The coroner concluded that she was ‘sexually active’.

And here’s another reason why all Indian men and women need to hear and understand that Indian women have the right to choose when they have sex and with whom.

//If a body has evidence of rape or even sexual intercourse just before death, the information is of paramount importance in the investigation of the case and would, therefore, find a mention in the post-mortem report. There is no such mention in the post-mortem report. Yet, the coroner concluded that she was ‘sexually active’.

It is a malicious term in the case of an unmarried woman and is used with a purpose. There has never been a post-mortem report that said about an unmarried man that he had been ‘sexually active’. So why should the terminology be used only against unmarried women?

Is it because a qualified gynaecologist can make out whether a woman is sexually active? The fact is there is no way in which a doctor can arrive at the conclusion, unless the woman in question had delivered a baby or had evidence of sexual contact with a man just before death. The absence of hymen is now more natural than unnatural in these days when girls increasingly use bicycles for commuting or exercise, or wear intrusive tampons.//

Please read more at ‘The dead deserve dignity‘.

Link shared by Anita Rao.

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The watchman in a Wadala housing society entered an apartment using a stolen key, he claims he only wanted to rape the young law graduate, but when she fought back, he  slit her throat.

He obviously realizes rape is excusable in Indian society, robbery or murder are not.

Take a look at these comments below the news article.

kumar_obsi  – If she had only latched the door from inside she could have saved herself.

Leo – Then how will her live-in partner enter the flat in the morning daily???

They obviously believe that she was wrong to have a live-in partner.

A screen shot.

From here: Wadala watchman wanted to rape, not murder, Pallavi Purkayastha

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8 thoughts on “The coroner concluded that she was ‘sexually active’.

  1. You are, as always, 100% correct. There is no way to say for sure that a woman is (or isn’t) sexually active by examining her genitals. The exception would be in a few situations if the activity was extremely recent (in the last day or so, tops) or if she is a mother since evidence of childbirth is sometimes visible and mothers can be assumed to have had sex, atleast once)


  2. Ridiculous. What is it to anyone what she did as long as she was not forced. This is just judging and then claiming she deserved it. Lame.

    Again all this is just an attempt to control sexuality and gain control of all people


  3. First of all, I’ve stopped looking at the comments section of Times of India or Rediff etc…it seems to be a gathering place for some of the vilest groups of people in our country. Looking at the comments section does not serve any useful purpose except to increase my blood pressure and create a sense of utter despair regarding the sexism and misogyny rampant even in the “educated” section of our country.

    The entire question of whether Geetika was sexually active or not is irrelevant. The only way it might be relevant in a coroner’s report is if it is an indication of sexual assault. Otherwise the question of whether she was sexually active or not is nobody’s business. Is there any fool proof method to determine whether a person is sexually active or not? What exactly does sexually active mean? Was she having sex once a day, once a week, once a month? Do our nation’s finest understand that sex and rape are two entirely different things and that only one of them is a crime? I hope this case does not get mishandled and corrupted the way Aarushi’s case got mishandled.

    Looks like Ruchika Girhotra will not get justice either


  4. There was a similar case in the past, that dissolved in the water, after the coroner’s report came out that Scarlett Keeling, consumed cocaine and was ‘habitual to sex’. Also, rather than pursuing the case with professionalism, the Goa police tried to pass the buck on the mother, claiming she was an ‘irresponsible mother’ (which is not a legitimate excuse for not registering a case, EVEN if the mother is irresponsible).
    Even if my house is robbed after my door is open, I deserve to have an FIR and a proper investigation. But that is probably a far call for a country where even a massacre of ethnic/religious minorities isn’t much of a big deal.


  5. From Baramula, my village! So proud of them! Just what was left! Then again, not surprising. Kashmir is much worse than other states as far as respecting females is concerned.
    People there think it completely okay to control women- they do it daily.


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