Photographs of Green Pigeon eggs from my balcony.

Tara has named this Green Pigeon couple Ms and Mr Gul 🙂

Can you see any eggs in this picture?

Is that an egg Ms Gul seems to be pecking at?

11 56 am
What is Ms Gul doing?

11 56 am
A closer look… Please take a look at Ms Gul’s purple/red eye.

There! Two eggs!!

A closer look 🙂

Ms Gul nudging the eggs to safety and warmth (I think!)

11 58 am
Still at it…

Or is that Ms Gul mending the nest with that twig…?
11 58 am

Can you make out what’s happening? 🙂

All is well again!!
11 59 am

But doesn’t the nest look too flimsy? I watched them work on repairing it and managed to capture some team work 🙂 Wait for some delightful pictures in the next photo post!!

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22 thoughts on “Photographs of Green Pigeon eggs from my balcony.

  1. Daughters are delighted to see the pictures…Who ever it is be a man or animal always try to protect their kids and offsprings.Hope we learn from these birds and stop female foeticide.


  2. Lovely pigeon… I loved your photography. Your photography has ignited my passion to try my hands on photography too. 😀


  3. This is a lovely post with equally well captured series of photos. I have never come across this green pigeon. Is it common in cities or rural areas?


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