Musical Instruments on a Gulmohar tree ;)

So I was disappointed to find the Thursday Challenge theme for this week was Music (Musical Instruments) 😦
What I wanted to share was these pictures.

The Gulmohar tree is no longer a flaming orange and the Green Pigeons have gone.
But can you see the orange in the bokeh? That’s Gulmohar…

But the theme is Musical Instruments πŸ™„

And then I saw this post and realised how well these photographs fitted this theme!!
Have you seen better musical instruments? πŸ™‚

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Delightful pictures of green pigeon activity from myΒ balcony.


29 thoughts on “Musical Instruments on a Gulmohar tree ;)

  1. WOW, yessssssssss the best insturments for sure .. sadly i too havenot found anything for today’s theme… But at least you used your brain to come up with ..

    I could not even think

    lovely pictures πŸ™‚


  2. Musical Instruments?

    My mind immediately goes to bamboo!
    What a great musical instrument is the bamboo flute.
    In competent hands, it produces divine music.
    Heard TR Mahalingam or Ramani playing the short high pitched Carnatic Flute?
    Heard original doyen, Pannalal Ghosh or the later Hari Prasad Chaurasia or the modern flutist Ronu Mazumdar playing the long intimidating and low pitched Bansuri?
    They can produce bird song on this utterly simple but simply divine musical instrument.

    Sorry for this silence on the last few posts though I did read them all.
    Been awfully busy.
    Will write to you privately on some developments that have forced me to cut down my blog reading and commenting time.



  3. Love these pictures IHM.. have always loved your pictures

    One could make a story out of these –
    Assuming left side is Mr and right side is Mrs (I took these analogies from your last post on bird pictures:D)

    Mr – wow!! look at that (bird)babe!!
    Mrs – really?! you think she is that beautiful? *jealous*

    Mrs – I guess you find every bird hot except me, yap yap yap…
    Mr – *Silent*

    Mrs – You really think she is better looking than me, don’t you?
    Mr – Oh God! not again!!


    • Or,
      Ms. – wow!! look at that bird!!
      Mr – Don’t look at other birds, it’s against our culture! This family, community and country’s ‘honor’ is on your ever sacrificing shoulders? *jealous*

      Mr – oh wow!! Look that bird is a hot babe yap yap yap…
      Ms – *Silent*

      Ms – Double standards.
      Mr – These women always want to hear they are beautiful!! Feminists!


      • IHM,
        Patriarchal restrictions on females are a by product of society’s efforts to ensure only the off springs, and no one else get to inherit wealth. Birds are not able to generate much wealth that can be inherited and therefore probably do not have any Patriarchal restrictions on females. -:)


  4. Nothing can be more refreshing than the early morning chirping of birds……no ring tone of alarm can match that blissful twittering……..the ‘jungle orchestra stands unbeatable….


  5. How I love these lovely birds. I did a post on mynas. too and I miss the chirping of birds here. Apart from pigeons we rarely get to hear any bird sound. Thanks for sharing IHM.


  6. Great pics! I love Mynahs. They look so intelligent with those eyes of theirs..

    What happened to the green pigeons? 😦


  7. you know these birds we call them Kabar (gujarati) are by the thousands on Bharuch station.. there is a very old dome built by the British and these Kabars all live there ! and everyday at sunrise and sunset in the big dome they create a racquet that you cannot imagine… they make so much noise you cant talk to the person standing next to you without actually shouting… !

    Maybe someday I need to get a video of that… or maybe someday you should drop into bharuch for a live concert πŸ˜€


  8. The art of being a woman is to get away by doing whatever we want to do!!! πŸ˜€ Just kidding!!!
    And yes there are no better musical instrument than these.
    These birds always reminde of the childhood game when we saw them (have I already written this here?)
    1 For Sorrow
    2 For Joy
    3 for a letter
    4 for a boy πŸ˜€


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