The Guwahati mob molestation video and the Gurgaon mob molestation video.

Arnab Goswami on Times Now said his channel was against showing the Guwahati molestation video. I feel the video is available online for anybody who wants to see it – and a huge majority who has watched the video has reacted with horror and outrage. This is not the first time a rape/molestation video has been made and shared in India, in fact one reads about such videos and MMS clips being used to blackmail and humiliate the victims. [link]

I wonder what C C Patil (the Karnataka Women and Child Welfare Minister) felt when he and a few other ministers watched one such rape video during the assembly. [link] (Savadi  allegedly claimed, he ‘was watching the video clip of how a woman was raped by four people to know about the incident and prepare for a discussion on the ill-effects of a rave party.’)

Did these ministers feel the outrage that the rest of the country is feeling today?

In the Gurgaon video [link], I couldn’t get the image of the victim out of my mind, she kept  running and screaming hysterically even after the molesters had been chased away and she was safe. In the Guwahati video [link] there is hatred and smirk, not lust on the faces of the molesters.

(The nation was outraged by a similar smile on the face of S P S Rathore who molested Ruchika Girhotra.)

All these are the smiles of men who knew they were not going to be punished.

The video made it clear that these sexual assaults were about hate, power and aggression. The rapists’/molesters’ intent was not to ‘satisfy their lust’ but to humiliate and to cause hurt.

Indian censor board has done the Indian society terrible harm by banning scenes which show healthy, warm, caring tenderness and sensitivity. And worse – by permitting titillation via Rape Scenes.

Since we also prohibit healthy sex education, these rape scenes are how many Indian young men learn about sex.

For those who learn about sex from rape scenes and cheap porn, a woman’s consent is not expected or relevant.

Movies like ‘Three Idiots’ joke about ‘balatakaar‘ (rape). Now, after watching these this video, would you be able to laugh at rape jokes?

What makes people joke about rape? Maybe we use the word ‘rape’ when we mean to say sex?

One Hindi channel kept using the term ‘chedkhani’ to describe these assaults Chedkani is what parents tell children to stop doing – irritating mischief or annoyance.

Police officers, political leaders, the society and those who should know better refuse to make it clear to sexual criminals, with word and action, that sexual crimes would not be tolerated. Why don’t they?

Maybe because some of them watch rape videos at work and some others are convicted of molesting teenage girls.

Gurgaon Mob Molestation:

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66 thoughts on “The Guwahati mob molestation video and the Gurgaon mob molestation video.

    • Ditto here. One of the worst jokes I have ever heard. They could have used a million other words, but they had to use ‘balaatkaar’ – a word that signifies humiliation of a woman at a very personal and basic level. How did that one get past the censors I do not understand. Does that mean that the censor board members consider rape a laughing matter ?


  1. Once a young boy, a reader of my blog, said about how it was imperative that they (boys) teach ‘proud’ girls in their college some lessons. By ‘proud’ girls what they mean is those with a mind and opinion of their own, those who may not wear traditional attire, may speak up, have unconventional ideas and MOST IMPORTANTLY don’t care two hoots for the likes of them. These girls aren’t intimidated by them and that hurts their ego. So the heroes feel they have to be taught a lesson. Isn’t that what we see in every Bollywood movie?
    These cowards are actually afraid of the confidence of girls/women who do not follow the norm. I read somewhere that the red tee wala in Guwahati mob attack said that the girl was drunk and he was teaching her a lesson.
    Similar are the trolls on blogs who now are trying their best to bring up the topic of why the girl was in a bar, as if that has any bearing on what was done to her. Now they are going to the extent of saying this is all a set up, a diversionary tactic by the government (oh wow!). Next thing you know they will tell you the whole thing had been staged by aliens from a distant planet to sow discord among humans. Totally disgusted.


    • Yes – they’re afraid. And at the heart of this lies insecurity and fear transformed into violence as they finally got a chance to release their pent up irritation with “proud” women who don’t give two shits about insecure pigs like them.


      • @Bikram, I agree, it should be shared without revealing her identity. She would want these men arrested – the video should be seen as humiliation for these molesters not as humiliation for the victim, their identities and their actions should be made public.

        @Bhagwad – Please write that post.


  2. You know…my music system is always on at home. So today as I sat writing a blog, ‘Sanam teri kasam’ played…and I stopped dead. After the recent incidents…this song has a whole new meaning –

    Nafrat se dekhna pehle andaaz pyaar ka hai yeh
    Kuch hai aankhon ka rishta, gussa ikraar ka hai yeh
    Bada pyaara hai tera zulam, sanam teri kasam

    and we don’t need ‘rape’ scenes in Bollywood to send wrong messages. I think the way leading women characters are portrayed is sad enough. In many movies, the heroine is ‘tamed’ by the hero as one would domesticate a dog. And don’t even get me started on the sick item numbers.


    • Sumana,
      Yes, I remember this song. It was a Reena Roy/Kamalahasan starrer.
      The movie was very average.

      There are several songs like this.
      I remember an old film ( Shammi Kapoor/Kalpana Starrer) released in the early sixties called Professor.
      खुली पलक में झूठा गुस्सा बन्द पलक में प्यार went one of the lines in one of the songs.

      What we call “eve teasing” or Molestation, used to be innocently called छेड – छाड

      Another Shammi Kapoor / Rajshri starrer had a song picturised on Rajshri dressed in a ravishingly red and tight choodidaar kameez, attracting the attention of our hero Shammi Kapoor who was inspired to break out into :

      लाल छडी मैदान खडी,
      क्या खूब लडी क्या खूब लडी
      हम दिल से गए, हम जान से गए
      etc etc
      I wonder if our Bollywood films innocently promote this behaviour without realiszing it.



      • Yes, Sumana and GV,
        I realized this in my college days when I was a big fan of Shammi — mostly because of his refusal to take himself seriously. I remember this very song that GV mentioned was on in chitrahaar or something and my Dad walked in and said “you complain so much about ‘eve teasing’ how come you are able to watch this?”. It was an eye opener for me!


  3. Did you see what Kiran Bedi tweeted about the Guwahati molestation?
    Can you believe this?
    “Pubs attract hooliganism and violence just as holy places attract peace and devotion! It’s in the nature of environment!”

    So Ms. Bedi blames the pubs not the perpetrators for the molestation.
    I have no respect for Ms. Bedi any longer.


    • //Holy places attract peace and devotion//?? balls and bullshit Ms.Bedi. A lot of us have to ward off pickpockets, chain snatchers, gropers while standing in crowded temple queues. No other places have a concentration of power, greed, corruption and lust the way religious places do – it is a sad state of affairs today.

      Indeed I avoid the ‘popular’ temples altogether – and choose obscure, distant, inaccessible, deserted, even ruined temples – if I feel the need for a traditional, formal worship. As far as peace and devotion is concerned, I get that in my living room pooja alcove, thank you very much.

      The problem Ms. Bedi is in the DNA of thought and action – not the place. People create the environment, and not the other way round.


      • I can’t agree more with you Sumana. I had a horrible experience while returning from Vaishno Devi temple a couple of years ago…It happened in broad daylight. I was returning after a visit to the shrine on a horse with each of my family members and relatives on separate horses. Shortly after mounting the horse, the horse man started rubbing his hand on my thigh and feeling me up. Shocked by what was happening to me, I started pushing away his hand, while he kept doing it without stopping. I tried kicking him hard (he was holding the reins and was close to my right leg), which did not help either.He was doing this all coolly. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of total helplessness. I was experiencing this amidst people on horses and people on foot chanting Jai Matadi. I had to endure this for almost half an hour, as I could not spot any of my family members nearby, and I did not have my mobile with me. Finally when I spotted my family members and other relatives I asked them to get me down the horse and told them about the incident.To my horror when my uncle spoke to the horseman he(the horseman) acted like he could not understand why I needed to change the horse…Anyway after a long discussion, with tears welled up in my eyes..I finally got another horse.. That was most horrid and disgusting experience of my life. Sorry for the long rant.


  4. Here we are condemning these acts and raising a voice against such violence and another pic is making rounds in FB. A model has been beat up in public and molested because she wore something resembling the National Flag! The comments on the pic are frightening!! People are actually agreeing to what happened to her and the most comment – she deserved it!
    As we take a step towards doing something positive, something like this happens to drag us back 😦


    • For some reason we see violence an answer to disagreements. Those who thought the national flag was insulted by the model should ask themselves if killing of new born girls, acid throwing at women, mobs attacking women and bride burning don’t insult the flag more.


      • yea IHM… the whole line – she asked for it is what bothers me the most.
        no one asks for it. no one deserves to be beaten up and molested…
        its barbaric and inhuman!!
        Victim blaming even indirectly like how Ms. Bedi seems to be doing has to stop!


    • Interestingly, India has some stupid stuff on this national flag ! USA allows its citizen to officially burn the national flag. And coming to the point – irrespective of the crime, molesting/hurting is all wrong!.. With a proven crime like that of terrorism on in Taj hotel at Bombay, Kasab enjoys the luxury of innocent till proven guilty..when we spent crores everyday on his security etc! We do we citizens deserve any less respect!


    • In patriarchal cultures, if the victim is a woman, she will always be alone, blamed by everyone, including family. This encourages crimes against women. The perpetrators have socio-cultural support in their actions and hence do not feel any sense of remorse.


    • This country has gone to dogs. Here in US on the independence day most people go around flashing bikinis and undies of Red, Blue and White and they take pride in it. Did all prudes just ended up in Des may be some kind of genetic disorder like malfunctioning karma.
      Any thing and everything offends every tom, dick and harry here.

      Desi Girl


      • In the US there is a man called Daniel Tosh, a stand-up “comedian”, who made a statement about how funny rape jokes are and when a woman called out that rape jokes are never funny, he said ” wouldn’t it be funny if that woman were raped by like 5 guys, right now?”
        So yeah, the US may be better, but only relatively.

        The whole world is hopeless. And it’s all our fault. We, in our attempt at “modesty” and to “keep peace” and not make scenes or whatever excuses we have for not taking action, have accepted the crap doled out to us time and again.

        When this video was being played on the news, I was watching it with a bunch of other people. One guy said, ” Good GOD! Why is no one doing anything?! WHy are they all just watching?!” and another said ” What can anyone do? There are so many molesters”. I was fuming, but said nothing.

        It is that attitude that has brought things down to this level.
        That there are too many of them, and too few of us, the other kind who think that the others are barbarians. So we sit back passively, and watch TV, get disgusted, and a little sad for a little while… and then we switch channels and vote for our favourite singers on TV.

        I’d say we’re all going to hell, but it looks like we’re already here.

        (Sorry, I’m really angry at everyone, including myself)


  5. These people are cowards. Only a coward would attack a lone girl in a mob. These people probably don’t have lives. They can’t hold a job or are pathetic, lazy. They have no self-esteem. And they make themselves feel better by humiliating and molesting a vulnerable teenage girl.

    They’re sick!

    I have seen groups of guys, accompanied by girls, commenting on girls, whistling at them and then tell the simpering girls sitting beside them “We have to! That girl wants us to comment on her, she will feel bad if we don’t”. This, followed by simpering girls giggling. I feel like slapping those silly girls!


  6. Honestly, I forgot about the Gurgaon incident if it wasn’t for IHM to remind of this.. but somewhere down the line, I guess everyone will forget this incident too.. I saw all channels are now busy with President/VP elections.. What is waking up? What will we change? There has to be a paradigm shift in the way we bring up kids – both boys & girls.. what society we give them! And what future we project!.. Like after this incident how many parents will be justifying to their wards, specially girls not to venture out of the house in the evening..etc.. But, that is no solution..

    I can never forget the smirk on SPS Rathod face..and it is just one of the many faces of the state in which the whole thing is ! At every level! It is broken at every level..

    Yes, we have to wake up!.
    .. what is the waking up !
    …. do you think we are doing enough service by just writing here.. most of us I believe have become couch-crusaders.. (although that can’t be discounted too.. but is that enough?)


    • No sir I dont think we are doing any or enough service by writing this all, this cant just be one thing. as you said you forgot, we all forget after a few months have gone by .. that is the problem

      Hence what has to happen is people getting together .. Every human who is a citizen of india has to get together and do something .. all hands joining will make such a BIG hand that these bad people wont know where to run ..

      as during the fight of independance just ghandians ways did not help.. a loud noise was necessary to make the british wake up and give us freedom.. same way something has to be done ..


  7. My first instinct was to think “why would you go and put it on youtube?”. Like I said, I do not have the wish to watch that video, these sort of things disturb be very much. However, I totally get what you mean when you say that rape scenes are being used in lieu of normal healthy sexual interactions in movies. I know of several people — women included, who watch these scenes with an extra dosage of interest. I think unless respectful sexual interactions are portrayed in movies and other entertainment outlets, there will probably be a lot of youth who think this is the way its done. Especially in the absence of any meaningful sex education in schools and especially since even what schooling there is, is not available to a large section of the population. May be this will help us see the need for universal education in the country. We cannot progress as a nation without including everyone irrespective of their economic strata into that process. India will not shine if it only shines for some people.


  8. Incidents like these make me re-think my decision to return to India. I am pregnant and we have not found out the gender of our baby( I have a super strong feeling it is a girl). We live in the US. I moved here for my Masters, married my classmate from grad school( he is Indian too) and we have lived here for 7 years. But all our people are back home, our families, our friends and we have realized over these years that for us, India is the place we will really feel at home, even though we love the lifestyle in the US. And hence our decision to return.

    But I cannot help not thinking for the past 3 days if our decision is a huge mistake I can’t bring myself to return to India, not whole-heartedly atleast. I feel one of the ways I can try to ensure the safety of my child, is making sure she is not born/raised in India. I was born and raised there but I guess I was just plain lucky to not have these incidents occur to me. But I feel I would be a terrible mother if I sit by and watch luck play such a huge role in my daughter’s day-to-day life.

    How I wish India today was the India I grew up in.


    • We wanted to return to India after 150 years in south africa ie to travel and live in India makes you think twice. I rather live with black people maybe they have more respect than our indians we never feel safe in India Men stare at middle aged women as well let alone young girls


      • If men stare at middle age ladies, you got to stare them back! Then they smile idiotically and move. Or ask them what are they looking at. The just get caught and move away. This is a practical solution..


  9. IHM, spot on about the rape scenes being used as a device for cheap thrills in Indian cinema.
    Anybody who grew up in India during the 90’s probably already watched one rape scene on screen as a child, before learning/comprehending what sex was.

    That is seriously disturbing.


    • That always bothered me about bollywood. Sex between two consenting adults where the women is saying yes and enjoying it is bad but a man raping a woman against her will, thats alrights. It just showed me that it wasnt sex India had a problem with but womens sexuality.

      Those rape scenes in movies always scared me as a child. I shouldnt have even been allowed to watch those movies but apparently those movies were considered family movies


  10. We Indians have grown up suppressing women and much to the dismay of spineless morons like those in the gurgaon incident or Guwhati incident the male ego was trying to suppress a liberated free woman.! I don’t know whether the perpetrators in the gurgaon incident were caught coz i read nothing about them.! Similarly even if they are caught, what will happen.? The bailable laws will be applicable to them and they would go scot free.! Can’t we have shoot at sight order for such filthy pigs.!?


    • Women, should not keep quiet when idiots try to degrade them either verbally , or whatever. They have to take the slipper in hand and speak through it. Draw the attention. This will deter most of the cowards.
      And in case some girls/women are part of the teasing mob, shout at them too. Do not compromise.


  11. The case is getting murkier.
    I now hear that the news channel is suspected of staging the whole thing.
    Of course the channel denies it.
    Hope the truth will come out clearly and all the culprits punished severely.


    • I agree with GV,

      The lighting and camera positioning is a too perfect for a video shot without of such an unpredictable incident. It seemed the mob was doing this for the camera at times.

      Why this happened is not just about crimes against women but a lot of Indians not caring to feel similarly disgusted with mob action taken against individuals.

      How many shops owners, school principals. teachers have been supposedly “Taught a Lesson” for various supposed crimes… When such things happen, most people do not show the deserving disgust like they do the above two cases.

      The mob in those videos were blatant because they know that as a mob in this country they can get away with anything even if they get covered on the NEWS.

      BTW @IHM: Agreed that the 3 BJP Ministers caught watching ‘Porn’ in the assembly were deserving of disgust and criticism. But a ‘Porn video’ is not the same as ‘Rape video’.


      • I have quoted what Savad was reported saying, that he was watching a rape video, created when a woman was raped by four men in a rave party, he was watching it to understand how that crime happened.


  12. Apparently the police have finally woken up and started arresting people.

    Sometimes I wonder, since the police obviously don’t consider the crime serious…. Do you suppose the conversation with the criminals goes like this..

    Criminal; Sir, We were just teaching that girl a lesson, why are you arresting us?
    Policeman: I know yaar! what to do? These media people just don’t keep quiet. What to do? Just manage for a few days, then media will forget and we’ll set you free.
    Criminal: The real culprit is the girl! She was going to a PUB with boys! Bringing shame on our culture. Doesn’t she know that women are Godesses? Godesses shouldn’t go to Pubs with boys.

    Ya, but they can be beaten up, raped and molested, right?


  13. Why are no news programs raising the issue of cop to civilian ratio in India? It is one of the poorest in the world and falls below the UN recommended basic requirements. Our constables are poorly armed, have limited mobility, rooted to stations and inspire no fear in troublemakers. In USA a highly mobile and well armed cop is always on patrol in problem areas like pubs. The US cop is physically intimidating and has the authority to use deadly force which scares a lot of potential trouble makers.

    Everyone in the media is shouting about reactive police actions, somebody should ask why such crimes were even allowed to happen.

    I know that our country is much poorer than western nations, but India is taking concerted actions to improve our defense forces. I see everyday articles on billions of dollars being spent on defense. I wish we do the same with the Indian police force too.


  14. If such a thing were to happen to SOMEONE CLOSE TO ME, I would never file an FIR.I would quit my job for a year, then meticulously track down the perpetrators and then they would be begging me to kill them after what I do to them.Vigilante acts are the answer to this country.And If I were to die in such an incident, I would come to haunt and terrorise these scums of society and then leave this world.No mercy is to be shown to these depraved monsters.So Kiran Bedi better watch out what you say.


  15. I took time to read some of the comments here and it just feels so pathetic whats going on in the country. Look at us! The political system is hopeless, justice is biased and there is a power struggle everywhere. Someone rightly said we were better under the British. Whats more unfortunate than the whole case and the cowards standing by watching the tamasha is the police that’s taking so long to nab the goons even after having their images and the journalists who are still very immature. I remember when a friend of mine passed away after an accident and his mother was weeping a journalist came up to her and started asking questions like how to do feel? it must be really lonely without him…i mean wtf! dont you have brains? You gotta respect people when they are grieving!!
    I am still very young and feel ashamed that there are such pervs in my generation. It kinda shows how sex-starved the society is!! Our culture has become so hypocrite. On one hand you have the religions and your families telling thats not good…stay away from that..dont go there…thats bad and on the other hand you have media and entertainment industry pumping in sex nudity and obscenity. I bet none of those losers have a girlfriend or can even talk to a girl properly.
    In such a hopeless scenario, i feel women should arm themselves and with what ever they feel is helpful (my friends carries pepper spray all the time) because we are surrounded by idiots and you never know when you’ll encounter one


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