Weird, funny facts about Misogynists.

The inspiration for the list below came from this list.  No humor is intended.

Note: All statistics are guess work.

We all know Misogynists are pretty commonly found in all parts of the world.  Have you ever imagined another side to them, not an insecure one at that? Actually, Misogynists can be quite intelligent; they are capable of doing things that would make men/women go red in the face! Such is their obsession with women, women’s sex lives, women’s clothes, women’s bodies… ahh the list is endless.

Misogynists are psychologically and physically different from men/women. They hide behind religion, gender stereotypes, patriarchy, custom, tradition, family values, honor etc. They may be obsessed with women’s age, weight, body shapes, skin tones, hymen, uterus etc but seeing women as humans is something Misogynists are not to known to do. On that note, we explore some funny, weird facts about Misogynists that are lesser-known.

Misogynists always carry their Sexism around: They see ‘women-folk’ as a different ‘species’ created to provide sex and be mothers, so they may feel awkward when women behave like people. And they really have no idea why women would object to being treated like mysterious aliens instead of ordinary humans.

Misogynists are obsessed with what women wear: They don’t just talk and write about what women wear, they try to enforce  their choices too. Indian male and female misogynists seem to see the sari quite favorably. Misogynists in other parts of the world have different preferences, but irrespective of location, misogynists always find time to watch what women wear.

Misogynists may or may not bathe everyday, it doesn’t seem to change their misogyny: They may or may not profess cleanliness and hygiene. They may or may not rely on deodorants and perfumes to smell good, but  97% misogynists think women’s bodies are their business.

Misogynists may or may not eat a hell lot: But they are known to make rules about what, how, when and how much should women eat and drink. 67% percent misogynists think women should eat after their spouse has eaten, 58% percent believe that women should eat after the entire family has eaten.

89.6% misogynists feel if you know what one human female does/eat/like, you know them all.

Why Misogynists love TV serials/Soap operas so much: We know most of the Saas-bahu TV serials and David Dhawan kind of movies look so stupid but Misogynists love them/find them funny. It’s possible that they just want to feel that there are other people like themselves? Now you should know why a Balika Vadhu kind of shows are created and are so famous.

Misogynists are also known to love to talk about women and sex: 99% percent of Misogynists tend to be obsessed with the female anatomy (including hymen and uterus etc). Most misogynists find feminists annoying because hey feminists make women sound like humans!

Other interesting facts about misogynists.

Misogynists can be found in male and female gender.

88% of misogynists tend to use generalizations and stereotypes to express, propagate and defend their Misogyny.

Misogynists maybe insecure, illiterate or highly educated, they come in many colors, shapes and sizes.

93% of misogynists have grown up in rigid Patriarchal environment. Strangely 14% of misogynists come from seemingly liberal environment too.

94.8% of Misogynists don’t realise that respect is a mutual thing.

72.3% percent Misogynists believe they have a sense of humor.

Around 86% of Misogynists claim to know what women think and how they feel, specially when it comes to sex, chocolates, mirrors, bags, high heels, shopping, other women, diamonds and  relationships.

78.6% misogynists don’t like women who disagree with them, 22% love to try and convince women why they are god’s gift to men and women.

Misogynists often support crimes against women, they also commit various crimes against women. And in the end explain that somehow the women themselves were responsible for the crimes.

87.2% misogynists believe women can spend a whole day before the mirror, 89.8% believe this is what provokes misogynists to commit sexual crimes.

80% misogynists claim women don’t need sex as often as men do. 86% percent misogynists feel sex is more about emotions for women.

When asked to choose between being born a man or a woman in their next life, 100% of Misogynists say they do not want to be reborn as women.

– If you know any other funny facts about Misogynists please add to the list.


62 thoughts on “Weird, funny facts about Misogynists.

  1. Misogynists are certain that if women changed according to misogynistic ideas, most social and political problems wouldn’t exist. After all, it’s only their unwillingness to adapt that causes these problems.


  2. I find such articles, like the one you based your post on really funny. India is not only the country where the society in general knows very little about women from a biological perspective and even less about women in the social context. Yet mediocre media like the TOI publicize content of a severely dissorted, immature and ignorant nature.

    What makes me laugh the most is that graphic images supporting those articles often present Caucasian women. And these are the media targeting Indian audiences.

    Logic? None.


    • And there was a Caucasian woman in the post about virginity for women too. Imagine wondering how often ‘women’ bathe!! Don’t they sound like they are totally obsessed with women – and still fail to see them as people???


      • I can imagine where that comes from. It’s like a defense mechanism of a 5-year-old. It is supposed to make insecure men feel better about themselves, in this way: “hey guys, it’s okay if you stink, look at women – they don’t shower every day!”


  3. Here is some useful information about the word misogynist that is not commonly known.

    The Americans pronounce it as मिसाजिनिस्ट.
    The British pronounce it as मिसजिनिस्ट.

    I have heard a quite a few incorrect pronunciations in India notably माईसोगाइनिस्ट.

    Looks like this Biben Laikhuram has got your goat! Yes, you have competently torn his arguments to shreds. After reading Sumana’s comment on the previous post I too checked out this writer and read some of his articles in Toi and was amazed Toi has given this fellow so much space. If Toi is short of good contributions all it needs do is to tap blogs like yours and those of some of your readers and request permission to reproduce some excellent writings that are available. My contempt for this paper is increasing day by day but the malady has affected nearly every other newspaper and I don’t see an alternative.
    The day is not far when I will learn to live without newspapers.


      • they are also driven by the readership-base; I think they get more number of hits than any other online edition because of their questionable content. i’ll bet it is a conscious, strategic decision to present content this way.


      • IHM, I don’t thinks it’s an indifference that leads to the content. Like Sumana says this is a deliberate strategy. as for the choice of images accompanying the articles- atleast 60% of the images will be of women- mostly caucasian, scantily clad etc etc. even a story on cellphones in the business pages will have a woman in a skimpy top speaking on the phone! I don’t think of the toi as worth anything other than shelf-lining paper or as some friends have put it- toilet reading at best.


    • Thanks for the correct pronunciation, GVjee. I used to read it as me-so-guy-knee. Never said the word though.


    • @GVJee so the “so” is not pronounced?

      @IHM I’m wondering what TOI is up to with these articles. On the previous one about virgins, I was pleasantly surprised that a huge number of comments rejected the nonsense projected in the article. I’m wondering whether by publishing this outrageous stuff TOI is upping the clicks onto its site, attracting more than its fair share of liberals to thumb down the piece. And of course, the conservatives would nod in assent, so something of a win-win for them. Do these pieces appear in the print edition also?


      • Yes.. Not as horrible. But I have read a few articles about how women behave and what they should do. I don’t remember them though. I remember being outraged and then reading the letters to the editor next time and there were people agreeing with the completely misogynistic view of the author. Only 1 letter was shown that was neutral. I later read a couple other articles too.
        Then again, even The Hindu can post stuff. Though their articles aren’t stupid- but intelligent men saying that women are stupid is worse in some ways..


  4. Misogynists also have a patented and unique sense of humour that draws sharp attention to women’s ‘low IQ’. Clue – look out for jokes that have punch lines starting with ‘bitch please’; ‘what is the difference between a woman and an umbrella/light bulb/t.v.remote and other inanimate objects’; all the ‘women can’t drive/can’t park/can’t operate gadgets’ jokes; all the jokes on marriages (about how life ends for the guy, and he has to lock away credit cards); all the jokes about how ‘women start wars – e.g. Sita, Helen of Troy etc’; jokes about women’s jealousy (over other women’ and so on. After sharing such ‘jokes’ the misogynist usually feels very pleased about his own sophistication…


    • Oh yes, and they are doubly delighted when women don’t find these jokes funny–it gives them another chance to berate them for their low IQ / taking offence where none is meant / lacking a sense of humour.


      • There was a heated debate on the issue of reservations for men on an alumni page of St. Stephen’s college. In the middle of that a guy actually thought it was funny to post a list of reasons why beer is better than women, the first being that beer is always wet. So another amazing fact about misogynists- they are SO damn stupid that they aren’t able to even pretend to be otherwise, even in a forum where they will be judged!


    • Even as I was reading your comment, I received the following “joke” in my mail box that well illustrates your point.

      The story of the bank robber
      A man with a gun goes into a bank and demands their money. Once he is given the money, he turns to a customer and asks, “Did you see me rob this bank?”
      The man replied, “Yes sir, I did.” The robber then shot him in .the head, killing him instantly.
      He then turned to a couple standing next to him and asked the man, “Did you see me rob this bank?”
      The man replied, “No sir, I didn’t, but my wife did !”
      When Opportunity knocks….Don’t lose it& 😉



        • Precisely.
          I believe such jokes are called “sick jokes”

          Here is another sample but the shoe is on the other foot this time.
          But you don’t get to read samples like the following, too often.

          The wife is in the bathroom.
          The door bell rings.
          “Whose that ?”, she calls out.
          “It’s us folks from the city morgue. Your husband has been run over by a road roller”
          “Oh that’s okay, just slip him in from under the door”



        • I haven’t been able to understand these jokes either. If the partner is so irritating, why not just leave them and move on?


      • I have come to dislike it when men make fun of their wives in social situations as well. It is so boring and cliched. I have now begun to tell off the older men in my family who resort to this.


  5. Hi IHM, the Mr suggested that this can be extended—-

    Misogynists often support crimes against women, they also commit various crimes against women. and in the end explain somehow that that the women themselves were responsible for the crimes.


    • I tried.
      But “Calvin and Hobbes ” makes me want to stick with this paper.
      I need my daily dose of this comic strip, and also Peanuts, Beau Peep etc along with my morning coffee.
      Besides my wife needs some Raddi for the Raddiwalla.
      And what better “raddi” can you get?

      The occasional brilliant pieces from Bachi Karkaria and from Jug Suraiya also make it difficult for me to ditch this paper.
      The weekend Crest edition also compensates for the mediocre fare on other days.


        • Thanks N.
          I have bookmarked this link on my Ipad.
          Most enjoyable.
          I’ll also check if it is readable on my 5.3 ” Galaxy Note.
          This will help me pass time when I wait in my car at parking lots and traffic signals and traffic jams.
          I didn’t know about this website before.


      • GV – the print edition of TOI is better with the sections you’ve mentioned. THe online edition – I somehow feel this is ‘outsourced’ to a third party who is measured only on quantitative parameters such as revenue, number of hits etc. I suspect if they start putting up intelligent stuff esp more analytical articles, start moderating comments, stop bollywood gossip sections, and follow a policy of not putting up photos of nude women – their readership, revenue, no. of hits -everything will drop dramatically.


      • You dont have to endure TOI for C&H 🙂 There is an iphone app for calvin n hobbes which I have on my phone. For other times, as N mentioned, I use for all my favorite comics


    • Nish I like the fact that the newspaper is liberal, and ofcourse like GVjee pointed out it has Jug Suraiya 🙂 I basically use the TOI app on my SII more than actually read the newspaper – but I had missed these gems somehow, and the third one about Arranged Marriages!!


    • Bikram, take a look here, basically Misogynists are people who hate women,

      Misogyny is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. … misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women… Misogyny has been characterized as a prominent feature of various religions.

      Misogyny is manifested in many different ways, from jokes to pornography to violence to the self-contempt women may be taught to feel toward their own bodies.

      Though most common in men, misogyny also exists in and is practiced by women against other women or even themselves.


  6. Misogynists divide unmarried women into 2 categories: virgins and sluts. Married women are by default nurses and sometimes purses too. Sex with wife is ghar ka khana while infidelity is like eating out. However, the wife can never eat out.


  7. Misogynists believe women cannot do math, therefore they carry tampons with them everywhere. Because heck our periods come every month, on the same date, at the same time and only when we our at home. * shakes head at male stupidity *


  8. Its official 99% think Times of India is run by incompetent, senseless dotards. Everyday I seem to find more reasons to be ashamed of saying I grew up on this paper.

    BTW the other 1% work in Times of India.


  9. this does resonate doesn’t it… goes to show how inextricable love and hate for the opposite gender are. i really don’t think it is a man or a woman thing. the hate really comes from the realization of incompleteness without the other. of course, i am not talking about the hate that is more of a contempt of women, the kind that motivates gender crimes, but more about the hate that causes people to come up with silly and perhaps sick husband wife jokes. the beauty of all of those jokes is that they work just as well if you reverse the roles, and trust me, works on men and women equally… a great post and a rather passionate discussion…


  10. I’m not a ToI reader, so I don’t know much about newspaper politics. But I’d say, this piece is hilarious. The last line needs a little work though. If 100% of misogynists believe in a next life, this makes misogny specific to Hinduism.

    There is another type of misogynist that could do with a mention – the misognist who is ‘nice’ to women who represent a ‘special interest’ (sexual prospect) but it otherwise contemptous of women – especially women he considers ‘behenji’ or ‘aunty’ types. These are probably the most ubiquitous among misogynists.


    • @Atheist Indian – You have a point. It should be, “When asked to choose between being born a man or a woman in their next life, 100% of Misogynists said they did not want to be reborn a woman.”


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  12. Misogyny is the religion of indian men and is deep seated in those nienderthalian like people’s collective unconscious.they think misogyny is a universal order what those ignorant apes must sustain.


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