Rape victim has attendance problem hence resorting to drama to gain sympathy.

It’s the same story each time.

The Kolkata police refused to believe that rape was possible inside a car [Link]. The Gurgaon pub attendant was reported to have walked willingly to the rapists’ car [Link] Noida rape vicitm was accused of drinking Vodka [Link] And now Bangalore rape victim is being accused of resorting to drama to gain sympathy.

Why doesn’t the police investigate instead of judging?

Do you think rape victims can’t sense this? Do you think they find this attitude of the police reassuring?

But once the mikes are switched off and pens sheathed, the officers and administrators launch into a barrage of innuendos and insinuations against the victim.

Here’s what The Times of India gleaned from top officers and administrators:

“She was rusticated last year by her university due to shortage of attendance. This year, too, she has an attendance problem. She is resorting to this drama to gain the varsity authorities’ sympathy,” the source added.

However, TOI’s inquiries with NLSIU sources revealed that the girl has not had any attendance problems till date. [Link]

Some more allegations:

1. The girl and her male companion “became friend … through a social networking site two weeks ago. They had met on Saturday and had gone out for the first time” [Link]

If they suspect the male companion was responsible, are they investigating that angle?

2. Her clothes were in tatters, but no physical injuries were evident on her…. [Link]

Medical report?

3. …the forested area has been closed for vehicles at night. They say that the duo might have sneaked in. [Link]

Now, is that relevant?

4. …the girl bore no injury or struggle marks during the medical examination. [Link]

(But they are still waiting for the medical report)

And finally if you can’t prove there was no rape, try to prove the victim was responsible for the assault.

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There are some inconsistencies in what this rape victim is alleging.

“The rape victim had gone there willingly. She was not lured into it. They drank vodka.”

“Girls should be married at 16, so that they don’t need to go elsewhere for their sexual needs. This way rapes will not occur.”

Gurgaon pub attendant gang rape victim: Went willingly? Refused medical test?


29 thoughts on “Rape victim has attendance problem hence resorting to drama to gain sympathy.

  1. It seems, when rape victims attempts to report rape, the police sees them as guilty of trying to gain something out of false rape allegations, (and other benefits unimaginable to most people).

    But basically, I think, guilty of causing the Police inconvenience.

    Once the rape is proven, the police seems to get to work to look for evidence to show how the victim was responsible for the rape.


  2. BANGALORE: Saturday night’s gang rape of an NLSIU student on the Jnanabharathi campus was waiting to happen. Only on September 27, unidentified men robbed an autorickshaw driver and his wife of their valuables on the campus. The miscreants tried to molest the woman but she escaped by biting the hand of one of the men. [ http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bangalore/Badlands-of-Bangalore-University/articleshow/16816873.cms ]


  3. All these Police uncles remind me of Manthara, who was Kaikeyi’s maid and who had nothing better than whispering nonsense in her ear. Somehow, that trait has been passed through generations and multiplied. And somehow, all the Mantharas have been hired by the police force.
    The police in India is very smart. They keep harrasing the victim till either she comsumes poison or runs away in shame. Then they sit on their chair, take off their shoes, put their feet on the table and drink tea. No more work. Case solved.


  4. With the ever increasing number of rapes in the country, There should be some special all women-police stations set up all over the country, where a victim could go and report cases, without the fear of being judged. Hell, the govt should give them some commission for every rape FIR filed, only then will they actually make those reports. Today, half of the times they even refuse to file a FIR. 😦


    • i don’t know if this would work either .. call me cynical but women police especially the older ones are quite terrible. I’ve gone to a women only police station in chennai and the foul language and the mistrust and the “we suffered so why are you complaining – it’s your turn” attitutde , the judgemental comments. oh trust me, the one time i went there with someone it was quite pathetic.


    • You know, I’ll let this be. I’ll won’t take umbrage at your suggestion that the victim has concocted the story and attempt to answer as coolly as I can. You are presuming that she has to be physically abused. Can not she have merely been scared for her life by the eight men?

      The courts have held in Prasanta Kumar Sahoo v. State of Orissa that the absence of external injury is not an indication that rape did not take place. Please note that this too was a gang rape case so even the law doesn’t make the needless conclusion you are.


  5. Victim blaming seems to be pretty much instinctive in the Indian police psyche. Makes their work easier I s’pose, by shifting the blame and claiming no personal responsibility for it or the investigation.
    I agree with Ms. Dureja’s suggestion of having all-women cell for rape victims, but I think that solves only a part of the problem. Even all-women police cells are still a part of the Indian police system and this victim blaming society. And contrary to popular wisdom, women are as competitive as men and do not have any inherent solitarity towards other women. They don’t *necessarily* under other women’s pain. Human nature 101.
    So, unless we have codified laws and rape and consent are defined in clear, unambiguous terms – victim blaming will always be a part of this rape culture. Even women police personell will fall into the trap of victim blaming, especially if they believe in the inherent immorality of pre-marital sex or if the victim is physically attractive (evoking their intrinsic jealousy).


    • // Even women police personell will fall into the trap of victim blaming, especially if they believe in the inherent immorality of pre-marital sex or if the victim is physically attractive (evoking their intrinsic jealousy). //

      Just yesterday, I had this hour long debate with this police duo, a woman in her thirties and a slightly younger guy. This is a pair who are routinely stationed outside my place as part of the TN chief minister’s 24hr security. The policewoman defended a gang of guys who attacked a couple making out at the beach last week, repeatedly cursing the girl for what she was wearing (//not wearing). She was easily more vehement with her victim blaming than the guy.

      The debate threw up many more scary confirmation of police stereotypes, the fodder for another blog article, but even I’ve grown tired of my own anti police rants.


    • Women can get jealous/competitive/evil – There is no point denying that and there is an inherent need to alter the law dealing with rapes. But, I am not very hopeful of anything happening on that front soon.


  6. Well, the khaps are one step ahead of the police. Now they are blaming chowmein and other fast foods for rapes. Chowmein -> hormonal imbalances -> uncontrollable sexual urges -> rape.


  7. Right. Attendance. These victims ‘motives’ are getting weirder and weirder. I guess she wasn’t wearing a short skirt or drinking alcohol so the police had to get creative.

    By the way, the khaps seem to have finally found the reason for rapes. It turns out that it’s ‘chowmein’ in particular. We were all going down the wrong track talking about the rape culture and all.. it’s chinese food that’s causing all the rapes! http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Haryana-khap-blames-consumption-of-chowmein-for-rapes/articleshow/16829882.cms

    Blessed be the khaps and their wisdom for showing us the way!


  8. It’s the same story every single time, isn’t it? Find ways of discrediting the victim, find ways of putting the blame on her, question if the crime even happened. What about the rapists, ‘there must be some reason why they were ‘forced’ to do it’, if at all they did anything wrong!


  9. esasiet way to solve crime is to make sure there is no Injured party.. if you cant find a person who has had a crime committed against then NO crime is committed .. So this works perfect for the law MEN..
    and as the above comment God bless the khap people and the police .. ONE day all this new will finish as there will be Nothing to report .. hence our nation will be CRIME FREE zone..

    We shud actually ask the police to READ what is written in the OATH they take during the Passing out parades.. maybe they will have some iota of shame .. which i am doubtful ..

    maybe time has come to bring on a revolution …


  10. No wonder not many rapes/abuses/assaults gets reported; the fear of being judged and blamed means the incident gets shoved under the carpet. And where the cases get reported the girl is subjected to so much mental and psychological trauma that a forced truce enters the picture or worse still she quits !


  11. In the last 3 days, our public leaders and officials are climbing over each other to say,
    Rape because women not getting married off by 16
    Rape because 90% women go willingly with men
    Rape because of chow mein
    Rape because media glorifies rape
    Rape because of attendance problem

    No leader or official has bothered to say
    Rape because of rapists

    However, I’m optimistic that with so many people making such obviously stupid statements about rape, the public outrage and backlash will turn the tide against victim blaming at least a little.


  12. I am writing here because I find this as an appropriate platform to show my anger towards current state of events regarding Bangalore gang rape case. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bangalore/Students-rape-Cops-sit-on-plaint-shoot-victim/articleshow/16830326.cms In this article, the attitude of everyone including police officials and reporters is to bash the victim. All they are doing is giving an impression that she deserved it . Why? Because she has a boy friend. What kind of immoral woman she is? Secondly police official saying girl had no physical injuries. Oh that means the victim should have suffered more. How the hell did she get away with physical abuse. Does definition of rape includes injuries? Refer IPC Sir.
    This wasn’t enough for Times of India , they go on to the extent of digging dirt on her academically. Because she was immoral (had a boyfriend) and had attendance issues in college (as TOI claims). Although victim’s college refutes any such claims.
    What good piece of journalism this is. They don’t have any credible source of information but yet they are doing their best by digging dirt on victim.
    TOI also claims some sources saying “It doesn’t seem to be a gang rape”. Hello how many times have you been gang raped to make such observation.
    This is the society in which we live. You are a rape victim , you suffered, but hello you need to suffer more because you stood up. This sort of journalism will make sure that victim cannot have a life post this trauma.
    Because of this kind of treatment of every rape case, many go unreported. Its high time and we all should take a stand and say ENOUGH.


  13. I am an alumnus of the institute the girl was studying in and stay in touch with ongoings at my alma mater. I am not necessarily making a point here. I just want to record what happened in alumni circles, student circles, college administration etc. who dealt with this incident, in what I feel, in a reasonably mature manner. Of course there may have been lapses by various people on why this happened in the first place. NLS and Bangalore University have adjacent campuses, and it is a generally forested area. As soon as the faculty received news that one of the students was in trouble outside campus, they went out, first looking for her, then when she had been found, some faculty members warden providing her support and solace another couple of faculty members quickly getting into action with the police procedures. We, the alumni heard this on the night before it hit the papers, and the mailing groups were alive. Not with details of “who was raped” nor “what was she doing there/why was she with some strange guy?”. In fact not a single person sought out the identity of the victim, and no one said anything that in any way suggested the victim was culpable. This was a stark contrast to my family, who got to know the next morning when it was in the papers, and immediately went “why did she have to put herself in risk in this manner?” (a) expressing shock at the incident (b) disgust with the perpetrators (c) inquiring about what action is being taken (d) inquiring whether the girl has access to counselling and emotional support (e) offering help (f) suggesting we request the college that the victim not face any academic disability because of this, and any course requirements as she cannot fulfill be condoned. Then by morning when we started seeing the shoddy reporting. I would like to itemize the egregious errors of the media but I think an senior of mine, an expert on media laws to boot, has done it better than I ever will at http://amicuscurious.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/facepalm/ The next subject that gained currency on the alumni networks was to sensitize the students. Now, being a university of only a few hundred students, we are a close knit unit and some of the more socially active people among us know every single student personally, and with the details given in the newspapers thus far, the “victim’s identity has been compromised as far as the present student body is concerned” to quote a alumnus who is also serving as faculty there right now. We were afraid that media would be hounding the students for soundbytes and get them to say something that might hurt the privacy of the victim or something that might end up as sleaze for the media. This was quickly conveyed to the student association office bearers who quickly managed to send a strong message to the whole student body to not talk irresponsibly to the media. This was not on threat of punishment but an appeal to their conscience, and so far it seems to have held. The alumnii, who had initially taken a belligerent attitude with the administration, quickly softened up. Our past experience, when a fellow student was murdered in the neighborhood of the college 2007, was of a intransigent, unresponsive college administration. It appears they too had learnt since then and had changed around. Shocked as I was about the whole incident, it was a small relief to know that at least the NLSIU community as a whole is supportive.

    In agreement with your point about what this culture of victim blaming does I would like to narrate this incident. In 2008, I had occasion to be part of the legal team in the prosecution of a serial rapist. In custody, he claimed, no bragged, that he had raped over 30 women in the span of a few months (while he was in between two spells of imprisonment) some of whom he had murdered. We scanned all the complaints filed in the surrounding districts. We could find only 8 complaints of which 3 were also murders. The rest, I shudder to think were probably scared off from reporting it by the thought of having to face the blame in addition to the trauma.


  14. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/National-Law-School-student-raped-on-Bangalore-University-campus/articleshow/16814554.cms

    It felt weird when I read the comment section of the article. When some guy refuted the article, people responded with plecatives like “…hope your sister gets raped”. Apparently, even among those who condemn this incident, the same collective honour mentality exists. Hindu Laws of Hammurabi. Brother’s fault, sister is the saguli (sacrificial lamb). Why sister? Because she is her brother’s property?


    • Also I don’t think many people realize that men can be raped too…not just women…so in their tit for tat mentality the only way a man can ‘experience’ a rape is through his sister or mother or some female. Yeah, those comments were disturbing, I don’t know why anyone would wish that upon anyone.


  15. Police in India are the biggest jackasses around. They don’t see things with an unbiased nature. If a rape/assault gets reported they are supposed to listen to the girl first rather than have an opinion about a woman’s clothes, drinking habits etc.,


  16. Rapists arrested: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bangalore/Bangalore-law-students-rape-case-Why-did-two-rapists-return-to-crime-spot/articleshow/16909547.cms?intenttarget=no //On Saturday, police announced the arrest of six of the eight culprits in the alleged gang rape of a 21-year-old undergraduate student of NLSIU in the Bangalore University campus on October 16. Even as the announcement was flashing on TV screens, the two remaining gangsters turned up in the evening at the spot in Jnanabharathi campus where they had committed a crime only a week before.//


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