Satyamev Jayate – Is Mother India going to end up being a mother of sons alone?

Satyamev Jayate, Amir Khan’s show, can be watched on You Tube – please watch it if you have missed it. This is one of the rare times when we are seeing a social issue being discussed seriously by the media. The show is being described on twitter as a ‘movement’.

When Amir Khan started the show with talking about motherhood, I feared for a brief moment that he was going to talk about gajar ka halwa made by mothers for their sons, but this first episode turned out to be more than anything I had expected. The question Amir has asked in this episode is,

Kya Bharat mata sirf ladkon ki hi maa bankar rah jayegi? Ya is desh ki betiyon ko jeene ka haque milega?”  – Is Mother India going to end up being a mother of sons alone? Or will the daughters of this nation will also get the right to live?

You can watch it tomorrow (Monday) morning at 9 30 am too. The best part is, the show is being telecast on DD too. I asked my domestic helpers to watch it too – the way the show is done, it would make sense to all those who are affected by it, i.e. all Indians.

Amir explains that the father’s Y chromosome decided the gender of the baby. He also simplifies why ignoring the issue is not really an option, because nobody is going to remain unaffected by it.  He explained what baby girl killing actually means for the society, how it means more trafficking of women to be sold as ‘wives’, less respect for wives and women since they can be bought and sold and then resold. (Remember, Baby Falak’s mother had been sold to a man in Rajasthan as his ‘wife’).  How 914 women for a 1000 men translates to millions of missing women and millions of men who are not able to find partners. He recommended solutions – what works he said would be action against the perpetrators. (The same thing works for all crimes, including for sexual crimes against women)

It was good to see single mothers – women who had walked out of their marriages to save and to raise their daughters, being applauded. Don’t you think this would encourage other women in similar situation to take bolder stands too?

Did you watch the show? What did you think? There was some criticism on twitter because some felt that Amir Khan should not accept payment for the show – I feel what he is saying remains relevant whether or not he is earning through the show.

Also, I believe female sex selective abortions are only a symptom of a much larger malaise – the real culprit is Patriarchy. I hope this show becomes a much needed antidote for our male-child worshiping Patriarchal saas bahu serials.

I hope the coming episodes also talk about the need for every Indian woman (and man) working and living on their own and becoming self reliant, for an year before they get married and about no woman marrying for financial security (or no man marrying because he needs home cooked meals). One of the mothers said she wished she had walked out of her marriage earlier – but she had no idea she could survive on her own.

Do you think this show will continue to discuss more issues – with same seriousness – say, like how sexual crimes against women are also connected with the Indians not valuing their daughters? Do you agree that they are directly connected? How?


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  1. This is a big coincidence , I am about to post on the same but my view is different and I saw a different thing that the show showed.

    the episode talked a lot about good things and also showed how hipocrite the people are .. I beleive this show will do good and i hope more people see it so good sense prevails

    I do think that people need to stop talking of stupid issues and actually work on something which is much more required..
    the current trend of man bashing maybe shud take a back seat till such important issues as female death is taken care of and its not just the men who are doing it
    its women too who are equally responsible in this carnage … out of 140 doctors caught 7 years ago as shown in the clip many are women who are killing a baby for 2thousand rupees .. shame it is

    will post mine too


    • //I do think that people need to stop talking of stupid issues and actually work on something which is much more required..//
      – Which issues are stupid issues Bikram?

      //the current trend of man bashing maybe shud take a back seat till such important issues as female death is taken care of and its not just the men who are doing it its women too who are equally responsible in this carnage//

      Bikram ofcourse, men and women both support Patriarchy which is behind such crimes.
      What do you mean by ‘male bashing’? Do you mean the husbands of the women should not be condemned for biting, beating and forcing them to abort their girl babies? At the same time of course there are mothers in law who pressurize them to abort – they should be condemned too.
      Please also consider – why does any Indian want to have only male children?


      • I knew this would come .. By male bashing I mean with all the posts and comments i read. Men did this men do this .. and its quiet a lovely pass time these days ..

        I did not say men who are doing wrong shud not be condemned , Please dont twise the words.

        somewhere in many of the cases there is also a WOMEN involved who supports that man to go and beat the woman , that woman can be a mother , a sister tooo..

        and THIS IS precisely what i mean its so easy to pick the word MAN BASHING and everyone talks of that word , yet I only said maybe take a back seat and more work needs to be done on the issue highlighted in the episode.

        I also wrote that many of the doctors were women who are helping doing it ..

        There are also men like in nawashehar who hve done a commendable job so NOT all men are bad and same way not all women are good ..

        Like i said there is a women too involved in the atrocity at some stage its not just the man who does it .. as you saw the episode the Doctor whose mother in law actually kicked the baby down the stairs .. It was not a man who forced her.

        This program was not about men or women it was about girl foeticide but as we are talking it has become more of how men .. and this is exactly what i mean ..


        • I know IHM , I jsut hope and wish that this episode does not become what generally happens.
          I really really WISH and want this issue to remain and people focus on the issue of Female Foeticide rather than go on tangents ..

          That is what problem we have in india and thats what i mean on useless isssues ..

          So focus on this issue and lets get together ALL OF US , all the women and men .. all of us and work to eradicate this menance .. Let us all do it and save the next generation of our great nation thats all I want ..


        • But Bikram, I don’t think any daughter would like it if her parents didn’t kill her ONLY because it was illegal to kill her and only because religion doesn’t permit her parents to kill her.

          No child – girl or boy, deserves to be loved or wanted less than their brothers or sisters. Don’t you think so? Why don’t Indian parents want to have daughters as much as they want to have sons?


        • You tell me why , Why does a mother want a BOY and not a girl, Why does a mother in law want that her daughter in law should have a son only..

          I cant answer that question, I dont know why , I can reply on what I WANT or what my family has taught me .. That is what i can vouch for. I can only tell you what my beliefs are or what beliefs i work on ..

          To me at the moment the issue is what the program highlighted and Not what it may or might become , thats all i will say.


        • Mothers want a son because,
          1. Their in laws/society/community treat them better if they have sons.
          2. Mothers are not self reliant – no inheritance, often no financial support – they depend on sons, specially in their old age. If they have daughters she will have to be sent to live with her in-laws (with dowry). They have almost no right in marital property.
          3. Like in the cases on this show, their husbands might torture the wives if they have daughters.
          Mothers/fathers in law want grandsons because they also feel their ‘vansh’ won’t continue without male children. Etc etc.
          Without solving these ‘tangent’ issues, can we really solve the problem of girl-children being unwanted?


        • Agree with you Bikram, for once. 🙂

          I see your point. However, in Indian society, men have more social power and authority than do women.

          So they can change things faster than women can. I’ve seen this happen in my own family.

          When a woman talks about equality and freedom, she is derided, silenced and dismissed.
          However, when a man talks about equality and women’s rights, he is listened to in respectful silence.

          It is much more difficult for women to fight deep-rooted biases than it is for men.

          Instead of Aamir, what if Nandita Das, Shabana Azmi or even Kareena Kapoor were anchoring Satyamev Jayate?

          The show would have never garnered the attention it does with Aamir as the anchor.

          Aamir is more credible in part because of his celebrity status and in part, because of his XY chromosomes.

          There also no denying that vast multitudes of Indian men have very medieval attitudes towards women and usually, the male-bashing on IHM’s blog is a reaction to that.


        • biwo. wow that strange, someone agreeing with me .. but as you can see me saying that we should all get together and work towrds this problem , HAs not gone well with a lot of people ..

          you can see the thumbs down .. such is the mentality of our people … If i had put in a comment that MEN are the reason for this problem a lot of people who have clicked on the thumbs down would have given a thubs up here ..

          the problem in our nation is we love hijacking a idea and using it for own good. And I jsut hope this show also does not get hijacked.

          I have re read my comments again , thinking what have i written wrong , WIll put them up as a post on my blog too and ask every one ..

          As i said if i had written MEN and did a bit of men bashing things would have been different.

          Thanks anyway for agreeing you might have put urself into the firing range by doing that …


        • Bikram, for the most part I agree with you that sometimes us women folk may be knowingly or unknowingly perpetuating the same stereotypes against our own gender. Or maybe its that these women are still not reassured that having a girl baby is a wonderful thing.Not something to cry over.
          IHM, the reasons you stated can explain to a large part why women themselves prefer sons but then there are those women who don’t fall into those categories as well. I speak from personal experience as a pregnant woman who is thrilled that she is going to have a baby girl. A woman colleague of mine asked me if I knew the sex of my baby and when I mentioned it was a girl her smile faded and her only response was “Ohhh!” To put things in perspective, she has a doctorate degree and works as a scientist in a liberal research university in the US. She is financially independent and lives in a developed, forward thinking country. I know that my daughter and her kids will, in all probably, never face serious discrimination because of their gender. She personally has nothing to gain or lose from me having a girl baby. And yet there it was…the palpable disappointment in the fact that I was not having a boy.
          Both of us are first generation immigrants. I am from India and she is from China. This left me wondering if the ‘girl child is better than a boy child’ belief has been so ingrained into our cultures that this woman still subconsciously believes it. Even when she is living proof that its not the case.
          Or is it just a persons character which determines it? My husbands uncle had a huge and genuine smile on his face when he found out we were having a girl. “Ghar me Lakshmi anne wali hai” was his response. And he is a man who has half the education and half the world-exposure my colleague has. The world needs more men like this uncle.


        • @ biwo
          Reminds me of an anecdote when I was a first officer flying SF3 in a European country. There was this East European lady I knew, who told me very conspiratorally that she would prefer men fly planes rather than women. Apparently, she would be very insecure if a plane she was in, had no male pilots. So I guess, gender bias is not country specific.

          This was of course, before I was exposed to the unadulterated male chauvinism in North India where a boss could make an outright sexist statement in a room full of men and women without any of them flinching. I have seen the kind of social disrespect you mention as well, where the opinions of male officers would have precedence over the females.

          Recently, there was an incident where a female captain ended up with a tail strike in an A319. While there have been countless cases where male pilots have made errors of far worse magnitude, that a woman did it, made news. It is a sad case, really.


        • @IHM:
          “Mothers are not self reliant – no inheritance, often no financial support – they depend on sons, specially in their old age. If they have daughters she will have to be sent to live with her in-laws (with dowry). They have almost no right in marital property.”

          Excuse me, but it is every daughter’s duty to take care of her parents. Where we consistenty scream about women’s lib and equal rights, how can you say that a mother has to depend on the son in her old age… are you saying daughters abandon their parents when they get married??? I am stymied, since I don’t have a brother, and I have always taken it as a duty to ensure that my parents are looked after well when they need me.

          Can’t accept this – HERE is where the real change is needed. The mother who aborts the girl child, wants a son because her daughter wont support her financially???!! Hard to digest. Very hard.

          And this is where, as daughters, we have to pull back our sleeves and take responsibility for our parents, our mothers and our unborn daughters.



        • Punam J R – I agree, I agree!! I have listed the dangerous and very common thought process that makes Indian parents see daughters as liabilities and sons as old age plans. Without daughters being seen as ‘children’ instead of being seen as liabilities, the attitudes will not change. And ofcourse both sons and daughters are equally capable of caring for the parents if required.


        • Actually, the doctor did mention that her husband kicked/pushed her from the window, when she was pregnant and she fell almost two floors down and called her father soon after. So clearly she was abused by her husband too.


      • I think @ the core of the issue is the core of the person. My mother was oprhaned during world War II at the of 5. Yet she pushed me and my sister more than my brothers to study and excel. She didnt even complete middle school. When I was leaving for the US for my College and I was crying she said”It is important that you stand on your own feet, you will be better off there than here” My father, the love of her life having passed, she wanted to make sure all the girls would be independent in every sense of the word. When I found out I was having a boy. I was thrilled, I just wanted a health child, when I found out I was having a daughter I was ecstatic as was my family and my mother in law and 86 year old grandmother-in-law who was secretly praying for a great grand daughter. I am highly educated in terms of the paper, yet in my field of work I see more uneducated people with Ivy league ph.d’s than my 4th grade literate mother.


  2. Yes, I too watched it , (the latter part of today’s transmission)
    Normally I don’t watch much Tv except T20 matces.
    Today was a lucky day on Tv
    My wife was so impressed with Satyameva Jayate, that she somehow persuaded me to detach myself from my ipad and watch the show with her.
    I enjoyed it and also thought of you while watching it on Tv
    The lucky TV watching day today climaxed just a short while ago.
    A B Devilliers was devastating with the bat and was the most important contributor to Rcb’s win today against DC in tonight’s Ipl match.
    Will comment tomorrow on Satyameva Jayate.
    Good night


  3. I loved it, also blogged about it. A bit too soon to say ‘movement’ though it is the right start for one. Am not a naysayer – very, very happy to see this on national TV, addressing people who might think this way. Mindset change is possible and I think that is the key – it always has been and maybe, just maybe we still have a shot at it within this decade! ;-D

    Loved the example of the village in the middle of bad-sex-ratio heartland – a 1000 – 1000 ratio, who would have thunk it?!

    I would argue for him to be paid double the normal. He’s no activist (even activists need to be paid for what they do….another discussion!), an entertainer using his expertise to provide intelligent programming, supporting a team/company that brings this together, the more he gets paid, the more such programming we get to see?


    • Pffffttt!! So people who work for social progress must wear dirty clothes and scrape through the dustbin for leftover food? I totally agree with you, Sangitha.


      • Totally agree. Activists don’t survive on air alone, contrary to Indian expectations! Ideally activists should get paid – hard struggling on an empty stomach. Sometimes I despair at this extreme “sacrificial” attitude that exists in India! Why expect do-gooders to just scrape by, when the rest of society aspires to riches?


    • Isn’t that at the heart of the whole programme, in a way? People who really need to see programmes like this, and mull on the ideas propogated, and implement them, are the ones who are more likely to watch if there is a big star behind it. Instead of a relatively unknown to masses activist. So more power to Amir for putting his money on this, rather than mindless entertainment. And of course he desreves every paisa of the money he makes out of it.


  4. I was crying from the word go, IHM! I loved it and I hope it is able to impact far and wide across our country. If the show continues to cover such pressing issues with the kind of seriousness and commitment that was so evident today then we are in for a huge wave of change for the better! I fully agree with what one of the survivors said in the show- she said that people who endured abuses and violence and didnt stand up to fight them were as much a party to the crime as the ones committing those atrocities! God its such a shameful state of affairs in our society 😦


    • Yes I cried too, I am sure many others did too… I loved that he explained everything so simply, so everybody from any background could relate to it… I hope the rest of the episodes are equally good.


  5. I am bummed that youtube isnt letting me watch the show in the US. Not available in my country 😦 Btw, check out the satyamev jayate fanpage on facebook. The conversation there is heartening. Its true that the very same show held by a non celebrity wouldnt have worked the same magic. But im glad Aamir did it, people respect him and now both the educated/uneducated masses will watch and learn and understand and hopefully examine themselves and their actions more closely.


  6. I really liked the small details & facts ( like about father responsible for child’s gender, what is a gynaecologist and what a figure of 914/1000 implies…) were explained by the anchor of the show in a very simple language so that every strata of society gets the message…..

    Another point was that it showed how many other crimes are inter-related with this issue of female -foeticide….When they were showing those bunch of unmarried guys, it reminded me of a Hindi movie “Matribhoomi”…which portrays the horrendous after effects of skewed sex ratio…

    May be if the root of the problem is addressed “that why they want a boy ?” and a change of mindset is brought at that point only then this issue might get proper resolution

    And I liked the positive aspect shown where a single person starting a movement against femal-foeticide in Punjab and the 1000/1000 score in one of the villages…


  7. Why is it that our country is the weakest and the most backward of all countries? — Because Shakti is held in dishonour there.Writing down Smritis etc., and binding them by hard rules, the men have turned the women into mere manufacturing machines!

    And look at our girls, becoming mothers below their teens!! Good Lord! I now see it all. Brother, ” — The gods are pleased where the women are held in esteem” — says the old Manu. We are horrible sinners, and our degradation is due to our calling women “despicable worms”, “gateways to hell”, and so forth. Goodness gracious! There is all the difference between heaven and hell!! ” He adjudges gifts according to the merits of the case” (Isha, 8). Is the Lord to be hoodwinked by idle talk? The Lord has said, ” — Thou art the woman, Thou art the man, Thou art the boy and the girl as well.” (Shvetâshvatara Upa.) And we on our part are crying, ” Who has made the bewitching woman?”

    That country and that nation which do not respect women have never become great, nor will ever be in future. The principal reason why your race has so much degenerated is that you have no respect for these living images of Shakti. Manu says, “Where women are respected, there the gods delight; and where they are not, there all works and efforts come to naught.” There is no hope of rise for that family or country where there is no estimation of women, where they live in sadness. (V7. p.214-15)

    ~ Swami Vivekananda


  8. Hi IHM,
    I missed the show in the morning but caught it at night! My views are as follows:
    !) It is so good to see a “star” using his reach to do good and not sell fairness creams.
    2) Yes, the first episode was great and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for forthcoming ones.
    3) For once, there was no manufactured drama with the camera lingering on teary faces with shrill background music. THis show was more subtle, more realistic, more down-to-earth and more meaningful than anything I’ve seen on Indian TV. Again, keeping fingers crossed…
    4) The most shocking thing to me (and the show was a series of shocks!) was that the whole thing started as a government-approved and -sponsored program. Seriously, what were they thinking?
    5) I liked the multiple angles with which the problem was viewed – mother, doctor, law, origin and subsequent epidemic, consequences (to men and women), action taken by media, hope in the form of one village, one man making a difference etc.

    BTW, the first thing I did on logging on was to check your blog to see your views on it. I was constantly thinking about you while watching the show!


  9. Did I mention I love Aamir Khan? Or is that not quite relevant to the matter? 😛

    I’ll now go off and wallow in pure unadulterated Aamir. Thanks for the link! I’ll reserve my comment for after I watch it.


  10. This program is about social issues, this week it was on girl child but it may not always focus on women problems, there are some serious issues which need to be sorted out this was one of them, I only hope that whatever issues are discussed during this slot, do make some changes in the mind set-up of Indian mentality……


  11. I cried too. but I wonder how this show can bring in a change in the thought process of people who are blinded and those that host devils in their head. anyways a bold attempt. atleast he is trying. Rape, molestation, dowry, lets c what else he comes up with


  12. IHM,
    In true Aamir Khan style, he has covered the details so meticulously. I hope he brings a lot more pressing issues to the fore. What really saddened me most was when the lawyer to one of the victims said that the judge presiding over the case passed comments such as ‘What is wrong with wanting a boy child?’ ‘Why the rush to arrest the husband and in-laws?’ AND ‘I do not know the law’
    Really???? How are we supposed to hope then that the victims will get justice? 😦


  13. Such program, such attitude, such genuine concern from a celebrity. All are needed.

    Initially he mentioned sms to a non-toll free number for the cause I got
    a little jittery and then I immediately noticed he said- it will charge only 1 re- per sms (compared to 3 rs. otherwise) and all the money
    goes to charity..and one can sms any number of time, I thought I would do a direct donation instead . That is the least of what I can do..

    and despite knowing so much the stories are still so gross..imagine a human biting out another human !.. cannibalism? & yet no one seem to
    care enough..

    lots of very touching stuff..and I salute those Mom’s who braved it up!


  14. I was waiting for your post on the show 🙂 …liked it and agreed with all the points…i wish like you metioned they would also go after the reasons for which girl chld is considered unwated, patriarchy, dowry(which makes people think of a girl as financial burden), our society being unsafe for girls along with showing the consequenes of female foeticide and going after doctors who support this…
    Is there someplace we can suggest this to them…..


      • Don’t you think it would be too much – an overload? Am sure they have these viewpoints and have decided to get to a ‘just right’ level of information. I would much rather have them reach the people who need to listen to this information than have them turn off people in large numbers by giving them too much.

        He seems to have got it right – I would just want him to give it his try, as an entertainer, he’d know better than me how much to give an audience.


        • maybe you are right sangitha…it might be too idealistic to cover all these issues within the same topic….and stringent punishmnet would deter people from going for female foeticide..this might be appropriate for them to do within their range….its just that I felt that adressing the issue of why a girl child becomes unwanted in the first place would be more of a solution to the problem…i was seeing this video today, the couple is poor and the man re-emphasizes that because they don’t have money for dowry and girl is a financial liability he does not want the girl child to be born…but as you said he woud know better about how much to give the audience through this platfrom ..

          india’s missing girls-part 2


      • sounds great…i saw the website now and there is a comment/speakup section where we could put in our veiws…it would help if someone knew him personally 😛


      • A** backward policy of an entertainment industry of a state that typifies what the program said – Bangalore has an overall sex ratio of 908. Did you know that the ban on dubbed programs is self imposed and self enforced by this entertainment industry?!


        • Well obviously, wasn’t that wife beater of an actor protected by the film association, while his actress wife was banned from working in the State? Not to mention the same state where the esteemed Ram Sene and their assaults on women to protect Indian “culture”. I am surprised more people are not killing their girls in Karnataka, tbh.


        • I am extremely surprised and disturbed about Sex ratio in Bangalore, hence I looked up at the census reports . Having grown up all over Karnataka and in some other states up north, I had never seen major discrimination against girls, though a boy is always welcomed more …

          A little more – The male-female ratio in Karnataka rose marginally to 968 females per 1,000 males in 2011.
          In 2001 census, it was 965 females for every 1,000 males.

          Udupi has 1,093 females per 1,000 men, 1,019 in Kodagu (coorg) and 1,018 in Dakshina Kannada.

          There is perceptible increase in sex ratio was seen in Kodagu (+23), Chikmagalur (+21), Chamarajanagar (+18), Dharwad (+18), Shimoga (+17), and Mysore (+18).

          Bangalore has the lowest sex ratio, at just 908 females per 1,000 males as per Census 2011, as against 965 females in 2001.

          I am wondering if Bangalore is seeing these changes because there are lot of people from other states now settled here? Also it can be because there are more clinics here doing ultrasounds? …..Still very disturbed about this…



  15. Absolutely LOVED the show. I don’t watch any TV but a negative status message on my cousin’s profile made me curious and I watched it. I don’t care how much money he makes from the show….but even if one doctor aborting fetuses is sent to jail, if one woman finds the courage to prevent an abortion, if one female fetus is saved….it is ALL worth it.


  16. IHM,
    I have always wondered why the stars today do not take up social cause on television. They could make such a huge difference. Amitabh Bachchhan did wonders for the Polio campaign.
    What Aamir did yesterday is praiseworthy. He must have made so many people aware. He must have filled so many people with courage, with hope.
    I had difficulty holding back my tears. We cannot change bad people but we must make them accountable. My blood boiled when I saw the sting operation story. Given a chance, I would personally peel off the skin of all those 140 doctors.
    I hope better sense prevails and this madness ends.


    • A shiver ran down my spine when one of the FEMALE doctors cheerfully said, “We cannot dispose it (the foetus) off here, nor can we throw it in a dustbin. You can bury it on your way back or throw it somewhere.”

      Deceased pets and dying street animals are given a more dignified farewell.

      I hope that when she passes on, that doctor’s remains are given the same “courtesy” as the little foetuses she extinguised.

      I am pro-choice, but don’t aborted foetuses deserve some sort of funerary ritual?


      • Biwo, I think to give an aborted foetus a funeral would be to acknowledge that it is a life. And the whole legality of abortion and much of the moral arguments surrounding it depends on not acknowledging a foetus as a life.


        • Yes, I understand that, which is why I’m conflicted. However, it is barbaric to throw aborted foetuses into a well or in the river.

          I said this in an Indian context, where abortion rights aren’t in danger as they are in the US.

          I fully understand how the pro-life movement in the US would seize on a sentiment like mine to prove that foetuses are human beings.

          My belief in the sacredness of all life sits ill with being pro-choice. Yep, I have MAJOR cognitive dissonance about this. 🙂


        • Biwo, for what it’s worth, though I am pro-choice, I find all the discussions about the exact point at which life starts ridiculous. On one hand, we are taught that even plants have life, amoeba is alive… but apparently a foetus at 8 weeks with a heartbeat and the beginning of limbs and all is not. Seems like academics of convenience to me. I’d rather just call a spade a spade even if I chose to have an abortion and get on with it. If one has to snuff out life at the early stage for whatever reason, the individual should be free to judge if the reasons are big enough and make the choice but why pretend that one is not taking a life?

          About the funerals for foetuses, I think someone who has decided to abort would not want to prolong the ordeal with a memorial service after. Frankly, it is the responsibility of the hospital – which would consider the foetus ‘hospital waste’ – to dispose of it. Would they give the remains of any other hospital procedure to the patients in a bag to dispose of themselves? In many countries there are regulations on this, but in India, of course, it’s all a grey area.


  17. I loved the detailing. The way he explained Father is actually responsible for the sex of a child and what actually 914 vs 1000 means. Yes I do think many women are going to get the courage to speak up or walk out now. I had always assumed that female –foeticide was a result of poverty and illiteracy – what an eye opener this show was !
    I would have loved it had he also analyzed the reasons behind female –foeticide in India ….


  18. Dear Amir Khan,

    You have really touched the core issues which our Nation faces now in a very positive way and hope you will eventually touch all the issues in coming episodes.I am sure every right thinking Indian will watch this show and be part of it and allow it to reach it to it’s logical conclusions in coming months.

    I want to be part of this silent campaign in a very dignified way without hurting any body’s ego.I am sure you will achieve the desired goal.

    With Love & regards



    • “I want to be part of this silent campaign in a very dignified way without hurting any body’s ego.”

      That may be difficult my friend. When you begin to speak up for women’s rights, you usually find that you hurt more egos than you had planned for. 🙂


    • A comment on this article – “I’d much rather watch Ballika Badhu …” So people prefer to watch about a “happy” child marriage than how to stop it. Humans never fail to amaze me!


      • the comments are disheartening indeed. And anyway it is not a “happy” child marriage from what I’ve heard .. that balika badhu’s hubby apparently married some other lady and she is the Tyaagmoorti 😀


  19. The think I liked is a Doctor from some remote part of Rajasthan explained how the tribal are not affected by gender of the child. They are happy with the child and don’t go for gender screening.
    Another thing which show pointed was how education is doing little for this case as educated parents also opting for gender selection. So at least we should have a social class where all these things like gender equality can be taught to younger generation. I will wait for that day where a brother will start fighting for his unborn sister.


  20. “Amir explains that the father’s Y chromosome decided the gender of the baby.”
    I have always wondered why this fact is to publicized more so that MILS and sons stop blaming the DILs for not giving them male progeny. I am glad that is being talked about. I haven’t seen the show for obvious reasons. Maybe I will watch it when I get back. (I can’t keep away from your blog even when on a holiday) 😀


  21. A lot of friends have been saying this has been easy for him . Quoting a friend from facebook :Satyameva Jayate – Started off well with a social issue which is not contentious. So it has struck a chord with everyone. Content was also good. Let us see if the program touches contentious issues like – Reservation, Pseudo Secularism, Bribe Culture and Corruption (where VIPs are involved)…Also, let us see if the show continues without any political leaning.


    • Ummm. This comment plus the link to the sify article in earlier comment. So your objections are :-

      (a) It’s easy for him to talk, he’s a star.
      (b) If he does not talk about other topics A, B, C which are dear to your heart, then this episode and issue too is fake.
      (c) If he shows any political leaning then it demeans what he has said today.
      (d) (From sify article) He’s making pots of money while at it.
      (e) Coke is sponsoring it, and it’s a well known exploiter. So is Nita Ambani (for having a husband who built a big house).

      Isn’t the fact he chose to make the money doing this rather than dancing at weddings a big plus ? If he does lean towards politics, the fact that he comes across as diligent and straightforward should only give hope. There seems to be a strong undercurrent of nastiness and “let’s wait to see him fall flat on his face” attitude towards the guy. I find him a bit sanctimonious in his movies like 3 Idiots or Taare Zameen Par … at least he’s trying his best in a reality show. Give him a honest chance, people.


      • Hello

        am not saying any of those. i just provided a link, that does not mean I agree what that article says 🙂

        I only forwarded what other Indians are thinking about !!!!!!

        I applaud this guy for not selling a fairness cream and in making a connect to the people !!


  22. I just finished watching it, and really, what can I say? I am extremely moved, and the show was really really great. I like that it did not become voyeuristic and managed to keep a balance between information and emotions. I sent off the SMS too, and looking forward to the next episode.


  23. Thanks a ton for posting the link. I’ve been searching for it.

    I missed watching the show but was really touched when I heard about the description from my friends who did watch it. Need to watch it pronto. In fact u were the first person I remembered when I heard about the topic 🙂

    I saw some portions of it which they covered on the news and my respect for Aamir Khan has simply shot up.

    Now let me go through the entire thing and get back to u with my comments.


  24. When Aamir Khan has something to say, people sit up and listen and i’m so glad he’s raised his voice against this. I loved how this one lady explained that this sex selected shortage of women will lead to further evils in society such as trafficking and bride buying. I have great hopes for this show.


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  26. Watched the show fully with my wife this time on DD2 when it was re telecast this morning between 9:30 and 10:30am
    Yesterday we had missed the first half.
    Got hooked.
    This is one program we are going to watch together.
    Wife was in tears.
    I felt sick.
    Like others I too had believed this does not happen in our class but only in villages and the economically poorer clases.
    I am wiser now.


  27. Have become a permanent, card-carrying Aamir fan now.

    A major Bollywood celebrity talking honestly, thoughtfuly and sincerely about gender bias. I always respected him as an actor, and it has increased ten-fold now.


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  29. Very impressed that he’s tackling this issue. Using his power for the good .
    As for wanting sons, everyone has change, mothers, fathers,MILS, PILS, society and even mothers of boys.

    As a mom of 2 boys, i hope my boys pick girls whom they love and who love them in return. their soul-mates. and if they happen to find them I think the parents have no right interfearing, no rishtaa talk, no dowry, no living with anyone, just letting them liv etheir life as they see fit, have kids , don’t have kids, have a dozen , have girls, boys, combo”s should be left to the couple. Basically one way to resolve this is for all parents to keep their hands out of the kids business.. sons or daughters, let them live without any bias, set gender rules etc., as more and more parents start doing this there will be no need to have just sons .
    If it makes no difference then i don’t see why people will not want daughters .


  30. am relieved infac glad and wana say thankx to every’ member of dis show who has such a feelings towards female sex dat dey thnk abt. it n realised dis issue in a serious manner ..on top of dat hats off to each’ member dat dey started der first show frm “dis” issue!!
    n my answer is YES!


  31. The show per se will not do much unless we take a stand and spread the word around, create a culture of shame when a man or woman chooses to abort a female baby or desires a son only. Soon there will be another episode, another issue and people will go running behind it. How do we keep the message alive? How can people understand that this issue is even worser than farmer suicides–250,000 farmers killed themselves in the last decade while in the same decade, close 7.8 million girls went missing–girls who will not laugh in school corridors nor demand an anklet or a bracelet or wear those colorful clothes, eyes flashing, dark hair oiled and curly, grow into a lovely woman–into an Indian citizen. To me this is genocide–the worst kind for you do not see visible marks of bloodbath and there is so little evidence.


  32. I hate to nitpick, but one very nagging problem I had throughout the show was the amount of ads of Coco Cola and Reliance. These two have a very bad track record with environmental abuses and corporate lobbying. I wonder if at any point in the show Aamir Khan( who himself endorses Coke) can ever talk about them in a mainstream media show. I hope he proves me wrong.

    That aside I don’t want to dismiss the show. I am sure they will end up creating awareness of a lot of problems that demands attention, but I fear he will end up only highlighting issues that aren’t going to rub the big industrialists in any way.


    • I read the post but I think Amir Khan’s done a great job. It’s true that a lot more needed to be said and made clear – but Amir Khan had the sense to say just enough. I am blogging about how it has affected people positively, like my own mother, she was remembering her dad and his courage and her mother (they are four, bold, confident sisters) and even her own fears when I was born… sometimes you have to give these very powerful medicines in small doses, Amir Khan did that very sensibly.


      • I felt that in every forum, there were only positive responses to the show. So when i discovered this article, i thought it would be good if one looks at both sides of the coin. Though not a fair comparison, but just to make a point, during the anna hazare campaign, dissident voices were submerged. Everything cannot be all perfect, they need to be analysed both from a positive and negative point of view. I also felt that the show was a bit melodramatic, which can trivialize an issue. Having said that, the fact that it is AAMIR KHAN who is doing the show, it will definitely catch the attention of the masses and being a star he is in a better position to appeal to reason. I heard today in the news, that he will be meeting the Rajasthan CM for the same, and i

        was glad, because that meant he means business. It is laudable. Another interesting point to note is that i read in the hindu, that the phrase. ‘Satyamev Jayate’, does not come under copyright laws, anybody in India can use it. Which means it is for everybody and hence the show belongs to everybody. The timings are also relevant. Though, not without it flaws, the show is a step towards changing how our society thinks.


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  34. will you agree to a woman marrying for home cooked meals and a man marrying for financial security?
    personally, i do not agree – but the reverse is also being seen as true and acceptable by society.


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