Family court matters taken away from Justice Bhakthavatsala

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HURAAH !! – #breakingnews FAMILY COURT MATTERS TAKEN AWAY FROM JUSTICE BHAKTAVASALA.-! impact–@meIHM @istand4haq @shehlarashid RT

Family court matters taken away from Justice Bhakthavatsala

Following an outrage over certain remarks made by a judge of Karnataka High Court on women in an open court, all family court matters, including child custody and guardianship, have been shifted from him and another judge.
The matters have been shifted to the court of justices K L Manjunath and V Suri Appa Rao from the court of Justice Bhakthavatsala and Justice B S Indrakala.

There was no other change in the subjects listed against the name of justices Bhakthavatsala and Indrakala. The changes will come into effect from September 10, official sources said.

The shifting of the matters comes in the wake of the outrage expressed by women lawyers and activists to certain oral remarks made by Bhakthavatsala in an open court.

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Family court matters taken away from Justice Bhakthavatsala #Justice #Victory – kractivist


31 thoughts on “Family court matters taken away from Justice Bhakthavatsala

  1. While it is a step in the right direction, I hope Justice Bhaktavatsala is removed from ALL judging duties as he has shown that he cannot keep personal bias outside of his judging.

    And do we really need a judge who thinks so lowly about 50% of the population? His idea that women should bear suffering can infringe other areas too, like property matters and other criminal matters where he will think it is ok to shortchange a woman.


  2. I hope he is removed promptly. I’m so happy to see some type of action taken. His comments were totally outrageous and ignorant. How did he become a judge with that level of intelligence?


  3. Though it is a small victory, let us celebrate it. This proves things can change and our protests have power, if it is at the right place at the right time.
    Impeachment of a HC Judge is not that easy. Let us keep up the pressure on him and similar Judges so that their comments and Judgements become more and more gender sensitive.


    • That was my first reaction , If one idiot is punished in time and stopped for spreading his stupidity . Others will learn to keep their mouth shut . Its same if one criminal ( mostly in rape cases or DV cases ) are let free , others will get encouragement to do criminal act as they know they will not be hurt.

      Law and punishment , if enforced properly will reduce crime drastically , as people tend to do things they know will bear them no harsh aftereffects.


      • They will learn to keep their mouths shut, sure… but chances are very good that they will still continue to think like him, and continue to not render justice to women! Unfortunately. 😦


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  5. Great news! I hope they remove him. One news like this makes your day. I only hope they do not transfer him to another state like they usually do for such cases!


  6. That’s great news. It’s a tiny victory, there’s a long way to go still, but a victory nonetheless. But as a commentator earlier mentioned, the only real solution to this is impeachment.


  7. How is that going to help ?

    There will be other MEN who think the same way, if the next judge does the same then, and now the new judge knows this might happen so he won’t make a comment in public, but will have it in his heart and mind when giving the judgement..

    I am baffled.. especially at the celebration, this is not a win , win will be changing the mindset… How they think ,.


    • Actually that thought crossed my mind too – this is not an example to other fools like him, other than to ensure that they keep their mouths shut. It’s not going to ensure justice for other battered women from judges like him… 😦


  8. It is high time that the Family Court judges are made accountable for what they utter during the proceedings. Being a victim of domestic violence myself I was shocked at having to undergo not just the trauma of reliving every possible instance of physical and mental cruelty but convince a judge that it was detrimental to my well being to continue in the marriage while the judge seemed to be convinced otherwise (read pro-family). It is simply pathetic and appalling to watch women undergoing domestic abuse in the marriage and then undergoing abuse once again in the hands of the family court judges during the divorce proceedings. About time things changed.


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