What do Mynas have in common with Moral Police ;)

Mynas eagerly watch what other people are doing in their own homes and lives.
What do Mynas have in common with Moral Police?

They restlessly hop from one foot to another.

Their self-righteous eyes seeking something offensive.

Mynas, backyard birds, urban birds, Autumn in Delhi/NCR, November

Unlike other birds, who are busy minding their own business,

The Mynas have little interest in enjoying the November sun shine…

These changing colours don’t seem to interest them.

But they find the time, perch and camouflage to look for sights that might hurt their sentiments.

Now, do you find this sight offensive?

Don’t you think he is the one who should be offended?

Note: No offence is intended to Mynas. I understand that Mynas safety and existence depends upon remaining alert to real (unlike MP) or imagined (like Moral Police) dangers.
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12 thoughts on “What do Mynas have in common with Moral Police ;)

  1. Oh come, surely, everyone can see that that cat is being extremely provocative and is taking advantage of all the freedoms IHM gives her. How can you sit in public view with your head turned like that?

    We really are turning into a rootless culture. 🙂


  2. Nice Pictures particularly that of Sher Khan basking the November Sun.
    The cats here in California are bigger, and fatter and more spoilt than even Sher Khan
    One of them (looking like a princess) befriended me on my walks recently and came up to me and rubbed itself against my leg.
    I bent down to stroke its fur. It simply loved it and started following me.
    I sat on a nearby garden bench and it jumped on to my lap and I continued petting it for the next few minutes and finally wanted to be on my way but it wouldn’t allow me and wanted non stop petting and stroking of its fur.
    I somehow tore myself away and was rewarded with a nice deep scratch on leg that bled a little.
    While on my afternoon walks, I am on the look out for that cat and plan to avoid it.
    No mynas here, but plenty of sparrows and geese in the nearby river creek and lakes around our house.
    I wish I could include a picture right here but here is a link

    I meet these birds often on my long walks in the afternoon which is the only time I can go out in this winter.



  3. Well of course that sight is provocative! How can he show off his awesome beauty in public so shamelesly eh?! And he has no right to be offended. As far as we (moral police) are concerned, shameless people have no privacy you see?
    I’ve missed your picture posts…awesome pics as always. 🙂


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