see a wide variety of breeds and sizes. I often go there and sit on a bench and allow some of these lovable creatures to come to me, sniff me, wag their tails and scamper off. If I am lucky, I get a friendly lick on my face.

    I have more doggie friends here than humans.

    Your Gabbar Singh looks innocent!
    Sher Khan l am sure would have found a way to ease him out and occupy that seat himself.
    The myna appears to be saying “Mai na boloonga”



  5. Im mortally scared of all cats & dogs. Cats because their eyes creep me out.. Dogs because being a Muslim I was taught not to go near them! But your pix are tooo good. It makes a grt story even without captions


    • OH no, But I wish one day You go pet a dog or cat, the most wonderful creatures on earth 🙂 A dog’s love is so unconditional, one should simply not miss experiencing it once in their life time!! 🙂


  6. You put up pics of the babiessssssssssss!! 😀 😀 Yayy!!

    Wanna hug ’em both!! 🙂 Although Sher Khan looks like he could definitely use some exercise and lose some pounds! 🙄

    Poor Gabbar…. he never stood a chance did he? 😀


  7. awww…that was lovely set of pictures of the friends!!!
    I once had my pup severely jealous of my old cat, since I was making her sleep on my lap.
    He dint give up till I let go of the cat and made him sleep on my lap (for a lab pup, he was too huge for my lap though 😉 )…
    I miss them both now….Its such a joy to have furry friends around us…


  8. I love love this post!!! Its beautiful how a cat and dog(s) can live in perfect harmony ❤
    lots of love to Sher Khan, Proton (gabbar?) and Miss Mutt.
    Hope i got their names right


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