Five rapists in Patna want to marry gangrape victim.

They rape a class mate, they also make an MMS of their act. Then, when they are arrested and interrogated, they are so ashamed that all five of them offer to marry the girl they raped.

Most Indian rapists don’t expect the crime to be reported or taken seriously (or else they won’t dare make videos of their own crimes). They are also used to the society acting like their lawyers – shaming, blaming and silencing the victims. So these arrests must have come as a shock to them. They seem to believe the offer would make them seem suitably ashamed? What kind of life-partners do these five rapists think they would make for any woman?

Police said that a month after the incident, the accused had visited a cybercafé near their school to get a CD made of the clippings so they could allegedly blackmail the victim in the future.

What do you think do these young Indian men think marriage is? What makes them have that idea of marriage?

Rapists in Patna want to marry gangrape victim

Patna, Aug 1: Five persons accused of gang raping a girl in Patna’s Rajvanshi Nagar have told police that they were ashamed of their act and want to marry the victim…

Patna police says,  all of them now want to marry the minor schoolgirl.

“During interrogation, they felt ashamed of their act and repented before they were produced in court,” a police officer said.

Does the police seem sympathetic to the rapists? Why was marrying the victim seen as an option?

Rachna on Naari blog (in Hindi) asks,

It’s disgusting that a rapist thinks marrying him would be an honorable option for the rape victim.

So, who needs to look honorable in the society? And who is seen as capable of providing that dignity?

One of the rapists was the victim’s boy friend, what do you think must be the mental state of the teenager after a betrayal like this?

Read more about these five rapists here.

Bhagwad Jal Park suggested that apart from maximum jail terms, the rapists/molesters should also be made to pay a significant amount of monetary compensation to the victim.

“When offenders are normally punished, the woman doesn’t benefit in any way. And the offender knows this. So it’s still a net loss for the victim, regardless of punishment. The purpose has been served. She was “taught a lesson”. But imagine if the victim were to benefit from the offender? Then he would think ten times before carrying out his plan. Because far from “teaching her a lesson”, he knows he will have to suffer to directly benefit her! No longer can he just assault her and have no more connection to the woman, leaving her with the shame and horror of what happened. Instead, his hard earned money will be transferred to her regularly.”  [Molestation Cases – Make the Offender Pay the Victim]

Don’t you think instead of letting rapists suggest getting married to the victim, they should have to not just go to the jail but also pay compensation to the victim?


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  1. IHM
    its so disgusting to even think that a girl is raped by 5 and all 5 now are keen to give her an life of honor and dignity . I just felt like going and slapping each of them one by one because they should be publicly spanked and if it was in my hand i would just hang them by rope into a acid tank and slowly bring their body down into the tank and make them feel the pain and hurt every minute and i would want the process to last for at least 3 days and filmed and circulated in every pub and bar and every news channel

    And some one commented on my post that we should think practically and support such weddings because mahirishi dayanad said that the one who rapes becomes the husband

    sometime i wonder what these saints and rishis thought about woman

    and if anyone wants to acuse me of being violent they are more than welcome to do so


    • right- so if a married woman is raped, then who is her husband? how ridiculous is this?my blood is boiling reading this-how can we as a society stoop so low to say its alright for a rapist to marry the victim? disgusting!


    • //because mahirishi dayanad said that the one who rapes becomes the husband
      OMG! Someone actually said that? So basically, I go on a walk, find a girl attractive, rape her and ta da! we have to get married now!

      The guys are offering to marry the girl because they are scared shitless because they might have to spend their life in jail. The fact that we are even allowing them to contemplate such an act says a lot about how we treat our victims. What will the girl go through when she comes to know that she has to marry her rapist? Hell, has anyone even asked her?
      They should be punished and the first punishment should be to pull out their tongue so that they are unable to tell us about their take at remorse.


    • I am really curious to know why there is 3 thumbs down
      Those who did it can they please give a reason for the same , tell me what they found so annoying in here


    • absolutely right….this izzz nothing but ridiculous……but anothr thng we hav to learn here from this shameless event done by accused…..parents should contrl his/her child that teenager boy/girl making love instead of studying….so this is the main reason that a teenage boy/girl of non-guidance of parents becomes a ‘VICTIM’ & ACCUSED’ In a shameless activity…


    • You guys have made such nice comments that I don’t have anything else to say. I COMPLETELY Agree with you, Rachna to what you have said. In fact I do feel these are some PRACTICAL punishments that should be given to these scumbags. I believe even the capital punishment is not sufficient to these kind of heinous crime and no punishment in the existing law can match to the agony, sufferings and the humiliation that the poor girl went through. I strongly support you on these points:
      ” hang them by rope into a acid tank and slowly bring their body down into the tank and make them feel the pain and hurt every minute and i would want the process to last for at least 3 days and filmed and circulated in every pub and and bar and every news channel bar and every news channel ” ,L.COMPLETELpOPRACTICAL


    • I blame cinemas and media for all this kind of incidents which are encouraging anti-indian traditions by depicting them as posh, latest trends and comedy. Our ancestors hid (I would say never practised) sexual and brutal acts from kids because they anticipated these kind of incidents. Kids blindly follow their parents and neighbours; some of the modern parents lack ethics, they must learn from elders. It is every parent’s responsibility to educate their children. My appeal to every one who is reading my post: PLEASE respect indian traditions infront of kids.

      And please never leave your kids alone; if you do that to your kid in early stages, bonding between parents and kids will break; when they grew up they definitely will feel you as hectic and useless burden and send you to oldage homes. Who loves to die as an orphan, having blood relations?


  2. i don’t think i am in the right position to say anything.. but this is seriously disgusting. how would the girl feel. she got raped, “it ruined her life” and those whom committed the act wants to marry her. are they trying to make her suffer more, reminding her constantly of what they did or are they trying to prove that she could still get married after she was rape? they need to know that rape is a serious crime that cannot be let off or equivalent to marriage. What do they treat marriage for? it just simply sending the wrong messages out, it doesn’t mean that he is married therefore he won’t rape anymore. i wanted to say castrate them but yes make them pay max. fine which would be given to the victim and lock them up in prison for max jail term, they are too dangerous for the streets.


    • “offering to marry” the victim only makes sense in a certain context, and I find it tells us a lot, not only about these five men, but also about the culture they grew up in.

      Some people consider women to be something close to property. In particular, female sexuality is considered to be “owned”, not by the woman herself, but instead by her parents, and later her husband. Especially her “virginity” is considered an object of value, one that she must preserve and keep, so that it can be handed over to her husband in good condition after she marries.

      In such a setting, rape is seen almost as a kind of theft. Not from the woman, but from her owner: her parents. By raping her, they are stealing an object of value: her sexuality and virginity. Since she no longer possess this “object”, her value as a bride is low.

      Notice how the feeling of the woman herself does not count. Marrying her, offcourse does nothing to heal her scars, instead it’s an insult to her. But it “fixes” the problem of her now being undesirable as a bride because of her lacking virginity. And if she is considered as property, this is the problem that counts.

      The blame lies, ofcourse, with the perpetrators. But everyone who in any way supports this system should take a long hard look at their own values, and consider if this is *really* the kind of thing they want to support.

      Everyone who considers a woman with a sexual past to be less valuable, is guilty of supporting this culture. Everyone who considers a woman who have been raped in any sense “spoiled” or less desirable as a wife, is guilty. Everyone who thinks a woman is obligated to “preserve” her virginity for her future husband, is guilty.

      A womans sexuality is her own. She herself decides. Her value as a human being, and as a potential future wife, does not depend on things which are outside her influence. If someone rapes her, this reflects *horribly* on the perpetrators, who should go to prison for many years, but it says *nothing* at all about her, she is exactly as valuable as she was before the rape.


  3. as regards compensation its not going to work because legally these guys own nothing , they are useless people , even their parents hardly have any connection with them
    jhas sisters refused to talk to him and the younger one could not even understand what her brother had done

    what compensation can we talk from a person who earns nothing , owns nothing and we cannot punish his siblings and parents for his doings

    in case where the rapists are from higher strata of society if compensation will be the clause then
    they will be disowned by their own set of parents to avoid

    better option should be to punish them and punish them as an example that sets the fear in for future among general public


    • But they could be made to work in jail and that salary sent to the vic? So then it would actually make the rapist repent his act.


        • Agreed ! they are not earning now ! they will start that later …. incase they are out of jail…They should keep paying the state a certain % of their salary…. While to compensate the girl the state should be paying the girl an amt and later take that out from the Rapist. (Imagine a sub heading of deduction in payslips reagarding the same…. and it should be huge so that it pinches.


    • I agree Rachnaji. However, in a society like India, the stigma that the victim endures is far greater than any legal punishment that the perpatrators undergo.

      Hopefully, the fear of monetary compensation will ensure that parents of teenaged boys caution their sons about the monetary consequences of rape.

      I firmly believe that when it comes to sexual crimes, a fear-based approach works better than a shame-based approach.

      Financial penalites will force society to put its money where its mouth is.


  4. i don’t think i am in a right position to comment.. but this is seriously utterly disgusting. what are they trying to show by marrying her after committing such acts? it definitely isn’t out of guilt, they are not only making marriage sound like a joke but also making rape seem like a casual crime. if a rape victim marries the rapist she would be constantly reminded of his acts on her, won’t her life be more miserable or are they trying to prove that she could still be able to get married after being rape? this is totally shameless, forget the “honorable act” it is sick that someone who is a rapist actually has such thinking. rape is a serious crime and it does not mean that “he is married therefore he would not go around to continue raping” or “rapist can get away by marrying the victim” it is just sending out many wrong messages out. i wanted to say just castrate them, lock them away into some rehab center for rapist or forever in jail. they are too dangerous for the streets, max. jail term or fine doesn’t mean they won’t strike again when they have the chance.


  5. Shameful !

    This very attitude proves that it is difficult for rape victims to find “ideal grooms” in India…the typical attitude, “she was raped, who will marry her now?”
    It makes me sick..

    Why does the society treat rape victims like that? Why do families disown them?
    Nobody cares about how she was tortured mentally and physically, how she was abused, she was gang-raped for God’s sake? All the society, the family, and everyone is worried about is.. who will marry her??


    It is the attitude of the people, in general, that makes a rape victim, “a victim of society’s torture” for her life..As long as she is alive, she is forced to face these shitty illogical mindsets that say no nice family would allow her as a wife or DIL.. even the rapists themselves are coming up with this.. as if she would be indebted or obliged.. as if no one else would ever marry her, let us make her life easier by offering a chance to her.. a chance to have a husband..
    This is unbelievable..

    As far as this case is concerned, I’m sorry to say this, more than the five rapists, the people in our society, who say, “she was raped.. now who will marry her? Her life is ruined because she will not be able to find a man to marry her” are responsible ! Had this not been the attitude, they would have never come up with such ridiculously, incredibly, hopelessly sick statements !


  6. “What do you think do these young Indian men think marriage is? What makes them have that idea of marriage?”

    I think in this case they think marriage is a “get out of jail free card”. It’s pointless getting into the heads of these kinds of people. What is needed is harsh punishments and strict law enforcement.
    I don’t believe paying money to the victim is a good idea unless monetary compensation is paid to victims of all violent crimes. Just for rape almost makes it sound like prostitution.


    • Absolutely! it is not that they repent for their act- they feel by marrying the victim, they can stay out of jail. Also, society will say, oh so nice of him- he was kind enough to marry the victim and giver her a life inspite of she being a rape victim-aka soiled goods. So, he is indeed a gentleman and she is lucky to have such a husband!
      IHM- i am too angry to even think coherently so pardon any typos


  7. The whole rapist-married-the-victim-as-punishment rigmarole literally hurts my senses. I feel nauseated every time this is portrayed like some kind of win-win situation, some kind of happy ending. If this is what you call repentance, what pray, is gloating?

    Note here that no one ever asked the victim herself what she thinks of it. It does not take a genius to realize that she might not be over the moon about the idea of marrying someone who assaulted her in so grievous a manner.

    The compensation idea may be a good one, but I’m not completely sure that it would work. Sure you’ll find the odd offender who thinks it’s worth going to jail for 10 years, just so he can teach someone a lesson. But having actually met convicted rapists, I’ve come to believe that the vast majority of them don’t think that way. They’re scared to go to jail, but they’re usually just counting on the idea that no one’s ever going to report it. Because most of them already know their victims, sometimes they don’t even realize what they’re doing is classed as rape or if they do, they don’t understand the enormity of the crime. Because sex in Indian culture is seen as something that men take and women give, a little bit of ‘coaxing’ and coercion is taken to be okay. Hey, that’s what movies show, right?
    This is one of the reasons that I don’t often mouth the notion that rape is never about sex. From what I’ve seen, it can very well be about sex. The motivations can, of course, be seen in a larger sociological perspective, but from the perpetrator’s POV, it’s not always about teaching a lesson or releasing anger.

    The punishments are stringent enough to create deterrence, but to be effective in that role, they must be backed up by adequate enforcement and redressal mechanisms. That aspect is missing, and that’s really what gives a lot of these people free reign to do what they do.


  8. In india there is word called “purak” and you will hear every one say “stri purush ek dusrae kae purak haen ” which when translated in english means ” man and woman complete each other

    This is the biggest mis norm
    because only husband and wife complete each other

    and because of this “purak ” theory indian man rape any woman as they feel that the woman is just a body to satisfy their lust

    high time the society starts changing this “purak ” theory and starts talking that only wife is your other half


    • I don’t think people really have to be completed by someone else. Marriage to me is not about completion, it’s all about companionship, it’s about being there for each other, it’s about sharing our lives in a ways we absolutely cannot with anyone else.

      Even before I married my wife I was already quite fulfilled. I had a successful career (successful, as defined by me, anyway), finances were all good, I had a small but close circle of friends, health was A-OK, and I was enjoying life. The marriage was what made it all better, it was what added color to a monochrome painting that was already pretty enough for me. I love, respect and admire her, but she is not, and will never be, my ‘purak’. We are both complete individuals in our own right. I think, if I were to ask her about this right now, she would have similar thoughts.


      • I run a hindi blog for the benefit of women empowerment of the woman who dont understand english and who are conditioned badly

        What i have said is based on my observation
        I myself believe in the same that you are saying but the general perception of “purak ” is harming the indian society


        • Understood.

          Glad we are in agreement.

          I think you’re doing a fantastic job by running your blog in Hindi. Too many of us (myself included) are better at expressing ourselves in English than the languages native to India. A Hindi language blog is sure to have a far greater appeal.


  9. What crap ! these 5 good for nothings have the audacity to suggest this and get away ! I second Rachna in her description of the treatment to be meted out to these sickos ! Better still make the criminals outcast- make them pariahs ; exclude them totally from the social fabric.But you know what the society by and large has to be blamed for this attitude- victimizing the girl further by taunting, jeering and slighting her. And suggestions of paying the rape victim off is pathetic – would it lessen the mental trauma that the girl has gone through or goes through.


    • Not paying off, the rapist still goes to jail. The money could help the victim get on with life, start a business, pay for her own medical expenses… A jail term alone is not enough for the rapists.


        • Will it be really effective- the combination of both ? Not in India. If that is the case, then I suggest paying the victims of all serious crimes. Why restrict it only to rape ? But again, where the perpetrators are not well-off to pay them how do we punish them ? The efficient way out is to make their lives a living hell, so that it puts fear in to future offenders.


        • They are certain things that need to be done immediately after a rape. In our society, the social stigma prevents women from reporting the crime. And we all know how bad the police behave even if a woman dares to report.In western countries, there is something called a “rape kit, in which the victim, after being examined medically for rape, is given a emergency contrceptive pill, an anti retroviral drug to prevent HIV infections. Now this drug has to be taken within 72 hours of the incident to have any effect.
          How sick can our society be that the victim is not even given access to basic medical aid, but before all that,the victim blaming starts?


  10. In India, the belief is that if a girl is raped, her body is tarnished for life. She is “impure” and thus not suitable for any man. Of course this heinous act does not tarnish the man. So if the rapist marries the girl, he is saving her from this disaster. Again it is the victim who is to be blamed and made to suffer all the way. Disgusting! Pathetic!


  11. We’ve already seen cases where a judge has let a rapist off because he married his victim. This blows my mind because marriage isn’t meant as a punishment for rape!

    Let them get married to her. I don’t care. But they must also serve the jail time they’ve earned as a result of their crime.


    • marrying the rapist is a punishment to the victim. First get raped by him, then marry him so that the rest of your life he can righteously rape you.


      • *shrugs* It’s her choice. She’s an adult. She can do what she wants including marrying whoever she wants. But the rapists must face punishment regardless of what happens.


        • she is not an adult
          she is minor and she has been gang raped , video of gang rape was circulated
          and marrying who ever she wants ???
          do you think she would be in mental state to even think of marriage ?
          what will be her mental state when she would be asked chose among these five who raped you , and the society will “force them to marry you ” although they are “willing to already ”

          so which one do you think she will chose , the one who was the first to rape her so he has the right to marry her or the one who made a mms when the first one was raping her or may be the last one should be her choice because after that they stopped raping here

          please always read the post in detail before you come up with a solution that its her choice as she is adult


    • Disgusting; the reason the rapist may have suggested marriage is to reduce jail term or out of pity or both. Is anyone listening to what the girl wants ? She might have been powerless to avoid rape but a lifelong togetherness with a person who has caused mental and physical havoc is something she can definitely do away with


  12. Somehow the thought of paying the woman cash as compensation seems worse than the act of rape itself. When she is raped, she is the victim. The moment she receives a monetary compensation for this, it is a classic case of adding insult to injury – how different is her position then from a prostitute?

    The punishment should involve something more severe. Unfortunately we do not believe in the kind of punishment meted out in some countries – the fellow should be castrated, his hands and feet should be chopped off, he should be left incapable of earning a living and he should have to live at the mercy of women who might have pity on him and feed him.


    • I’m at a loss to understand how forced compensation for severely damaging acts constitutes prostitution. A commercial sex worker charges clients for sexual services. The act is voluntary on both sides and the financial compensation for services rendered is negotiated in advance.
      The victim of a rape has her natural rights violated by the perpetrator. Why is she not entitled to monetary compensation for the trauma and damage that was caused to her? What is wrong with claiming such compensation?

      I have serious doubts about whether or not such a system would be effective in deterring rapists, but I don’t quite get why people are equating it to prostitution. After all, this kind of compensation is already standard practice in various civil suites.

      Coming to the part about the punishments, I think we do very well to retain a sane sense of perspective while handing out punishments. I’m sorry, but I’d be very uncomfortable with a legitimately elected government using the force of law to carry out ‘punishments’ which are arguably every bit as barbaric as the original crime itself. What justification could there be for such a course of action?

      Modern justice systems do not (and should not) work on retributive principles. Any punitive measures should be limited to creating adequate deterrence and absolutely nothing beyond that.


  13. Eeeesh! Just reading about this is disgusting. What would be even more disgusting is if the judge actually considered this degrading offer seriously. The fact that the rapists felt confident enough to make such an offer itself shows the pathetic status of women in our country. I really, really hope that this offer of marriage is treated as a confession of guilt and those guys get the harshest penalty.


  14. In most countries rape is considered an extremely serious crime on par with first degree murder. THe sentencing is equally stringent – decades in prison, life terms, or depending on violence involved, even death.

    India is the only country where criminals such as rapists get to commit the crime, and if by some miracle they are caught, they ALSO get to negotiate their ‘sentence’. “OOps I raped her…now let me get married and get legal access to rape her everyday and teach HER a lesson”. Now let me go puke my guts out.


  15. One of the linked articles say they were classmates, so were the 5 rapists minors too? None of the articles are comprehensive or well written. You’d think all 5 mug shots would be posted including their ages (that’s standard practice in international media).

    As for the marrying-victim situation, many Indian movies (including Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi) have shown just this. Girl gets raped. Brother/Father beat up rapist and force him to marry their sister/daughter. Eeeewww!


  16. IHM, I wonder if you or any readers here have been following this:

    It’s a forum thread where rapists have ‘come clean’ to explain their motivations- I guess for me the take-home messages from the discussion were
    1.While rape can be about control and power, it can sometimes be purely about sex.
    2. There is honestly no point in creating awareness amongst women about ‘preventing’ rape- ALL ‘preventiive’ efforts should SOLELY be directed towards men.


  17. I agree with most of your post, but I don’t know about the monetary compensation. First, I think convicted rapists should be prosecuted and sent to prison for two reasons. The first is public safety. A rapist should be separated from others who could be victimized. The second is punishment. I believe that a victim is entitled to restitution for medical expenses, lost time at work etc. But jail time is more important than that because no amount of money can make the victim whole again. Plus, we wouldn’t want to give the impression that it’s ok to rape someone as long as you can afford the penalty. It seems that these young men already think that it’s ok to rape someone as long as you offer to marry them later. I may have a different perspective on this because I have never lived in India.


    • I suggest maximum jail time and then monetary compensation both. Like we say the victim’s life is ‘ruined’ – so the one who ruined it must pay for whatever it cost her to live a normal life, if she wants to move to a new place, buy a new house, start a new enterprise – the basic amount could be fixed of course. The rapists in this case, could work in jail as suggested by another commenter, and in many other cases, their property confiscated. It’s the lack of consequences to the rapists that makes them so bold – Indian parents would raise their sons better if they know the son too would face consequences of sexually assaulting someone.


    • I think jail time+financial compensation would be ideal. As PT said above, most first-time offenders are terrified of imprisonment and prison can be an effective deterrant.

      BUT, India’s laws are mostly confined to legal textbooks. Our abysmal enforcement mechanisms mean that most crimes go unpunished.


  18. I suggest in case of rape with minor & gang rapes

    convicted guilty must be made impotent along with what you have suggested.

    Monetary fines don’t break the determination of any person. It just make them calculate their risk.


  19. Rape is a very big crime. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t seem to think so.

    Monetary or otherwise, the punishment has to be very severe to deter people from committing such crimes.


  20. Forgot to add…

    The very existence of the concept of the rapist offering to get married to the victim shows the pathetic attitude our society has towards rape, rapists and rape victims.


  21. all i can say is “yuck”. what gives the rapists the right to say i will marry her? marry the victim and never let her wounds heal, dont give her the chance to overcome the trauma cause you will anyway rape her whenever you feel like it because you are married to her! i think the best way to deal with rapists is to perform chemical castration. let them become unfit to “fulfill their needs” (sex is a men’s need right, women are only serving vessels. sic) let them suffer from trauma all their lives just as they have left an indelible mark on the girl’s psyche.


  22. who remember this sign from crockery stores from way back – “nice to see good to hold, if broken, consider sold”. That’s the attitude of a rapist.
    He should pay for it – monetarily, with his freedom, with his life if necessary. Getting married, so that his victim can wait on him hand and foot for the rest of her life along with the trauma of having to spend her life with the man who assaulted her is just the most disgusting notion ever.


    • This is off-topic KMKH, but thanks for reminding me of that sign; often scribbled with red ink on a dust-encrusted and awkwardly hung piece of cardboard. 🙂

      One doesn’t see it much anymore in china stores. 😦


  23. on a different note.. is not like all Bollywood or tollywood movies, where the hero is suggested to rape heroine( the girl he wants to love), so that she would accept him and marry him.. what is this logic.. you win over her body then u can take her heart or at any cost you have her marked for u.. ( like ppl trying to put their hanky on bis/train seat to say it is theirs.).. sad.. very sad..

    i like bhawad’s points.. but just hope that women dont make false accuse to get compensation..


    • “.. but just hope that women dont make false accuse to get compensation..”

      I get utterly bewildered by this line of thought. Say, someone suggests that a car-thief should monetarily compensate for the legal cost incurred by the car-owner, if convicted. I am sure no one will ever comment – “but just hope that car-owners dont make false accuse to get compensation..”. Everyone always sides with the story of the victim, except in the case of rape. As soon as a woman comes forward with rape, some one will comment on the lines of ‘what if she is lying’.

      Do you seriously think that with all the social stigma and ostracization attached with rape, there are women out there who plan on lying to get others punished or take some revenge?

      It is easy to exclaim that rape is heinous and rapist should be castrated. What’s hard is to investigate our own views about rape, and comments like these are telling. Trivializing rape by portraying it as a conning device is not right.


  24. The trend of offering to marry the rape victim has also been accepted by the courts in certain cases. So, to an extent it is also the judiciary’s fault. Plus, the offenders are under the influence of movies where it is shown the they can get away with the wrong they committed after they offer to marry the victim. In this case, the offender(s) felt guilty of what they did and offered to marry the victim. The police should tell them if you know you committed the wrong, go and plead guilty in the courtroom. The judiciary is there to provide solutions to the turmoil you created, you don’t need to offer any help in the form of solution (marriage). The solution is go to jail, serve your punishment, compensate the victim and by the time you are out, she will be happily settled.


    • I agree with most of what you said…except about the rapists feeling guilty. They were trying to make a CD of the pictures one month after the rape in order to blackmail the victim. That doesn’t sound like they were feeling guilty or anything. In fact, it sounds like they were planning to continue this outrage on the woman. They got caught. They are trying to escape punishment. That’s all this is. Any judiciary worth it’s salt should be able to see through their pathetic deception.


      • yes, I agree with you. What I meant was if at all they are feeling guilty, why to marry the girl. Go and plead guilty in the court. You will get the punishment for what you did. But, pleading guilty in the court seems to be a tough task, marrying the victim is an easy option. Society needs to understand that marriage doesn’t solve problems of victims or women in general. And as for these offender(s), I just hope the court grants them maximum punishment.


  25. Terrible state of affairs!!!! So the girl should feel that she is very ‘fortunate’ that the monsters who raped her are ready to marry her and ‘give her a new lease of life’. wah wah…very good!! So she gets raped, her fault there and they offer to marry her, this time her ‘good luck’!!!
    IHM, blame our movies partly for having strengthened such thoughts. I remember a Telugu movie in which the hero rapes the heroine when he is drunk and then both the families come up with the brilliant solution of getting the hero and heroine married. And the heroine’ father tells her “you are fortunate that the guy who spoilt your life is willing to give you a new lease of life”. Phew!!! So all this “izzat-should-be-intact” belief and “girls who get raped should be married off to the offender or offenders so that izzat of girl’s parents will be in tact” must have actually make the offenders think there is not big deal in raping girls. The matter will be hushed up the society, police and parents anyways. Disgusting!!!!!

    I hope the girl gathers strength to move on. Let her live with her head held high.


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  34. Nothing short of castration or a milder permanent sterilisation accompanied by impotency treatment would dissuade such beasts from such behaviour. Above all insensitive comments from politicians like Mulayam Singh Yadav & Azam Khan “boys will be boys” is emboldening such perversions.


    • Castration implies that the rapists lost control and couldn’t help themselves. That’s not true because 98% of rapes are planned, and the rapists know the victims. Many rapes are aimed at teaching a lesson to the victim, many rapists are in positions of power or have some power over the victim, many have a history of misogyny and aggression.


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