When parents own their children, and men own their women.

Even if the parents disapproved, what could they possibly hope to achieve by getting their son in law killed? (if they are responsible, as alleged by Paras’s family and if they are not, then the question applies to thousands of other such cases, reported or not reported.)

The general thinking in India is that ‘children’ mind for a while but they eventually ‘adjust’.

Body of 23 year old Paras Bhasin found hacked into more than 10 pieces

Body of Paras Bhasin, 23, a final-year BBA student, was found hacked into more than 10 pieces, within a kilometer of the railway tracks in east Delhi.

The police first refused to register a case, insisting Bhasin had committed suicide.  Paras’s family alleges that his in laws are responsible for his death, because they were against his marriage to their daughter.

His wife’s family claims they had no idea their daughter had married Paras.

LInks: Read more here, and here.
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This couple was also allegedly prevented from choosing their own partners. If what has been alleged is true, why did the man think of killing the woman he could not marry?

Jilted lover goes on shooting spree in Delhi; kills 5, self

New Delhi: An enraged youth went on a shooting spree on Monday gunning down five persons, including his lover, before killing himself as she was married off to someone else.

25-year-old Ravi first killed his lover Renu, her husband Navin and their landlady Sheila (53) in south-west Delhi’s Bindapur. He then travelled more than 40 km to Ghaziabad to eliminate the girl’s father Harender and sister Baby to avenge his loss.

Ravi, who was continuing his relationship even after Renu’s marriage, was unhappy over her family not allowing him to marry her, a senior police official said.

Ravi then drove to Bhojpur in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad where Renu’s family stay. He entered the house and pumped bullets into Harender (Sheila’s father) and Baby killing them on the spot, the official said.

The youth then shot himself dead after being surrounded by villagers.

There is no mention of how the police official learnt that ‘he was continuing his relationship even after Renu’s marriage’, since the husband, wife and the murderer are all dead.


8 thoughts on “When parents own their children, and men own their women.

  1. And when an entire family/community owns the women of all ages.
    Stabbed for standing up for his daughter

    //Karim’s life took a turn for the worse when he discovered that his daughter, a minor, was pregnant. His assistant allegedly had raped his daughter while she was alone in the house.

    While the family rallied behind their daughter and helped her deliver the baby, Karim, much to his disbelief, was asked by his community members to marry off his daughter to his assistant.

    A shaken Karim showed remarkable grit in standing up to his community’s diktats with regard to his daughter, which only resulted in further isolation for his family. Even his daughter was asked to stop attending school, as she was pregnant out of wedlock.

    …Shunned by his own community for refusing to marry off his 13-year-old daughter to the man who raped her, Syed Karim got to know the extent of his community’s hostility towards him when he was stabbed on Sunday.

    Karim,54, a resident of Ramachandrapura, was attacked by six men on Sunday evening in front of his house while he was returning from work.//

    Read more here, http://www.dnaindia.com/bangalore/report_stabbed-for-standing-up-for-his-daughter_1736445


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