Did the posters threatening acid attacks on women wearing jeans surprise you?

Didn’t we see it coming? What have we not done to encourage attacks of all kinds on Indian women ?

We have taken very lightly (repeatedly) what should have been dealt with firmly – disrespect for equal citizens Constitutional Rights.

When equal citizens attempted to protest peacefully (slut walk) – we actually stopped them because the protests displeased those who had no respect for the constitution.

Those who should have been supporting the victims, continue to do everything to silence them with shame and blame.

This is how Rape Culture  thinks (Shared by Sharmila)

Posters threaten acid attack on women wearing jeans in Ranchi

RANCHI: Posters put by an outfit in the Jharkhand capital have threatened acid attacks on girls and women who wear jeans or do not wear a dupatta. The police said it could be a case of mischief.
The handwritten posters, put up by Jharkhand Mukti Sangh at several points in the city, including St. Xavier’s College and Albert Ekka roundabout, read: “From 20/8/2012 (Aug 20), jeans have been banned for girls. Any girl will be found wearing jeans and moving without dupatta will be attacked with acid.”

[Link shared by Deepa Duraisamy )

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57 thoughts on “Did the posters threatening acid attacks on women wearing jeans surprise you?

  1. 😦 Oh My God!
    As if the endless tortures a woman faces in her day to day life , weren’t enough.

    Why don’t they make a law or something, declaring women as the underprivileged, who cannot even fight for their fundamental rights.Make rape, acid attacks, molestation, dowry, honor killings ,legal. As it is, no one can do anything in this country to stop all this.

    Today, reading this, I have lost all faith in India.


  2. Why on earth do they hate women so much? I really wonder sometimes? Are women another specie? Are they afraid of the feelings that arise in them on seeing women? Do they fail to get sex from any woman? Have they failed to receive love from any woman? Did their mothers treat them really bad? Did their daughters never kissed them and called them abba? Why so much hate for women?


  3. This doesn’t surprise me at all, although it pains me every time I see something like this. What these people need more than anything is a lesson on “minding one’s own business”.

    I bet the fools who actually put up the posters and carry out these attacks don’t even realize that they are being used as pawns by the heads of these organizations to further their own ambitions. I’m also willing to bet that the heads of these organizations don’t care two hoots about women wearing jeans or dupattas or sarees. I just wish these idiots realized that before carrying out acid attacks on innocent women and scarring them for life.


    • Exactly. These are basically goons who are hired to carry out attacks for money. Mangalore moral policemen were actually hired goons which also extracted money for land sharks and did other money collecting activities for politicians. They really do not care what the women are wearing. Its a business basically.
      I read yesterday that Pramod Mutalik is now thinking of reviving his party (which carried out the 2009 Mangalore attacks) in Goa. It is the perfect place for him to collect pots of money by terrifying local pubs and discs and beating up women on beaches.


  4. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Police are calling this as an act of mischief. Maybe this particular instance is just an act of mischief, maybe it’s not. However, the fact that such a horrendous threat has been made should be grounds for strict and immediate action against JMS. As long as we do not have a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of violence against women, such instances will only become more and more frequent. If police do not take any action against JMS, tomorrow five more groups will come up with similar slogans, ten more the day after that.
    Also, the pictures of victims of acid attacks should be displayed on billboards so that
    1. the public understands how horrible the consequences of acid attacks actually are
    2. consequently the public also understands the demonic nature of misogynistic groups like JMS if it can actually make such horrid threats
    Warning : Extremely violent and gory pictures of acid attack victims


    • Read the link. Too shocked to say anything.

      It’s getting nastier with time what is happening in society. How the hell dare someone put such a poster? Aren’t we taking something extremely serious extremely lightly?


        • Because only criminals usually post such posters 🙂 …and they look for easily identifiable, soft targets like women… You are right, at the very least, it’ll create an environment of insecurity and fear for women living there (which is pretty much what the group is going for). This is just another way the culture vultures subjugate women. As Haresh mentioned, this is something very serious that we are taking very lightly. Out of the different inhumane ways in which women are attacked, acid attacks are pretty much at the top of the list. The question is how do we go about making the government take this seriously?


        • I think these women and their families will be terrorized by these threats. What horrifies me is that the police calling this as a mischief instead of a “threat to commit a hate crime” or “domestic terrorism”.

          Mischief is putting shaving cream or toothpaste on someone’s face while they are sleeping, putting up posters saying acid will be thrown on a particular segment of the population is an act of domestic terrorism. Can you imagine the reaction, if instead of women the poster had said that acid will be thrown on hindus, muslims or christians, everyone would have been up in arms by now.

          Women and children will always be the vulnerable class, that anyone can step on, anyone can oppress without even the slightest fear or opposition.


  5. Mery Kom – has to wear shorts. Saina and Sania have to wear short skirts. Sudha Singh has to wear shorts and vests. So do many other tremendous women athelets who are out there busting their ass to win a medal for this country. I wonder if these despicable ass*oles would like to throw acid on them too.


  6. These “outfits” and “sanghs” and “senes” should be officially recognized for what they are, and treated accordingly: Domestic terrorist organizations.

    first offense, slap them with a heavy fine, and blacklist.
    second offense, chemical castration for a period
    third offense, arrest them under POTA act and put them to work in “rigorous” imprisonment for a year.
    fourth offense, physical castration



    • I agree with you on the heavy fine, blacklist and imprisonment part, but you have to realize that organizations are like medusa’s head. You take one down another one with the different name, but same goals pops out. There will be no end unless we find a way to cut off the fuel that supplies energy to these outfits, the under educated and underemployed foot soldiers. There will be no leader without followers and no outfit without leader and followers.


      • We need to make a stand. The government has to make a stand, and say that it will not tolerate terrorism towards an entire gender. The NCW etc should start standing up for whom the represent – Women – instead of finding excuses for the offenders.

        The panacea is to remove the goondagiri from Politics, yes, but how?


  7. The answer to the question is No. With the way things have been going, it won’t be much time until the number 4 becomes a 2 or a 1. Worst place to be a female. Where neither individuals nor the government wants us. The individuals will continue to be barbarians and the government will continue to watch the show twiddling their thumbs. Is there a way we can change the government with our votes? What if all women were to not vote for the current party? But then who do we vote for? Everyone, every party seems to be the same. Packed with misogynists of every scale. Every time something of this sort happens I remember the movie Matrubhoomi. God forbid we get to that state someday. When will things improve? Sigh.


  8. I know what kind of people come up with such things… People like my mother in law.

    I have a story to support this – we were watching a movie where the hero rescues a girl from some goons who’ve teased her. After the fight, when the girl thanks the hero, he says well they were after you because of the way youve dressed and that she should cover herself up. As soon as I heard that, I said the movie was DISGUSTING. My mother in law heard it, I guess she was pretty pissed off with me for saying it, and said “well, it’s parents’ responsibility to teach girls how to dress.”

    So yeah, in her own words, it’s messed up people like her who raise their sons like street dogs (yes, only street dogs do that) who mess India up


    • if only provocatively(?) dressed wemen are to blame then why 2—10 years old girl and 70 years old ladies are being raped?Do they bdress or behave provocatively?There is an old saying in Bengali–“KHALER KOKHONO CHALER ABHAB HOI NA(a bad man is never short of lame excuses).


  9. OMG! It would be an understatement to say I’m shocked. How dare someone put a public display of such a kind. Are we slowly turning the arabic nations way? Why? And why the hell can’t police take it seriously. It is violation of basic human right, right there, infront of everybody, in broad daylight. Why don’t we see protests and dharnas to get those “michevious” ass*oles treated the way they deserve. I’m all for acid spray free with jeans campaign. Karate, taekwondo and other classes should be made free for women. And we need a revolution here, from all the women. Please get up, speakup, standup and fight for your rights. I couldn’t care less about the women’s commission seeing the kind of response Ms. Manjula has given on the Mangalore attack. Who is she to say girls can’t party? Who is she to say what kind of dress girls should wear. What if tomorrow someone says that a girl provoked him to rape her just by showing her face?


  10. This is appalling! India is getting as bad as nations like Saudi Arabia in terms of restrictions placed on women. Next thing we’ll hear is that women shouldn’t be allowed to work or drive. It may sound like I’m exaggerating or catastrophising but I fear this is where things are headed if this current situation is not nipped in the bud!


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  12. this is so insane. people have lost their sanity… its very easy to say that if women are dressed provocatively, they will be attacked, raped, thrown acid at… does these so called guardians of customs and civilization that such heinous acts will come to an end if all women start wearing burkhas.. ????
    i dare to raise this questions and i know for certain that the answer will be a big NO. because then they will find some other excuse to vent their dirty acts…


  13. This is scary. I cannot find the words to express how scary this actually is, but it is scary, that THEY seem to be winning. The people who think like this are in the majority. And the people who think like us are just marginal.


  14. I know tit for tat is not the way, but my first gut reaction is —

    Put up posters anonymously from some mahila shakti sena ..saying any male not dressed in Dhothi will have acid dumped on them….

    I’m not advocating violence but a bunch of such posters right next to the one about women and jeans should send some kind of message atleast into those not too thick headed ones…
    should also warm ma and baap that their ladla beta will be dealt with firmly if they don’t inculcate bharatiya kalachar andrespect for dhotis ….especially while going to college.


    • //I’m not advocating violence but a bunch of such posters right next to the one about women and jeans should send some kind of message atleast into those not too thick headed ones…// I had the same thought!


      • I made an effort to finish thinking my evil thoughts before I commented, and here you wiser ones are echoing my (suppressed) sentiments exactly! I feel vindicated 😀


  15. I also wonder how they would feel if we posted a signs saying any man caught staring lewdly or making indecent comments to females will have acid thrown on them.


  16. It’s something scary & ridiculous too. Who the hell are they to tell anyone what to wear & what not? These vigilantes aren’t God who have control remotes to channel our life the way they want. The more pathetic thing is that our elder Indian cultured people have been showing no arrogance to it. Whenever there would be any instance which strikes off their head they come out on roads & split the surroundings, but when anything as disgusting as hell is going throughout them, they have folded their hands. Moreover, girls of that state must come up with courage & rib that posture off the wall which restricts their freedom. Until we would think that these men are powerful & we may not do anything alone & keep seeking their support for everything, nothing would change.


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  18. is this really going to happen.i mean acid attack……..are ranchites are gone mad……….ever 3rd women wears jeans in ranchi,.i guess its just a kind of rumors …………..


    • if they want women not to wear jeans………then every single guy start wearing kurta pyjama or dhoti……….then we girls will stop wearing jeans………….


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  20. Just talked to a girl from Ranchi. People are taking this seriously, and some girls have started wearing Indian traditional clothes. 😦


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