The fearlessness of the Indian ‘Eve teaser’ (sexual criminals)

What do you think made each of these criminals so shameless and so bold?


“Eve-teasers in India team raise a stink in China

BEIJING: Indian officials managing a youth delegation found themselves struggling to curb rampant harassment of girls by a section of the boys during their week-long tour of China. Desperate officials were forced to separate men and women in separate buses to avoid an untoward incident…

Women members complained to both Chaudhury and the ministry in New Delhi before officials stepped in and asked some of the boys to behave…. At one stage, a section of the troublemakers were ordered to keep out of a sightseeing tour and stay in their hotel rooms.

“Some of us were feeling ashamed being seen with these boys. We were hoping officials from the Nehru Kendra and the ministry were more strict. But they seemed helpless as well,” a male member of the delegation said.” [link]

What made them seem ‘helpless’?

Now that they are back, are they planning to take some action against these ‘eve teasers’? If not, then why not?


“Girl molested, thrown out of train in Karnataka

(Link shared by Sandhya and Nithya Pari)

MADDUR: A 19-year-old girl who resisted a molestation attempt by a group of youths was kicked out of a moving train by them near Maddur on Tuesday afternoon. She survived miraculously, but suffered grievous injuries.

Kavya boarded the general compartment at Kengeri. The four youths, who are believed to have entered the coach at Ramanagaram, began teasing her.When Kavya rebuked them, one of the youths tried to molest her.
She got up from her seat and went near the door. The youths followed her and continued to misbehave. They pushed her out when she said she would inform police.” [link]
How is this crime any different from what happened in Guwahati?
What are the chances of these criminals being punished?
 TIRUVANNAMALAI: A 22-year-old polytechnic student committed suicide after her cousin and two other youth first filmed her while she was taking bath and then raped her by threatening to post the clippings on the internet. Police have arrested the three youth, all college students.” [link]
What is it about the Indian culture and society that makes sexual criminals so shameless and fearless, and the victims so ashamed of something somebody else did?

64 thoughts on “The fearlessness of the Indian ‘Eve teaser’ (sexual criminals)

  1. Sorry to say, but I really see no hope for our country or for its future. Shame on this country. We are the first ones to indulge in empty jingoism “Mera Bharat mahaan” and “India shines” and what not. This is the cultural heritage and values that we shout out from the rooftops about.


  2. I read about the incident in Karnataka and shuddered. I travel in buses and trains and if commuters become mute spectators I cannot hope for help from them. I will naturally choose flinging myself off a running bus or train than be raped in it if it builds up to that. I feel we as a society have failed womankind.


    • Please don’t talk like that, why should you lose your life over somebody else’s crime?
      Do you mean to say that all girls should commit suicide to escape rape? Shame is on those animals and on the society which breeds rape culture, definitely not on the victim.
      We should work towards removing the shame away from a rape victim, not bring doom to her.


    • “I will naturally choose flinging myself off a running bus or train than be raped in it if it builds up to that.”
      I seriously had a WTF moment when I read this. And all I want to ask is WHY?!! Is your life so cheap that you will prefer to die for a shameful act done by the rapists?! Why not stay alive, with head held high, not be shy/afraid to openly say that the rapists did that shameful act and strive to punish them?! Why should the victim feel the shame? I think this is one mentality that needs to be changed. We talk about victim blaming and all that, but how about the victims themselves be strong enough to not feel sorry for themselves and instead fight to put the wrongdoers to shame?! And how about we, as a society support them and not make them feel they are responsible for whatever happened (which they are of course not).


    • Why say that Wanderer? do you realize this is again victim blaming in our society? so are you stating that if a woman is raped- god forbid, she should be so ashamed of herself and should kill herself? Shouldnt she stay alive and try to get justice? Isnt living well the best revenge? Seriously i was taken aback to read this!!! Is getting raped the woman’s fault or the beast who did it at fault? If you state it is the fault of the latter, then he should be castrated/killed- rather than the victim killing herself


      • I didnt mean in the victim blaming sense. I was putting myself in that situation. If I was her and nobody helped me and they intend to rape, then instead I would fling myself out. I am not saying after rape I will die. I don’t know. I can’t imagine. But I am definitely not blaming the victim.


    • It is a very sad statement if we have to consider throwing ourselves from moving buses or trains just to escape being raped. It is high time we changed our attitude towards the victim of rape. There is no reason why she should be stigmatized.

      I remember reading a news item many years ago about a girl who died of a scorpion bite. She was travelling in a bus and had felt it stinging, but did not for obvious reasons lift her skirt to check out what the problem was. One more case of the kind of psychological pressure we put on women to conserve their “honour” (as if it was restricted to only one part of the anatomy) and “decency”.

      We cannot expect “society” to change things for us, because we are the ones who constitute that society. It is upto us to change our attitude. The day we stop associating rape with shame on the victim, things will hopefully change for the better.


  3. 1) Victim-blaming culture – no matter how horrendous the crime, we will have some piece of sh*t coming out and lecturing women on how to be respectable so that men don’t get provoked.
    2) Public apathy – the girl in the train – i am sure there were other passengers in the compartment. they all turned away as this girl was harassed.
    3) Despicable law enforcement – ‘eve teasing’ and ‘general’ harassment have become non-crimes. And yes, the cops form a part of the victim-blaming crowd.
    4) Finally if the perps are caught – it is their mothers and sisters and wives who come out to defend them.

    In general, any failings of a man are blamed on a woman – the ‘she made him do it’ syndrome. I’ve blogged so many times about this nasty pattern.

    Son falls in love and goes ‘against parent’s wishes’ – well mothers say, ‘my son was NEVER like this, he would never lift his eyes to see a girl…now see how she has bewitched him and turned him against us.’

    If the son is attentive to his wife and family – then once again – it is the wife who has made him ‘neglect parents’.

    If the son is not performing well in studies it is probably because ‘the mother is not paying attention to his homework’ and so on.

    If the married son buys anything expensive for his pleasure and HIS family without consulting his parents – then the wife is making him spend too much.

    So even in non-criminal situations, we as a society look for excuses to justify a guy’s behaviour. If it is good – then it is because of his upbringing. If it is ‘bad’ (or not what the parents expected), then it is evil influence of a woman in his life. It is no different in criminal situations.

    BTW the guys in the China visit – all youth members of a political party. So ladies and gentlemen, please meet your future leaders.


    • Victim blaming is a result of the low value and respect accorded to women in Indian society. Women are not percieved as being fully human in India.

      This belief system allow men to inflict the most horrifying abuse on any available woman. Female suffering is not seen as real suffering, so society condones it.

      Unless Indian society begins to respect the female half of humanity, violence against women and it’s evil spawn, victim blaming will not abate. It’s a symptom, not the cause.

      All these horrifying incidents that have made headlines recently have not really shocked anybody.

      We have become numb to violent crimes against women — most of us just thank our stars and think, “thank god it wasn’t me”.

      The truth is that such a fate can befall ANY woman in India. That’s why I find Mamata Sharma’s views so confounding.

      Wasn’t she harrassed as a young woman? Doesn’t she know what life is like for a young woman in India? How then can she condone sexual harrassment?


  4. Words are powerful. “Teasing” is often playful and fun, even gentle and loving especially as used outside of India. One definition in the Online Dictionary is:

    tease (tz)
    1. To annoy or pester; vex.
    2. To make fun of; mock playfully.

    “Eve teasing” is none of those things. It is not merely annoying or vexing; it certainly is not playful. It is vicious and mean and cruel and criminal…and a different phrase needs to be used. “Eve teasing” sounds like innocuous fun.

    Please call it “sexual harassment” or something equally ugly. Recognising it for what it is and using direct language is one step toward ending it.


    • I absolutely agree with this. ‘Sexual Terrorism’ as someone else had mentioned in an earlier post – that’s what it should be called – because that’s what it is. We have to use strong and apt words to describe it.

      A government that allows sexual terrorism to run abated and instead blames the victims should hang their heads in shame.

      Until all women cannot live without fear and restrictions in India, until every woman feels respected and valued as a human being in India, anything you say about ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’ is hogwash !!!!

      India cannot ‘shine’, India cannot be ‘mahaan’, Indian cannot be a ‘fast emerging super power’, Indian cannot be a ‘rising star’ while half of it’s citizenry is facing human rights violation and terrorism of the highest order, which is being condoned by the very people who are supposed to put laws in place to protect the citizens of India !!


      • Typo … meant to say ‘unabated’.
        A government that allows sexual terrorism to run unabated and instead blames the victims should hang their heads in shame.


  5. The Bangalore incident was so close to home that it really shook me up.
    I was sure you would blog about it
    All four of the youths have been arrested and that is reassuring.

    The prime accused in the Guwahati molestation case has also been arrested.
    Look how he shaved his head and wiped out his moustache to avoid being recognized.
    Now lets see what happens. I only hope clever lawyers don’t get them off the hook.
    These are open and shut cases and the law should have no problem taking it’s course.

    The sportspersons who misbehaved should have simply been sent back and blacklisted.
    When will our Government develop guts to tackle this menace?
    Am too disgusted with the state of affairs to even think rationally and offer a constructive suggestion.


    • There is no such thing as an open and shut case in modern legal systems. An arrest made largely under media pressure certainly does not guarantee a conviction or even a favorable judgement – both petitioners have a long way to go to get to that point.

      The best we can hope for in such cases is that the victim is able to afford a decent lawyer, that the respondent doesn’t latch on to some technicality in the evidence collection/presentation process and that the respondent does not have the capability to intimidate any eyewitness who is crucial to the case.


  6. I was disgusted at the china incident but not shocked .. I have seen the same thing happening. I was in Japan working in a multinational when a few guys from our India office came for a visit. The one week I spent with them was harrowing. They used to give all the girls there very lewd looks and pass comments particularly on anyone who wore short skirts or dresses to work … They did it openly in front of me with no shame at all for what they were doing. And all of them are educated software engineers. The girls were disgusted and complained to me .. and when I told the guys to behave themselves I was told that they were “just looking” and what is the harm n that ? I think “just looking” is actually a form of visual rape. As to why guys do it – I have no idea .. but I am tempted to think that at least in this case all of them came from small towns where exposure to women – specially women who are not dressed in sarees or conservative salwars kameez is nill.. but then this should not be an excuse for their behavior .. what is it then …. Upbringing .. they have always seen women being treated as objects instead of people and they end up doing the same …


    • Yes, I’ve seen when some of my friends post pictures in FB – say a family outing on a beach (outside India) – a lot of people ‘joke’ and comment about women in bathing suits in the background. I find it in such poor taste.


    • Yes, I think many Indian men see so little bare female skin that any display is seen as a sexual invitation.

      Of late, a few women on my floor have begun wearing skirts to work and I was surprised when I saw a colleague crane his neck to see the skirt-wearer.


        • Sumana, for some reason, I thought that very funny. I imagined the man staring zealously and single-mindedly at the woman’s sari-clad legs. “I WILL see them, I know they’re there.” He mutters to himself. 🙂


    • My husband and I once shared a cab with two Indian visitors in Singapore. They looked very decent and needed our guidance to reach a particular place and we were going there as well. The cab driver was a lady well dressed in a suit. The guy sitting next to her started staring and her and made comments in Hindi. “Aankhen dekho choti hain, naak badi lambi hain, gori hain, haayen gaadi kyon chalaati hain”. That was it. My husband and I asked him to stop commenting about the lady. We asked him to respect the lady who was doing her job. We also told him “she may not understand the language but if she feels that you are teasing her she will complain to police and law here is very strict”. He said “nahi bhabhi main to yu hi ched raha tha”. I asked “kyon chedna hain? Usne aapko cheda kya? Apna kaam kar rahi hain woh. Toh khaamo khaa kyon comments kar rahe ho?” He stopped commenting after that. Why is teasing so well accepted in our culture?


      • Feel so angry the way some of them feel entitled to speak ill of any woman…and feel proud about it on top of that. In Singapore the police do ‘ched chaad’ using a cane…i wish he had a taste of that.

        //Why is teasing so well accepted in our culture?//
        Somewhere down the line, this is found to be an ‘endearing’ trait in a boy. In Kannada, the term is ‘hudugaata’. It literally means ‘boy’s play’ (huduga = boy, aata = play). The term denotes an act that is not serious, something that is casual. So what this guy did in the Singapore taxi would have been termed as ‘hudugaata’ – that he meant no harm.

        Perhaps a good example is Ranbir Kapoor. His father Risihi, in an interview was very proud of his son’s dating experience. I mean, his son is an adult and he is dating, it is to be treated as a normal behaviour. But the way Rishi highlighted this, you would think Ranbir built the Burj Khalifa single-handedly. The comments on youtube for Ranbir Kapoor was ‘so chweeet’, ‘so cute’, ‘cutie pie’ and so on. Of course it is another matter that Rishi took offence when it was suggested Ranbir endorse condoms. Why? Did he think Ranbir’s dates ended with coffee? Anyway when another young actress spoke about her dating, she was given such dirty looks by the host and two others present in the program. The comments she got were ‘b*tch’, ‘sl*t’, ‘wh*re’, some commenters wanted to rape her and so on.

        So what is considered ‘endearing’ in a guy, it is considered moral bankruptcy in a girl. How screwed up can things get?


  7. Maybe the NCW chairperson is going to ‘advise’ women not to board trains (at least general compartments) alone as this is also an alien culture. Historically ‘proper’ Indian women NEVER traveled alone so you cannot blame the guys who just couldn’t control themselves upon seeing a girl traveling alone and decided to teach her a lesson in ‘Indian etiquette’.


  8. I’ve got very little to say. I do not really expect anything better from this country at this point of time.

    The people who SHOULD have lots to say are the people who claim that Indians worship women as goddesses and that Western culture is vile in that regard.

    Let’s just hope that some semblance of justice can be done. An empty hope, in all probability, but yeah.


  9. Somehow reading about all this makes me very angry and upset, as if all this were happening to me. I have been pinched, grabbed at and humiliated on the roads in India hundreds of times and every time I read about one of these incidents, the pain comes flashing back to me. Last night I was browsing FB and one of the guys in my friend’s list [I hate to call him my friend] had posted a picture of a woman in Express Avenue at Chennai. The woman was wearing a short dress and totally unaware that this guy had taken a photograph of her. Let me tell you about this guy. He comes from a well read, educated family which has generations of Lawyers. In fact, his grandfathers were High Court Judges, if memory serves me right. So the caption this guy had posted beneath the photograph was something like this- India Shining? look at this woman… blah blah..This doesn’t suit Chennai and all’.

    I was hopping mad reading this. What makes this guy take this picture and what does he think allows him to comment on some random woman’s clothes? And he actually had the nerve to put it up on his FB wall.

    With such losers around us, I really don’t understand the solution.

    I was talking to my husband about this and this is what he said-‘ You and the people on IHM blog do talk about such issues and get mad about it. But what is the solution? It is going to take decades for people’s mentality to change. We need to do something more productive than discussing it and getting worked up’.

    @ IHM- I really believe that reading about such incidents spreads the awareness and will slowly bring about the change if not immediately but sometime soon. But do you think bringing about a revolutionary movement like the women in the Western countries would help fasten the process?


      • My request to you – though I’m very much okay, if you don’t follow this – after all it IS too much to ask. Take a screen grab of his FB post – cover the picture with a sentence saying , a girl with a short skirt – and list your points why it is so much wrong for him to take a picture/post it – all with such obscenity in his mind and blaming the girl for it – and definitely this guy would have had some jollu post before (since you say Chennai – ‘m kinda sure) on some or other actress , take a screen grab of that, make a post on your page, tag him and all of them who commented routing for him., and say that you are unfriending such pathetic creatures from your decent world, and ashamed of living in the same world, feel sad for the women in their life – and unfriend them. I think, if each of us raise our voice in our own spheres for justice , it will definitely matter.


        • That was a brilliant idea Poongothai, I wish I coudl do it. But unfortunately, he has now removed the post from his wall. Some of his friends [men] had seriously condemned his comment and I think he was forced to pull it down. i am glad he has such friends atleast!


      • Same situation here Poongothai. I guess, as long as people don’t get affected directly they would never understand the urgency and need to work on something.


    • What has “India Shining” got to do with a woman wearing a dress?

      Will India “shine” if all Indian women wear only traditional clothing?

      If that’s true, then we’ve been “shining” for centuries. Look where it led us.


  10. Rape culture propagated by Patriarchy.

    //What made them seem ‘helpless’?//
    exactly, and you know what their main concern was
    //”feeling ashamed being seen with these boys.”//

    Our men fall into only these 3 brackets (except a very very few I see here and there, out of whom, I have hardly met anyone in person)
    – harassers
    – dumbos who blame the harassed
    – “decent” people who don’t even want to talk about harassment.

    Just today I saw a page in FB in Tamil- Which does blatant victim blaming.

    The main statement says – The main reason for rape is women’s provocative dress.
    When one sane person was defending that “80% of rapes happen to women who are conventionally dressed” (Poongothai -I don’t believe this , I guess, in India it should be close to 100% to the 100th decimal if all rapes were reported).
    one guy uttered a gem – “girls from good families don’t get raped”

    The pathetic post which has an indecent photo (indecent because of the intent of the person who posted ) got 585 shares, and 90% of the comments are 200% misogynistic.

    I hate to generalize, but I really hate the online Tamil community (very very few exceptions)

    I put very very few exceptions to be politically correct – because rather than discussing the issue or the victims or the horrible society that we live in, more comments and replies stating how wrong it is to demonize all men (since that is more important than the actual issue)

    Just like these guys, for whom , their “good boy” image was more important that raising their voice and helping their mates. It is not like they had to oppose armed goons in a solitary field. They just had to nip such behavior in the bud, by making the offenders feel unwelcome, or complaining to the authorities with gusto.

    //Now that they are back, are they planning to take some action against these ‘eve teasers’? If not, then why not?//
    Right question. too bad – we won’t get an answer from anywhere. Our fourth estate needs sensational molestation video to broadcast in prime time (blur the face, but focus the exposed breasts) to give attention to any women’s issue.
    Maybe somebody can share the details of these “troublemakers”.
    We can name and shame them, Facebook/blogposts , we can make memes out of their details and circulate on the activist pages.

    as for 2&3 , so very sad and angry.. :((


    • “girls from good families don’t get raped” – Yes, that is why an average Indian women is ashamed for being harassed, because girls from good families don’t ask for it!

      In Indian mindset, rape = losing the oh-so-precious womanhood, being used(like second-hand), getting tarnished, impure, not fit to lead a married life(not just for the emotional reasons!), not even fit to live(!!)
      Rape is the ultimate revenge, ultimate lesson to be taught..

      Women should “behave” like a woman. She can never be a man, why? – because she has her very fragile “izzat” to protect..


    • I have reported the post for hate speech.

      I am sick of misogynistic content being shared on FB, I don’t want to have online arguments with MCPs. So that’s the only option I had.


  11. IHM pls of today on let us all use the proper term. Sexual harassment/assault. There is no teasing involved here. It is harassment and assault and it has to stop. Let’s call it what it really is.
    Is doing the same thing to a child “child teasing”? Just the thought of that is sick but it just goes to show that in the same way a child doesn’t ask for it, neither does a woman.


  12. I’ve been thinking about these crimes and how they keep happening, and most importantly, what can be done. The primary thought that keeps repeating itself in my head is “control”. What it seems like many fail to understand is that rape is a crime that is about control, not sexual satisfaction or sexual urges. It’s about controlling someone, having power over them, being dominant. If we can think of it from it’s true definition, we can see why it happens in India so much.

    The entire country is built on various levels of hierarchy. It’s a place where people spend the majority of their lives trying to control the thoughts and actions of other people, and using blatant discrimination and oppression to hold others down to preserve this control. At the core of it, is the methods used to maintain this control. It’s a systematic killing of dreams, hopes, ambitions, and the stomping out of the flame of the personal spirit. Children aren’t encouraged to be what they want to be, but rather to make all A’s and become engineers. Not because they love science, but because their parents love money and being seen as a person with high standing in the society and want to feel superior. Girls are taught from an early age to submit to males and accept a lesser place in society and that their destiny is already pre-decided, not the outcome of their free choices. And of course, arranged marriages are used as a key form of social control and systematic breeding of societal evils. Arranged marriages uphold caste discrimination, disregard for the individual, allows for shaming and guilt, and is the final stage in stomping out any dreams the individual might have once held in the name of preserving culture and tradition.

    Now, you might think I have deviated from the discussion, but I have not. Think about it: if rape is a crime of control, of someone wanting to have power over someone else, it makes sense that it happens with a high frequency in a country where most people do not feel in control of their lives. They seek to feel power in some kind of way, and add this feeling to the patriarchal and misogynistic mindset of a majority of Indian males, and you have a recipe for trouble. And of course throw in those Indian values that said that men and women learning how to respect each other in mutual spaces (i.e. by mixing together during early education) is taboo and I believe you have a nasty recipe for calamity.

    India isn’t a “conservative” country. It’s socially rigid in the name of preserving thousands of years of control, hierarchy, and a perverse need to feel superior at the cost of the well being of someone else. It’s a lot easier to blame the victim, to blame her clothes, her family, ect, than acknowledge that the very thing the majority of Indians hold so very dear “culture and tradition” is actually doing more harm than good for the country.

    Nothing in India will change unless Indian people begin to acknowledge and address the societal evils that have been systematically built into your culture and traditions for thousands of years.

    Even in the most upwardly mobile family, elements of control are still there. Parents who force the submission of children in order to preserve their image in so


    • Completely agree. Just yesterday, I was reading Outlook’s expose on the sexual abuse of nuns by ordained preists in Kerala.

      One of the nuns recalled that when a priest grabbed her and she rebuked him; other nuns blamed her and sided with the priest instead.

      I think victim-blaming is a psychological defense mechanism that absolves us of any moral responsibility for the crime.

      It allows us to believe that since the victim “asked” for it, we are absolved of any blame and complicity.

      A day will come when sexual violence will become so rampant that women will be confined to their homes — stripped of all economic, political and sexual agency.


    • That makes a lot of sense! Even for men coming out of traditionally male-dominated environments, things go awry when they feel they don’t have control. Every thing becomes a power struggle then.


  13. These ‘men’ get power by numbers. When they are part of a group or mob, they know they are protected by the anonymity of being part of a gang, and then can get away with anything. Catch one of them alone, they won’t have the b@!!s to stand up to you, excuse my language.

    What makes matters worse, is that I’m pretty sure their ‘grey cells’ do not comprehend the seriousness of the matter. Mentally, they remain teenagers throughout their lives.


  14. Yes this is disheartening and disgusting to read, we do feel hopeless but thwe situation is not totally un-salvagable. why can’t we parents teach the next gen the right way to behave and treat human beings – male and female. correct them , chide them but show them that it is UNACCEPTABLE to treat someone badly. Constantly nag and lecture boys about harassing girls/women. It will work, it has to become a habit.
    A lot of our indian men seem to be ableto manage not gawking/harasing etc., when they settle abroad so they are teachable. i think moms and mre important dad’s have to be onboard with this and slowly change will come, when 1 single boy in a group f boys tells the others not to harass a girl and doesn’t fall into the group teasing/harassing girls mentality , then there will be a few more joining him.
    Maybe i’m just beinig to optimistic, but i cannot write off the future kids without teching them and giving them a chance to change and learn and respect all humans the same.


  15. I’m just wondering how the police acted so quickly in the cases above.
    Is it because the girl in Karnataka was not just molested but also kicked out of the train? And in the third case, because she committed suicide?
    Is that what it takes to be taken seriously, when you are the the receiving end of sexual crimes in our country?


  16. Hey something cheerful related to this incident happened today and i loved watching it.Please do watch and i guarantee that everyone here will surely love it, i watched it on a Kannada channel called tv9.


  17. Do you know what happened to a Greek Olympian recently when she made racist comments on twitter? She was excluded from participating in the 2012 Olympics. 1 tweet was enough.

    Why can’t the Indian officials take such stands with people who are representing their country? 0 tolerance. If you misbehave, you WILL be sent home. IMMEDIATELY. Even if you are poised to win the gold medal. Lets see how many boys will lose “control” when they see scantily clad women then. I bet they will suddenly turn into gurus of self control.


  18. A lot of Indian men speak to women looking at their chests. I have not seen this with men from other nationalities. They do so with an ugly smirk on their face.


    • A former colleague of mine wore a loose jacket when she had to interact with a particular project manager.

      This gentleman would hold long conversations with a woman’s chest, even if it was swaddled in a duppatta or a jacket.

      Most women in the team would hide behind the 4-feet tall office partitions while talking to him.

      Only the head would be visible so he was forced to look at the above the chest region.


  19. Wanted to share an article with the readers which appeared in the online issue of The Guardian:

    [Title – Why is India so bad for women]. Interesting discussion in the comments section/ also quite frustrating to note the extent (highly lame arguments) to which some overzealous people can go in defending “Indian culture/ tradition” instead of accepting the harsh, brutal reality that stares at us in our faces.


  20. The whole mentality of men and being quiet about it by women is the reason. The lack of support from law is the reason. The attitude of police when you go to complain is no different than that of an eveteaser/sexual harrasser and this is the reason. Victim blaming is the reason. And people who say “There is no hope” are the reason.

    There is not one but a plethora of reasons why the situation is like that. Each of us need to do our bit and things WILL CHANGE. Just expecting someone to do it, will not.


  21. “Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society’s… ‘understanding’. …there are those without decency that must be fought without hesitation, without pity.” — character Ra’s-al-Ghul from Batman Begins

    I think these quotes are increasingly applicable to the current scenario and the horrific events occurring with increasing regularity in India. Swift, sharp punishment for perpetrators is a must. Trying to arouse understanding and empathy does not work for highly depraved minds without dignity.


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