How did we make Indian criminals believe that they have 7 khoon maaf if they can claim to be teaching Indian women a lesson in Indian values?

In Mangalore, a gang of violent men broke into a resort at 6 30 pm, and violently assaulted 13 young people celebrating a birthday. They allowed their crime (the molesting, violence, beating and alleged robbery of wallets and cell phones) to be recorded by the media. [Link]

(News shared by Nish)

Is this bunch of men different from the men who kicked a girl out of a train, and the man who kicked his wife to death for giving birth to a second daughter? It seems they have claimed they belong to yet another Hindu Taliban group and were trying to save their culture. The armed robbers in my building also used a similar tactic.

What have we done to make Indian criminals believe that they have saat khoon maaf if they can claim to be teaching Indian women a lesson in Indian values?

So are all Indian criminals to be given the right to claim they sexually (or otherwise) assaulted women (and men) to save the Indian culture? And maybe, then go home and kick their pregnant wives because they they can’t bear to bring daughters in this horrible world where girls can become the cause of shame for their honorable families.

Why were these violent criminals not afraid of the law or of public outrage?

Because they are aware that a culture that hates and kills little girls and young women for convenience, honor, dowry, family values, neighbor’s opinion, tradition etc would buy any excuses they give for assaulting them. Because when we can’t kill, we can make sure the spirit is killed. Because fear and violence are a part of our culture. Because we believe life, feelings and rights of women don’t really matter.

Because somehow we are convinced that all this does not indicate a general hatred and disrespect for women.

Because we claim to feel insulted when we are compared to Taliban when India is the fourth worst place in the world to be women. Because we are so used to living with violence and crimes against women that we don’t even realise how misogynistic is a culture that allows all this to go on unabated.

Update: Mangalore attack: 8 held, cops say it wasn’t a rave party

‘Gopalkrishna said: “The entire state government machinery — right from the chief minister to the last police constable in the department — has taken the incident seriously. All accused in this case will be booked.”‘

I am glad to read this, but would it have been legal for a Taliban-like group to violently attack a rave party?

Don’t you think such groups/gangs should be banned?

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42 thoughts on “How did we make Indian criminals believe that they have 7 khoon maaf if they can claim to be teaching Indian women a lesson in Indian values?

  1. How on earth is committing such heinous crimes considered to be saving the culture? Is that what culture means to them? Scare tactics to keep people in line? It’s like cultural terrorism.


    • Believe it or not, there will be some who will support any means to save this culture. To take action, the police had to mention that it was not a rave party. Why didn’t they unequivocally condemn the attack?


      • “Saving the culture” is nothing but code words for “control”. Culture shouldn’t strictly defined as an “either/or”. People should be allowed to pick the parts they identify with, and leave the rest. My guess is that these people fear loss of control in masse.


        • American Woman, basically they want women to have no choices, because they are afraid that if women are allowed to choose who they marry, they would find nobody willing to marry them.


    • It’s not really about saving any culture. This sort of faux vigilantism is done merely to gain political mileage. This might surprise you, but a large number of the Indian middle class have not come to terms with how young men and women interact freely in modern society. So while they may not themselves take any aggressive steps, they will silently condone these violent acts as necessary steps to control what they see as a social decadence. It’s these people that the perpetrators are targeting, and more importantly their votes and support.


      • “This might surprise you, but a large number of the Indian middle class have not come to terms with how young men and women interact freely in modern society.”
        Exactly, Nish. It is a political demogogy to appeal to the social conservatives, pure and simple. It is for the same reason that unmarried couples can’t get a hotel room or a flat on rent in most parts of India (which I am sure has nothing to do with the receptionist’s percieved threat to his/her marriage market value).
        It isn’t as much an ‘attack on women’ as a desperate bid to appeal to the social conservatives, who unfortunately, make up the largest and most influental votebanks. The eight men in this party were equally targeted (they were stripped, which is a symbolic attack on the masculinity and dignity of the male victims).


  2. Patriarchal hate against young ppl of both sexes mingling together originates because it can prevent the inheritance of wealth to a Patriachy chosen spouse. Though such hate is prevalent throughout India, the main reason such things are recurring in Mangalore is the fact that Ruling Party is hand in glove with the attackers,


  3. I saw this report on a news channel.. It was shocking..
    I mean.. they took away gold chains, cash, and other goods.. a total of rupees 2,00,000 approximately..

    Even if we assume that it was a rave party, even if we assume that it was against the so-called Indian culture, how the hell could they get away with money..

    They were bloody criminals who robbed and molested girls.. It was just another birthday party for God’s sake.. And these aren’t groups trying to save culture, these are groups trying to steal money and molest young women in the name of saving culture..
    Well, the entire concept of saving culture seems absolutely ridiculous to me..
    What disheartens me is that the cops were trying to find out whether it was a rave party or not? I mean, logically, is it justified to let these criminals do whatever they wish to, even if you could call it a rave party? :O


  4. The saddest part, of course, that most of these guys would come up completely blank if they were asked to define the main elements of the culture they claim to be defending.

    Their ‘culture’ seems to be self-defined as a Taliban-like environment where women are little more than chattel to be herded by men. Since when did that become ‘Indian’ culture? WTF is “Indian culture” anyway? It’s incredible how the term has become like a catch-all phrase to describe a misogynistic, rigidly traditional society that a lot of these culture warriors aspire to.


  5. When it comes to young women, the whole world and its brother, father, uncle, nephew wants to be the one to ‘teach her a lesson’. When it come to drunken boys rampaging the streets and killing pregnant women, said brothers, fathers, uncles, nephews spare no effort or expense to ‘save’ them. we dont have a ‘culture’ – our ‘age old culture’ has rotted like an open sewer in Delhi’s 45 degree heat and is just as much of an eyesore that needs to be got rid off.


    • Yes, what is it about young women that provokes the world into action and reaction? On the one hand are these uncivilised Manglorean goons who want to ‘teach them a lesson’, on the other hand, the civilised society that balks at single women of a certain age, not to mention the politicians in that bastion of individual liberty- the USA, who want to control the contents of their wombs down to the last drop of menstrual blood- what is it about young women, just trying to make their place in the world, that society finds so threatening?


      • I never quite understood the anti-abortion politics of USA.
        As for India, it can get so frustrating to see this blatant misogyny and human rights violation everywhere.
        But then we have to start the change in our own individual spheres. Some of the ways to do this is –
        1. Make our young women (daughters, nieces, granddaughters) feel valued and respected. Teach them the importance of education and financial self-reliance. Teach them to always speak their mind and to not tolerate any kind of disrespect from anyone. Teach them to foster sisterhood and empathy for all womankind. Never treat daughters in an inferior manner just because she is a girl.
        2. Teach our sons the importance and significance of women in their lives and to practice courteousness in all interactions with women. Make them participate in household work (fetching a glass of water for guests, laying the table for dinner, buying groceries etc) in an age appropriate manner. Never let them get a feeling that household work is only meant for women or is demeaning or below their dignity. Teach them that all work has dignity.
        3. Set a good example by treating women and men as human beings first and foremost. Human beings with varying levels of strengths, weaknesses and individuality – who deserve respect, kindness and compassion.

        We can’t change the entire world, but we do have the power to change the current generation in our immediate environment. They will then carry the torch and propagate the changes in future generations.


    • Here’s quoting from the above link – this is what Chiranjeet, the actor-turned-politician had to say-

      “Such incidents are happening for ages. Girls also dress to draw attention of the men. Their skirt sizes are also getting shorter. Why is it happening? For the entertainment of men,” could be the gist of what he said in Bengali.
      (Ironically the girl who faced the harassment was wearing salwar kameez.)

      He went on to say that there would be no Ramayan without Ravana.

      “There is no cinema without a villain. There is no Ramayan without Ravan,” he said.

      The actor later apologized for his remarks and even went on to regret the moment when he mouthed those words.

      Meanwhile, the police arrested two youths for eve-teasing and assault of the girl’s father.


      • IHM here is The Hindu interview with the journalist who shot the crime

        Quoting him – “What we have shown is only some of the more decent shots. What we saw through own eyes and chose not to shoot, was nothing short of rape.”

        There were 70 attackers. Imagine – SEVENTY. THis organisation has also said it will continue to attack other business establishments – bars, discotheques and so on. ideally they should be disbanded and outlawed…but no such thing will happen. All the women’s commission can do is ‘seek report’.


        • So where were these culture police when Karnataka MLAs were caught watching porn in the Legislative Assembly? Oh, of course, they didn’t act because demeaning women is very much part of our Indian culture.


      • I am not surprised to hear such words from a movie actor. It is the movies that portray wearing short skirt, focusing on the cleavage etc for the entertainment.. Remember movies from 80s and 90s? No wonder 20 or 30 years later, now 50+ year olds are thinking like this!!


  6. Moral policing is molestation with a scoop of culture. They molested the girls and they are nowhere different from the men who molested the girl in Guwahati. And they will be out on bail after sometime.


  7. The nexus is chilling. The goons getting to ‘know’ of a party in progress. Then, rounding up a gang. THen the media jumping into the bandwagon. And all going together in a well-planned attack. If you do a profiling of these goons, they will most definitely have an affiliation towards a fringe political party. Quite naturally, they will be unemployed, no interest in education to speak of, but fed with money, entertainment and food by a local politician – the way one would raise a dog pack to go hunting. When the time comes for elections, it becomes a numbers game and these fringe parties can make the difference to the larger one – and voila – you have a goon as a minister mouthing his despicable ideas on women and culture in mainstream. They will be let out on bail in no time.

    The fact that this is not an isolated incident, but a regular manifestation at ALL levels is too disturbing. We read of so many reports of police ‘rescuing’ girls from pubs. Many a times the girls report having gone to the pub for a party, but then, the police round them up, branding them as prostitutes. It is a statistic for the police in charge – but for girls caught in this, it is a life destroyer. I was distraut when I read the account of a girl caught in such a ‘raid’. She was working in a pvt firm in Mumbai, comes from a middle-class family, was saving money for her higher studies abroad. She was with a group of other girls, it was someone’s treat. This group was branded as prostitutes, thrown into lockup with other real prostitutes. Since this happened around a long weekend, they were produced before a magistrate only after three days. More than the trauma of being in a lockup, the girl said she can now never apply for a visa because her background check will fail. Imagine writing on the visa application, the details of this ‘criminal history’ – that she was branded a prostitute and thrown in jail.

    What is even more chilling is that it can happen to any of us. Innumerable times I’ve been to resorts for some office-party or the other. Since we used to head out from office – there would be no kids to give it a ‘family’ hue. For all practical purposes – it ticks the boxes for being ‘against’ Indian culture – a group of young men and women, in a resort where alcohol is served, and where ‘western’ music is played (even if the said music was a million times more decent than vulgar bollywood ‘item’ songs). Worst of all, the women would be dressed ‘provocatively’ – jeans and kurtis, sleeveless salwaar kameezes – and would act ‘provocatively’ – speaking in english, singing english songs and laughing and chatting with men. I thank my stars I escaped being ‘caught’.

    It is times like this that I believe we’ve never been ready for democracy – our elections are meaningless because either way we shoot ourselves in the foot – you elect, you have to choose the lesser of the evils, you don’t elect, then also a criminal will come to power. Most don’t understand concept of fundamental rights – it is only about fundamental might. No where in the civilised world I have come across such pathetic journalistic ethics – where tv channels film and stream live violence against women – the only focus being TRPs. No where in the civilised world have I come across the executive, the judiciary and the legislature openly mouth hate speeches against women.


    • What makes it worse is that there is no public accountability for the police. A party member can be taken to court, but it is nearly impossible to successfully sue the police in India.

      Way back in 2002, I remember the Washington D.C MPD paying out $1 million to people who had been wrongfully arrested in the Pershing park protests in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights. I was just a kid back then, and didn’t even fully understand the implications of what was going on, but it taught me that people really did have inviolable freedoms that even the government couldn’t take away.

      What are the chances of something like that happening in India? None whatsoever.

      We live in a country which calls itself the biggest democracy in the world. We also live in a country which teaches us every single day that true freedom is a luxury that only the rich and powerful have. The Indian state doesn’t give a flying f*ck about protecting the freedoms its citizens have, mostly because most of its citizens are too busy worrying about where the next meal is going to come from. Until a critical mass of people actually get interested in protecting their own liberties, we’re just going to sink deeper and deeper into the unholy cesspool of law enforcement apathy and unbridled pseudo-anarchist lawlessness.


  8. They are allowed to believe that by letting them go scot free. No action taken. For all we know, these criminals will be booked, let off on bail and all will soon be forgotten, till the next time they indulge their base instincts.

    Why are the news reporters and owners of those channels not being arrested and their channels being shut down? Why did they go to film the perversities instead of informing the police? Whither journalism in this country?


  9. “Because they are aware that a culture that hates and kills little girls and young women for convenience, honor, dowry, family values, neighbor’s opinion, tradition etc would buy any excuses they give for assaulting them” – Exactly!!!

    Eve teasing is their time pass, molestation is their hobby and rape is their duty. And still they roam around freely, they know they politically powerful are the sons of India, and no law is sufficient enough to punish them.

    Surprisingly, even after being called the ‘Rape Capital’ of the world, India does not have adequate laws to deal with crimes against women. What a shame.


  10. I absolutely fail to understand what makes these people think our culture gives them the very right to do the outrageous stuff almost present everyday on the front page :X no awareness is changing what keeps happening. gurgoan,noida,guwahati.wasnt our culture all about respecting women. They worship lord shiva, why do they forget he respected his wife parvati and so did the other gods did( just an example sighting one of the religions) .If not for humanity I guess for the very own culture they brag about they should stop this. 😐


  11. The worst part is that, at the end of the footage, the large group of people collected outside -the ‘locals’ -defend the actions of the goons!
    The problem is that a large number of people who condemn the attack ALSO , simultaneously believe that those young people were ‘wrong’ to have a party that may have included booze and physical intimacy- a secret, tacit support for the ideology of the goons, but not their methods.


  12. I am so saddened to read this stuff that I regularly have to take short breaks from reading news. Especially news from India. Probably because it affects me all the more.
    I think one big question that needs to be asked is why do we, as older Indians, put so little faith in our young men? Why are men allowed to be these wimps that will get swayed by every other girl in a skirt and t-shirt? Why are our boys taught that they cannot hold it in public and must urinate against walls? Why can they not control their ‘urges’ when they see a girl dressed ‘provocatively’? I say ‘provocatively’ because everything becomes provocative after a point. Even an ankle. Or a toenail.
    I would rather take pride in my son/brother/husband/friend/randomguypersoninmylife that they are able to be decent human beings to women of all kinds. Regardless of the decency that the women show. That is what makes boys, men.


  13. They belong to no group, these days it has become easy for them to form some group , give it some name that gives it some credibility and carry out these activities. Most of the members are jobless goons who are always ready to beat up one or the other, they may belong to political parties but not any religious groups. Since I live in Karnataka, I am aware of many of these , there are several associations for movie stars too, full of goons 😦


  14. One of the political party worker in Karnataka does a lot of ‘social’ service….people address him as ‘sir’…

    And he had written this in Kannada on FB –
    Intha halka kobbida hennugalannu avara mukya anga chedanagolisi thippege bisaadidare maatra samaajadalli aparaadagalu kadimeyaaguttave.
    translation — These kind of indisciplined arrogant gals should be destroyed right in their important part and then thrown into the dustbin, only then crimes in society will reduce…

    Alas, people actually respect this guy 😦


    • Ladybug, that’s disgusting. Personally, I steer clear of any and all self-proclaimed “community leaders” – scoundrels and knaves, the lot of them. Did anyone challenge him on facebook?


      • Nobody did, except me, only one other girl liked my post. People started explaining to me why it had to be done and when I asked them tough questions( thanks to IHM’s blog) they ignored it. I pointed out the lack ofc ulture of this man and gave him a piece of my mind….again he completely ignored me.


  15. This is all there is to it.

    What moral policing? Pub attack is a law and order problem
    Vinay Kamat, TNN | Jul 30, 2012, 09.59PM IST
    //It’s about the business of extortion or protection money. “Moral policing makes business sense. The attack on Amnesia (pub) in January 2009 by lumpen elements of the Sri Rama Sene for allegedly not paying protection money has made militant outfits realise that business more than ideology pays.” Pinto quotes a police official: “This (the pub attack) is more of a law and order problem which needs to be dealt with an iron hand.” This is not the hand of ideology or moral police that he’s talking about; it’s the firm hand of law and order.//


    • And some more,

      The rise and rise of a Hindutva hitman
      Sudipto Mondal

      The [Saturday’s] attack was also aimed at sending out a message to rival Hindutva outfits,” claims a Parivar insider who did not want to be named…

      Despite his leading role in the 2009 pub attack, Padil felt he was overshadowed by the Sene’s then leader Prasad Attavara. When Prasad Attavara was arrested in mid-2010 along with his followers for running an international extortion racket, Padil and Jain quit the Sene and laid low for a few months.


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