The ‘Legitimate Rape’ song. Love this!

The ‘Legitimate Rape’ song. Love this!

Here is a lesson that so many Indians are trying so hard to teach Indian women and to all those who respect them.

This is exactly what Guwahati’s Amar Jyoti Kalita and gang; Karnataka’s Sri Ram Sene, Pramila Nesargi, C Manjula, Pramod Muthalik, Patil and Nirmala Venkatesh; Delhi’s Guptajee; Gurgaon’s P C Meena; Andhra’s Reddy; MP’s Kailash Vijayvargiya; and women’s neighbor’s third cousins’s uncles and aunties have been trying to say to Indian women.

Please listen and share.

Lyrics: (With links to show how the lyrics are relevant to Indian women, click if you disagree.)

How can you tell if it’s legitimate rape?
I’ll tell you how to spot legitimate rape.
You’re not sure if you got legitimate raped?
Well here’s a little lesson for you.

Tell me if the following things are true:

1. I was a little drunk
Illegitimate rape! [linklink]

2. I knew the rapist well
Illegitimate rape! [link]

3. My skirt was kinda short
Illegitimate rape![link]

4. I’m married to the man
That’s a husband’s privilege! [Five rapists in Patna want to marry the girl they gang-raped.]

How can you tell if it’s legitimate rape?
I’ll tell you how to spot legitimate rape.
You’re not sure if you got legitimate raped?
Well here’s a little lesson for you.
Tell me if the following things are true:

5. I let him take me out.
illegitimate rape! [Link]

6. I said I was 18.
illegitimate rape! [It’s child abuse, not an ‘affair’Eleven year old sexual abuse victim thrown out of school for being a bad influence on other students]

7. He didn’t have consent.
I’m sure your eyes were saying yes. [Rapist said that coming from Afghanistan meant he didn’t understand what ‘consent’ was./The rapists often don’t see their actions as crimes…]

8. I’m pregnant from the rape.
Clearly not legitimate! [If she was born somewhere else.]

So now we all know what’s legitimate rape.
We all know who to trust to tell us what’s rape.
Republicans who’ve never experienced rape.
They’re the ones I want to decide
That I should keep the baby growing inside.
Because abortion’s always wrong.
Glad things are so black and white.

(She stops abruptly, looks annoyed, then raises a single eyebrow.)

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20 thoughts on “The ‘Legitimate Rape’ song. Love this!

  1. “Legitimate” rape?? 

    Hey-  It’s the same thing that Ryan has proposed, time and time again,

    with his “forcible” rape legislation. And now, he and Romney are trying to run from it.

    If the Republicans win, the rich will rape this COUNTRY….”legitimately”.

    If the Republicans win, the rich will abort Medicare .

    If the Republicans win, the rich will abort Social Security,

    If the Republicans win, the rich will lower their own taxes EVEN MORE,
    and screw the rest of us.

    Cause Lyin’ Ryan and More-mon-ey Romney
    are the Conservative Caviar Candidates. 

    They’re the DREAM team for the super-rich. 

    And apparently they don’t have enough in this great country
      – they want it ALL!  o

    But Romney-Rya are the NIGHTMARE team for seniors, the middle-class ,

    for women’s rights,  for students receiving Pell grants,

    and for all the rest of us who are struggling 

    …..while the big corporations send jobs and profits overseas, 

    and the super-rich like Romney avoid paying their fair share. 

    Romney-Ryan have billions from their buddies for non-stop ads.

    They can fool some of the people some of the time.

    But no more. Cause we’re ON to you guys!  And we vote.


  2. The only part I don’t agree with is “I said I was 18” (unless, of course, she looks obviously younger) A 16, 17, or even 15 year old girl could possibly pass off as 18 years old – and if she claims to be 18 and has consensual sex with someone, I think it’s unfair to blame the other person for rape.

    Interestingly the age of consent in India under the IPC is 16 years, but in the new Protection of Children from Sexual Offences bill 2011, the age has been raised to 18. This can be a dangerous tool in the hands of moral police, and may be misused against teenagers who consensually have sex. Under this Act, two 17 year olds’ who have sex might statutorily be ‘raping’ each other!


  3. “This can be a dangerous tool in the hands of moral police, and may be misused against teenagers who consensually have sex. Under this Act, two 17 year olds’ who have sex might statutorily be ‘raping’ each other!”
    Completely agreed. I find the whole ‘age of concept’ and statuatory unnatural and arbitary Cases involving rape and consent should be based on an individual basis, using some well defined and codified basis for sexual consent, emotional maturity and other aspects of sexual behaviour.
    On that note, “I was a little drunk” can also be part of a false rape/harassment/molestation allegation, by women who otherwise consented but suffered from ‘buyer’s guilt’ later. A lot of women (and men) use alcohol as a social lubricant and as a de-inhibitor for sexual situations. Unless rape is properly defined, with valid forensic/legal parameters to judge rape from ‘buyer’s guilt’ such changes of mind on women’s part would be ethically unfair on men.
    A woman’s mere statement, unless it can be backed by evidences and sound legal principles, should by no means be a ground for conviction or court settlements. (It can however, be used as a ground for creating a case, but on the ‘presumption of innocence unless proven guilty’ principle).


  4. You know what’s sad, men can be raped too. If we take those same comments and apply them to men, then the politicians would change their stance. Of course, women know better. We’re not running around acting like our momma’s never taught us any manners. Yes, women rape too but you don’t see them on the news acting like they had no idea what they were doing or that the boy was too scantily clad and they couldn’t resist. I like a nice chest and biceps on a man but just because he took his shirt off doesn’t mean he was “asking for it.” Otherwise I don’t think John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor or Channing Tatum would have lasted this long. 😛


    • What about all those teachers?I think the teachers call it love? Society calls it illegitimate rape? Wasn’t there an Indian one in newyork?I wonder what excuse she used?


      • Yes, there are cases where adult women have sexual relationships with younger boys and call it ‘love’.

        Society has a tendency to not view it as rape, and some even think the boy was lucky to have had sexual opportunities with older women at such a young age. I think there have been some cases in USA where the woman in question did have to suffer some repercussions, but not as serious as it would have been if the sexes were reversed.

        I haven’t heard of any cases in India, though.


    • People do what they can to defend themselves when they are caught out. Very few criminals blame themselves from their crimes. There are murderers and rapists and child molesters and all sorts of criminals in the penal system today, who will refuse point-blank to accept any responsibility at all for their crimes, even if they accept that they have actually committed them. They will but the blame on society, on their parents, on the government, on inequality, on the ‘system’, on the victim and everything else under the sun. But they will not blame themselves.

      I’ve met female criminals who attempt to shift responsibility to the victims in precisely the same manner as male criminals do. He was unfaithful, she reneged on our promises, he deserved it, she provoked me, he did X, she made me do Y, yadda yadda.

      In my opinion, the only reason that you don’t see women on the news claiming that they committed rape because their victim was scantily clad is that they don’t think it would be a credible excuse. Child Molesters don’t use the ‘scantily clad’ excuse either, because it would simply not be believable and/or sympathy-inducing to most people.

      The fact that men can get on the news and brazenly claim that they committed rape because they were provoked by the victim’s dress merely points to the sheer stupidity of the excuses this society is willing to accept, when they come from a man. Boys will be boys.


    • Celestialrays,

      Not an expert on rapelaw in India, but I do have a general idea, which I’ll attempt to pass on.

      In India, rape is defined under Section 375 of the IPC.

      Paraphrasing that section, a man is said to have committed rape when he has penile-vaginal intercourse with a woman (who is not his wife) either without her consent or when consent is obtained via direct threat, a threat of harming someone dear to her or by impersonating her legally wedded husband.

      As far as consent goes, in Indian law, it is defined as “an act of reason, accompanied with deliberation, the mind weighing, as in a balance, the good and evil on each side”.
      In other words, consent is valid only if the prosecutrix (alleged victim) had all her mental faculties intact (i.e, was not intoxicated, for example), and had an active will in the mind to carry out the act that was complained of. Non-consent is gathered on a case-by-case basis from the circumstances surrounding the act, and also on the basis of various precedents.

      In practice, non-consent may be presumed from the mere statement of the prosecutrix, under the idea that in Indian society, it would be unusual for a woman to make a false implication and risk facing a traumatic trial, as well as social consequences

      Consent under duress, threat to life, while intoxicated/asleep/unsound of mind (even if the intoxication was voluntary) or while under the age of consent is not considered valid.

      A point worth noting is that a woman cannot withdraw consent once she has given it; that is, if she consented to a sexual act, and then asked the defendant to stop once the act was already being carried out, her partner would have no legal obligation to do so, and such a woman would have no legal remedy under Indian law.

      A woman cannot be charged with rape under any circumstances; the law defines it as a crime that a man commits, a woman being the victim.

      Marital rape is specifically exempted from prosecution under Section 375.

      Section 376 lays down punishment for rape.
      A rape conviction carries a sentence from seven years up to life imprisonment.

      Under aggravated circumstances (in case of the convicted person being in a position of authority over the victim as defined by law, in case of gang rape, in case of the victim being pregnant at the time of the criminal act, or in case of the victim being under twelve years of age), the punishment is a minimum of ten years of rigorous imprisonment, and can be up to life.

      Hope that answers it.


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