Why should girls have all the fun?

From the foyer of a residential building…

I have been wondering if I should get him an appointment?

Who do you think has more style, this guy in the picture above or this guy 😉

Thursday Challenge theme – “STYLE” (Hair, Makeup, Perfume bottles, Mirrors, Formal Wear, Dresses,…)

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14 thoughts on “Why should girls have all the fun?

  1. ROFL!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Bik, you look too nice! :mrgreen:
    Sher Khan gives a mean stare and he has ATTITUDE!! Besides, I like pink noses!! 😀 😀 😀

    Hyuk, hyuk, this style thing is turning into a total riot!! :Lol:

    Bik, I don’t care how many thumbs-down you generally get. You get two thumbs-up from me for just being you!!! 😀


  2. Though I am a cat lover, definitely not THIS cat… He looks mean and bad, the conniving, conspiring type. he he he – all in good jest though, in case he decides to scratch me with his sharp taloned paws – and that deadly stare. 😉 😉


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