Three of his sisters and six of his nieces eloped, so he decided to drill holes and padlock his wife’s genitals.

One news report began with an explanation that the criminal was “Driven by suspicion of infidelity”. Is this crime really about a suspicious husband?
Do you agree with, “Chouhan seems to have become extra possessive”?
And would you describe this crime as a “tale of harassment”?
Also what gave this man the confidence to commit such a crime? The wife did not think of going to the police or divorcing him; the most she considered was trying to get the padlock removed. (Says a lot about India’s low divorce rate)
Does an average Indian man or woman have any idea that they own their own bodies, minds, souls and sexualities? Would their lives change if they did?
And can’t help wondering, what does this man think of marriage?
Did he hope that quoting cases of elopement by women in the family might get him support – after all ‘elopement’ is seen as one of the most dishonorable thing an India woman could do. (And it’s assumed that elopements are always about sex or ‘lust’)
Also, would this crime have been possible if the woman had an active social life? Do diktats like those by 36 Biradari/Khap Pachayats empower such criminals?
Please note:
1. The 35 year old mother of wife said, “I tried to remove the lock the next day at a local hospital, but since the gynaecologist was male, I could not muster courage to approach him,”
2. Her 20 year old son said “I have seen my mother after five years. She was always locked.”
3. She said she attempted suicide by consuming rat poison when the husband made sexual advances at their 12-year-old daughter.
4. The wife has only one request, “please don’t free my husband…, he will kill us all.”
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Here’s one link,

Mechanic ‘drilled holes in wife’s genitals so he could seal them with a PADLOCK when he went to work’

She was brought into hospital after attempting to commit suicide with rat poison. But when nurses examined Sitabai Chouhan, they make a horrific discovery that was medieval in its barbarity. Four years ago, the housewife had been drugged by her husband Chouhan who then punctured holes with a needle on either side of her genitals. He had carried out the agonising assault so he could seal her private parts with a padlock when he went to work to stop her having sex with anyone else.
Read more:

Here’s another link.

Indore: Driven by suspicion of infidelity a man put a chastity lock on his wife for over five years by piercing her with crude knitting needles…

… after putting the lock, Chouhan carried the keys with him when he went to work and removed it in the night.

…told that he took the step as he was fearful that his wife might entertain other men. “Three of my sisters and six of their (sisters’) daughters have eloped,” he said, trying to justify his move.

And here’s something I agree with.

MGM Medical College psychiatry department head Dr Ramghulam Razdan said, “Chouhan seems to be mentally ill and requires treatment.

“Such acts can’t be executed by a sane person, he claimed. [link]


54 thoughts on “Three of his sisters and six of his nieces eloped, so he decided to drill holes and padlock his wife’s genitals.

  1. How is it even possible to drill a hole in someone’s body and put a lock. I cannot even understand how it can be done and how in the world people can get such ideas.

    It is okay if he hits on other women, including his daughter but his wife cannot. What is wrong. A woman’s body is her own not her husband’s, not her parents, not the society’s. It is her own. She should have a right to decide what to do with it,including who to sleep with. Sadly that concept is absent. Women seem more like slaves/property to be passed on from men to men


    • A woman’s body is her own- but how many women know that? Even the ones that do – how many will openly claim ownership of their bodies? The right to decide what to do with it , and whom to sleep with – Indian women need a revolution to exercise that right!


      • Yup it takes a lot to break social indoctrinations. Even women are revolted at the idea that they own their bodies.

        Instead doing things for happiness of your family is considered like some moral ideal to achieve. Laying a claim to one’s life, to one’s opinions and one’s body is deemed selfish, inconsiderate.


    • well…i read this on TOI. And some commenters found the incident hilarious. Yes…there was even a discussion on what would have been a better method than ‘locking her up’ so to speak. i believe feviquick won the popularity contest.

      so…what is possibly even more disturbing than this crime is that there are actually people who find this incident FUNNY; people who actually think along the lines of this guy, and who have even contemplated on ‘options’.


      • It is deeply disturbing that people find such an act of violence funny and can actually come up with ideas to carry out this barbaric act more efficiently and effectively! But what can you expect? I am sure there’s no dearth of people who sympathize with him after reading his justification. After all what’s a man to do, when three of his sisters and six of nieces elope?

        PS: Please stop reading comments section on online editions of newspaper. The whole task is emotionally draining and leaves you feeling hopeless 😦


  2. Its the audacity that the wife won’t protest and the fact that he won’t be punished which gave him the courage to do such things.

    She too,took an extreme step.only after her daughter was threatened…this says a lot about what women think about themselves in our country.


    • …and that extreme step was to kill herself, not do something about her husband. The sorry state of women in our country. I am ashamed!


  3. Ouch! Sounds so much similar to the female genital mutilation I have just been writing about. Sounds creepy, more than anything else. The man does appear to be slightly insane, but that does not mean his wife has to put up with crap. There needs to be some intense counselling for her as well.


  4. Barbarious!! What more do you expect in a country where women are told that “they have to adjust in their marital life come what may and not complain”. It is hightime movies and teleserials that glorify women who give up all their ambitions and live only to please husband, in laws, friends and others are banned. How many teleserials show a woman standing up for herself? Televisions have tremendous ‘influencing power’. Why cannot creative channels use this medium to show motivational teleserials that reach living rooms even in remote areas of the country rather than use the same plots that are beaten to death?


    • The man had the audacity to do such a crime only because he believed that he would get away with it by pleading insanity or otherwise – serials like satyameva jeyate can indeed mobilise their positive spirit in to actually doing something at the grass-roots. Making the local panchayat a force to reckon with is a start. The problem is the issues remain in the lime-light till the media highlights it. The moment the news is taken off-print , the issues are conveniently pushed under the carpet.


  5. Barbaric and totally insane- how can anyone in their sane mind perpetrate such heinous and revolting act. The fact that the woman was looking only for removing the lock and not running away from him indeed says a lot about the society – there still exists the medieval mind-set crippling us. Empowering women has become the need of the hour and more than anytime-now
    As for the man he should be ousted from the society and his very existence should become a lesson for the future criminals


  6. “A tale of harassment”

    Wow, that has to be like the understatement of the century. Harassment? Seriously?

    Let’s get this straight here : This man drilled holes into another human being’s body!

    That’s not frigging ‘harassment’, that’s inhuman, insane torture at a level you might expect from some secret North Korean prison.

    Also, I balk at tagging such people insane purely because of their barbaric actions. People can be incredibly cruel without being insane (was Hitler insane?). This is the objectification of women in its purest, most nauseating form, where a woman is little more than a precious toy to be guarded jealously against the outside world, to be guarded regardless of whether she even wants to be guarded or not, regardless of the anguish it may cause her.

    IHM, reading this made me actually close my eyes and take a deep breath to regain my composure. An account of what I’d personally like to do to this man would be disturbing and inappropriate, but how I wish I could this shameless little piece of crap a taste of his own medicine.


    • Welcome back, cynically engineered!
      We are hearing from you again after a long time!

      You expressed some of my thoughts too.

      I remember an old English Movie of the late sixties or perhaps early seventies. It was called “The chastity belt”

      That movie was supposed to be funny.
      But this is too shocking and horrible for words
      Whether mentally unstable or not, no punishment is too severe for this fellow who committed this atrocity.


      • Thanks, GV.

        I agree with the last sentence completely.

        I usually tilt towards leniency and non-punitive or reformatory justice, but if this guy is sane enough to know what he was doing, he really should be made an example out of.


    • He will face no scorn or stigma in society. People will instead sympathise with him and cast aspersions on his wife’s character. “Poor man,” they’ll say, “What option did he have? He couldn’t allow his wife to destroy his honor. He had no choice.”

      This story shows what women can expect from the Indian legal system:

      An acid victim is pleading with the government for justice…or death.
      India is a great place for women.


      • You’re probably right.

        I read about Sonali Mukherjee in HT a while ago, but I hadn’t seen the pictures yet.

        What do you even say to something like that? Profanities and death threats are pretty much the only thing I can think of. What an incredibly evil bunch of men. My cat is a hundred times more human than these pieces of filth.


  7. THE AUDACITY! This man should be hanged for the kind of crime he has done and to his own wife of so many years. And women, please wake up and smell the roses. It is not 8th century. God I want to scream right now to every woman on the street to stand up and shout and fight for herself and her kind.


  8. The guy seems to be mentally unstable.
    His wife should have put some feviquick on his genitals and put a ‘permanently out of order’ board on it.
    The fact that she went through this even though she had chances to get rid of it says a lot. Her son could have saved her. Was it because somewhere at the back of her mind, she was ok with the act of a husband punishing a wife? She took an extreme step only when he tried to reach the daughter.
    Its horrible what she went through.


  9. OMG! 😦
    how henious and barbaric!! I don’t know what to say?!
    The man must be sick sick in his head to have committed such a horrible crime! I really hope he is punished severly!


  10. OMG- my blood boils on reading this. I was so angry that i had to take a walk and come back to write this. No, that man was not insane. He clearly knew what he was doing, Indian society and its years of conditioning told him that it was acceptable to treat his wife like a worm, the same society and conditioning told his wife to put up or “adjust” with such crueltly meted out to her. He kept the keys in his socks? When i first read the headlines,i thought maybe this happened in Afghanistan. Then realized that this is in our great country where women are worshipped as goddesses. He tried to rape his daughter? No – this is an act of an extreme perverted, patriarchial, cruel man- not an insane one.


  11. this is insane and barbaric – he really took to heart the advice of lock your valuables before you leave home. This is commodifying women at it worst.


  12. Oh my god. What is this, some 15th century torture story? This man deserves the harshest punishment by the law. I’m so appalled that this man could do what he did, and his wife actually let him do such a thing. Speaks volumes about the kind of society we live in.. so much for Indian culture, where pati is ‘parmeshwar’ and wives must “adjust”, no matter what. Divorce rates are low because women take crap, not because they’re happy in their marriages. The West is so, so much better in this respect, at least women don’t feel compelled to stay with oppressive in-laws and can leave husbands who make their lives miserable.

    And I agree with the comments above that empowerment of women is the urgent need of the hour… and TV producers, instead of making stupid and regressive saas-bahu serials, need to portray women as capable of standing up for themselves.


  13. Oh dear God! I don’t even have words to describe what I felt while reading this. Inhuman, barbaric, EVIL, none of them do justice to this act. Why she didn’t feed HIM the rat poison is what I would like to know. And the way it’s been reported is so despicable; makes her seem at fault, albeit indirectly. I pity this woman, and her daughter. Wonder what all of this teaches her about healthy relationships and the status of a wife.


  14. This is horrific! In what times we live. I cannot start putting down in words what I felt upon reading this. How could she have lived? What is the real solution of such issues? I am clueless.


  15. men who think women ought to be raped if they don’t like the clothes the women are wearing; if they don’t approve of the places women are visiting for recreation; if they feel women provoked them even if the woman was only picking her nose.

    men in government who spend crores of tax payer money on havans and pujas ‘praying’ for rain, while millions lack basic infrastructure.

    and now, men who lock up their wife’s body parts to prevent ‘straying’.

    We don’t need sprawling ashrams. We need high security prisons for the criminally, dangerouly insane. We don’t need hundreds and thousands of engineers – we need hundreds and thousands of psychiatrists (not even psychologists).

    this piece of news goes beyond gender role discussions – because those discussions are meant for humans.


    • Moonbeam. Psychiatrists are in woeful short supply in India. We train about 3000 psychiatrists every year.

      There’s a serious shortage of trained mental health professionals in the
      country. As a country we really have skewed priorities.

      There are more bureaucrats per thousand Indians than psychiatrists or mental health professionals.


  16. “What does this man think of marriage”

    What does marriage mean to a large section of the population anyway? Look at the men folk of our domestic helpers, look at the average labourer, look at so many “educated”, well-to-do families. It means transfer of a girl brought up by someone else along with a huge sum of money and goods to another household. It means that she has assigned duties and is now a bonded labourer if not a slave (frankly, do not know which is worse) – cook, clean, do the laundry, produce children, work outside, bring in the moolah, look after the man’s family, implicitly obey him…… Unfortunately there are very few (in comparison to the entire population) who actually see marriage as a combined journey of equals through life.

    What gave the man the courage to do what he did? Simple. Who questions men in this country? This is seen as a “domestic matter” and no one would interfere. It is surprising that her mother actually did take her to a hospital. So many parents would write off the daughter after marriage, especially in the lower socio-economic group. How many women really have the courage to stand up and shout out from the roof top about the husband’s atrocities?

    As for the psychiatrist’s statement, I would fully agree with it. It would take a particularly sick mind to think of something like this – while he feels free to philander with his own daughter.


    • In Indian marriages, the wife is an acquisition — free labour with no rights and many obligations.

      Notice that only the wife has to take care of the man’s family. The man has no reciprocal obligations towards her family. He can treat his wife any way he wants and noone will question him.

      Marriages seem to be designed with only men’s interests in mind. The woman is just a provider of free services, lifelong. I think we women accept a very bad bargain when we marry.


  17. This guy certainly looks like mentally ill. I don’t think it has anything to do with suspicions. However, the real question is what kind of society is this where the wife kept putting up with such behavior, and where a mentally ill person still retains control over his wife just because he is pati parmeshwar.


  18. This story almost made me throw-up – it is that gruesome.
    I think the message it brings out to the women is that tolerating abuse will not make things better. This woman tolerated what he did to her – don’t know what she hoped she would achieve by that (maybe save her marriage – I am not judging her actions) – but the fact is abuse seldom stops. Maybe she thought that she could tolerate whatever happens to her. But like other abusers the man did not stop there – he tried to rape their daughter.
    That is why it is very important to fight back at the first signs of abuse.
    Same hold true for dowry haressment – seldom has money brought happiness as the greed never ends. It is a message for those parents who think that they can afford lakhs of rupees as dowry – but then demands for crores are then not too far behind.


  19. I dont agree with this “MGM Medical College psychiatry department head Dr Ramghulam Razdan said, “Chouhan seems to be mentally ill and requires treatment.

    “Such acts can’t be executed by a sane person, he claimed.”

    NO no no this person is perfectly SANE , he knows what he is doing and went about it meticulously , drugging the wife and proper thought process has gone through the whole episode…

    PLEASE Dont call him INSANE.. now some hot shot lawyer will use the same PLEA to get him off the hook from law…


  20. I don’t think he’s insane, He’s simply a cruel,evil human being ( there are quite a few of those) . He’s simply someone who thinks he owns the women in his family. his ownership was thretened ( sisters and neices) and hence he decided to salvage what was left in a coldbloded logical way his twisted mind came up with. Lock him up and throw away the key.


  21. This man violated a woman’s rights to her physical integrity, health, security and, her right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. It is not harassment! It is an abhorrent crime. This one is a crime against humanity and one of the most shocking violations imaginable at least to me.

    Human rights start at home. But we choose to ignore, minimize or fail to understand this simple concept. But alas! Are women even human?

    This is one of the most nerve wracking and heinous manifestation of the social control exercised over a woman’s body and her sexuality. It is objectification of women at its highest form, whereby a man actually went to the extent of putting a padlock on a woman’s vagina to preserve the family honour and prevent immorality while completely ignoring morality of his acts. Apparently, the wife’s a tool, a tool he uses for sexual pleasure and a tool that he owns and hence the padlock to defend against theft, vandalism, sabotage, unauthorized use!

    And the perversity of the man in question reached its height when he tried raping his own daughter. This man must be sick! His acts and his thought process makes my stomach churn!

    And what do I say about the woman? This whole incidence of extreme violence must have left her with infections, severe pain and serious emotional scars. What is more outrageous to me is that she continued to live like this for 5 years! I wonder if she ever tried to protest or tried telling anybody else about the abuse and barbarism she had to go through. She must have been silenced or maybe took it as her fate-something she can’t change. How helpless she must have felt! In a country where people make tall claims about respecting women and worshiping deities, the only way a woman believed she could gain her freedom or relieve herself of all the pain was by consuming poison. It is a shame.

    What is more appalling to me is that the media reporting of his justification. This whole remark is offensive and outright insulting. The implication being that this innocent man resorted to such horrible acts because some women of his family turned out to be loose (because they probably married somebody they loved) and brought dishonour to the family; and hence this man was only driven by fear and the urge to protect the family honour and minimize any more damages to it.

    It is peculiar but the media often goes to length to justify such crimes against women. It always comes up with a line or two by either the criminal himself or somebody else, that puts the blame on anything but the person who has committed the crime.


  22. In India the most powerful deity is Goddess Durga, a woman, but we treat women in our society as if they are not human to begin with. We worship trees, but we have cut acres of jungle. We worship rivers, but we don’t have any problem in polluting it with all kinds of toxins. I think we should stop worshipping until we really have genuine respect for all these things.


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  26. OMG…really??? 3 of your sisters and 6 of their daughters had the audacity to marry someone they loved???? how TRAGIC!!! /SARCASM


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