This has to be the Guwahati molester Amar Jyoti Kalita’s favourite song!

But before sharing Amar Jyoti Kalita’s favorite song, let me share two responses to that song.


I smoke, I drink,
I’m in a live-in relationship
I also have a full-time job
and a viable college degree
… oh and a personality
Is that a violation of your
“westernisation of modern culture”
whatever that means!
Hip hop music
pimped out floozies
ripped-up blue jeans
tank-topped groupies
And you sing about
MY fucked up roots
Thats so ironic
you messed up Chooths

(Speaking Tamil…)
If we smoke
its abistu abacharam (bhramin tamil for bad and inappropriate)
If you smoke
its ‘thaliavar kalaacharam’ (Thalaivar Kalaacharam = Rajini Khant Culture)
If we step into clubs
It looks dirty to you
So you go to clubs
and want to see men?
women who get high/drunk in clubs
are better off than men like YOU

So bugger off
with your arrogant talk
atleast I didnt drink and beat people up
Or feel women up
or fight with a cop
Or burp in your face
I mean seriously
thats pissing off
or rape or pillage
or strip a women
and steal away her dignity
You talk of customs
of society
you mean infanticide
dowry and sati
culture doesn’t
promote inequality
its about words
clothes and sobriety
why does it matter
what language I speak
As long as my message
is clear and complete

My mother tongue is Malayalam

(speaking in Malayalam…)
Would you understand
if I speak to you in Malayalam?!!

So come on my women
Stick with me
Help me fight this
lyrical travesty
this chump seems to have
a marble up his arse
coz after 10 months
some chick gave him a pass

For your moonji (literally – Face)
knowing you 10 months
itself is too long

Even if women are
high/drunk in clubs
behind them follow
slobbering men

Ladies – Vannakaam/Namaasthe

Aadhi – Shut your Arse

And another one,



All the links shared by Mary who wrote,


I came across this video today… Its a ‘rap’ song in Tamil [link].

Here is a rough translation.

Its very scary that this ‘rap song’ seems to have been performed in public (Link) and nobody thinks its offensive!! If this mood builds up, we’re looking at another Guwahati mob attack waiting to happen.

When did good music and catchy tunes come down to chauvinistic and pathetic attempts at rhymes???
Well… I think I did vent a bit. Do take the time to look at the them.

Oh and yes please add my name, I want it on record somewhere! that I spoke up!!!



And now for the song that the likes of Amar Jyoti Kalita seem to live by – ‘Club Le Mabbu Le’

A rough translation:

Women who roam in clubs
What is happening in this place of pure Tamil?
Ladies, I salute you all
Ladies, Its very shameful


You dance while you are drunk

The time of walking gracefully is gone
They blow out the smoke
They left out wearing expensive silk saris
They wear handkerchief
They wear handkerchief

Women who roam in clubs
What is happening in this place of pure Tamil?
Ladies, I salute you all
Ladies, Its very shameful

Read full lyrics at:

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28 thoughts on “This has to be the Guwahati molester Amar Jyoti Kalita’s favourite song!

  1. Awesome! I am big fan of Thanges (the first song above) ever since i bumped into her songs on youtube. This girl has been giving awesome musical replies to similar sexist songs.. Her reply to “Why this Kolaveri di” was viral on Youtube.
    Check her at:
    Just like all of you bloggers here are doing it with the might of pen, this girl has been doing the same with her music!
    Here in Chennai most people around me seem to annoyed at this Aadhi guy. Mostly the sentiment here is “what is his problem with what girls do”.


  2. Only relief is that it’s a predominantly male crowd, and that only a few of the women seemed to enjoy the song. I couldn’t understand why the first video singer had to apologise though.


  3. And, whoops-a-daisy, out pops another sorry-ass butthurt Culture Vulture.

    With that humongous sense of entitlement, I’d be astounded if he ever actually had a 10 month long relationship that wasn’t ‘arranged’ and artificially kept alive.

    I’m no fan of indiscriminate drinking or smoking myself, but I don’t consider it some kind of cultural issue, nor do I distinguish between male and female second-hand smoke. Gives you cancer either way.


      • Someone (preferably their parents) should tell them to not be such ninnies and expect women to do everything for them. If they want to uphold culture, let them start upholding it for a change. They are welcome to the silk saris and jewelry too.


      • Well, guess what’s new.

        Apparently, Aadhi has ‘reformed’ now, and the music video release features an actual disclaimer stating that the group doesn’t believe in those sentiments anymore and that they released the video purely because it was a popular song.

        He even claims he’s been promoting Thanges’ reply to his number himself.

        Go figure.


        • Er, cynicallyengineered, lets be a little less cynical today :-). It seems to me that Aadhi’s original video was laced with sarcasm. Did all of us just miss it? Perhaps you are unaware of the stereotype of the hero [Ramarajan, for the Thamizh movie scene impaired] who sings such songs. This guy Aadhi goes by the name HipHop Tamizhan, for God’s sake – if he subscribed to any of those ideas and stereotypes he sang about, you would imagine he would be wearing yellow shawls and singing in Pushpavanam/Chinnaponnu/Paravai [Google them] style folk.

          Next, I can’t believe his group ever (even when the lyrics were written) strongly supported the ideas behind those lyrics – its just a popular meme out here in Madras that people make fun of. And popular memes are fertile grounds for song lyrics. People parody/tease Thamizh girls for their lack of culture. And people parody these culture vultures; it’s all been getting even for some time now. I would imagine that the idea of “reform” is a spin by that news article.

          I don’t usually follow these “youth” culture trends here but this guys now has a new fan in me.

          Mostly because he promoted Thange’s awesome video (the second one) like I expected. In addition, he didn’t dismiss Sofia Ashrafs expletive filled retort outright either. He pointed out, and rightly so, that it was just too over the top but still didn’t seem to mind the criticism. [Sofia on the other hand comes out as childish when she refers to this kid as just a sell out. He seems to have tried some damage control by talking to her over phone.]

          So, to use the cliche that got perspectivesandprejudices
          worked up: It’s just a song, chill da!


  4. God when i listen to the guys song, I now realise it s so misogynist. They justify it by saying that they respect ” decent women” but not vamps. Again association of the western culture as evil and Indian culture as good. If it was so good, why do our women burn? our children die of malnutrition? Why do we have communal riots? corruption?

    Sadly, this attitude of cultural superiority is shared not only by men but also by woman. I knew few females with who went on and on about superior Tamil culture and how they do not roam in clubs/drink/smoke/have boyfriends and break up. Any person whom i presented as a deviant to her idea of ideal woman was met by ” oh they are not tamilian/not raised in tamil nadu” This is irrespective of the fact that they literally live in failed unsupported marriages or failed arranged marriage system.


    • Many years ago there was a full-on sentimental Bengali song lamenting that women no longer wear saris and our Bengali identity is thus lost. The male singer was of course dancing on the stage in T-shirts and torn jeans. But then again, culture must be preserved only by women, because we are show pieces who have no role other than to look pretty and modest with our solah shringar.


  5. Dear parents of Aadhi, please teach him better things to do in life. He seems to have lot of time on hand worrying about women wearing handkerchiefs (as if women do that, sick fellow) and going to clubs and smoke. Please teach your son to use his time productively. Women of this country are better off without his advice. Tell him that women signed any contract to uphold ‘culture’ (as per his song ‘Tamil Culture’). He wants women to wear silk saris but he wears t-shirt and jeans. How about singing in ‘sirtu’ and ‘veshti’ oil his hair, refrain from wearing t-shirt and jeans, stop smoking (if he smokes), stop going to clubs and uphold the culture himself? Atleast he will have something to do rather than sing songs that do no good to any one?


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  7. Of all the men I have seen or heard talking about ‘Indian Culture’ have been dressed in ‘western’ clothes , watching ‘western’ movies and listening to ‘western’ songs but it is okay for them because they are MEN. To impose the importance of Indian culture such people believe in the principle ‘do as I say not as I do’ so that they can get away with anything and everything while the women are left with the responsibility to uphold the ‘Indian Culture’ or else face the consequences by being beaten, stripped, molested and raped.


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