Delhi summer from my balcony :)

Anybody who visits us these days is momentarily blinded by the brilliant orange-red Gulmohar outside every window.




Fact is such sights result in wasted time. Either admiring or taking pictures. 🙂

This summer only this red is really hot. Flamboyant red!

This April has been the coolest in 30 years!! 🙂

But there’s more to these trees… 🙂

The red and green hides many other sights.

8. Notice the patterns created by the shadows of Gulmohar leaves?

9. Notice the red petal… they are everywhere.


Facing a bullying Maina.

Couldn’t photograph, but noticed two white eggs. Watch this space for Green Pigeon chicks pics.

Even Sher Khan admires the view 😛

When he finds the time…



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42 thoughts on “Delhi summer from my balcony :)

  1. Absolutely delightful. When I look down from our apartments’ terrace from the fourth floor, I see a sea of gulmohar and it is so breathtaking, along with the different greens of the tamarind tree and the neem tree. Unfortunately only the corner flats have a view of this from their windows.

    Very vibrant – and I love those little nests. Like the trees were celebrating life. Thank you for sharing!


  2. love all the pics IHM.. never seen green pigeon before.. you know my balcony had 2 white oggs of dove.. but after caring for them for around 2 weeks they abandoned the partially cracked but unhatched eggs.. 😦 not sure if i should throw them or let them be..which are now just adding beauty to the nest..

    your shots are so clear and refreshing.. our residential area here is also full of blooming gulmohar..i love them..


    • Tara did you take any pictures? The way crows and mainas are harassing this pigeon – it’s possible that they are hoping to eat the eggs or the chicks! I am not even sure if it’s good to shoo them away, but I did shoo away a crow who was flying over the head of the green pigeon repeatedly 😦 The pigeon had fluffed up in fear or anger. Now I have kept the camera ready but I hope this doesn’t happen again (but am sure it will).
      I only saw the other partner visiting once probably bringing food – no idea how this one eats, it never gets up.


        • Oh that’s an excellent idea!! Actually I have to do nothing, they have chosen a spot that’s easy to shoot… will take pictures of where the camera is – it doesn’t disturb the birds at all. I didn’t realise they take turns, that is why I saw both together only once!!

          They had chosen the spot in March, then built the nest and now this one never seem to move from the eggs.


  3. Lovely vibrant pictures!!! You reminded me of my days in Gorakhpur. we lived in a township there and there were so many trees laden with such seasonal flowers. There were paths where you could in no way get away from the potent smell of these flowers.

    And sher khan is so damn adorable 🙂


  4. There is one more color to notice. The purple colored eyes of the green pigeon. How wonderful a bird, yellow feet, green feathers, yellow neck, Grey tail and purple eyes.
    Wonderful pictures.


  5. Awesome Pics IHM. In gurgaon too the gulmohar trees are all in full bloom. They look so beautiful and you have captured them so well. I have never seen the green pigeon this close. And i absolutely love your picture posts. Reminds me of the picture storybooks i used to read as a kid. 🙂


  6. Lovely pics, IHM. They remind me of the time we stayed near Lalbaug, a huge botanical garden in Bangalore, and I used to go for morning walks every day. Gulmohars were everywhere, with their summer burst of red.


  7. Oh you made me miss Delhi more 😥 I still remember my first summer in Delhi and how enchanted I was when I saw gulmohar blooming everywhere…I was always singing “Gulmohar gar tera naam hot a” 🙄

    God I can’t believe I am saying this about a four legged creature 😳 Sher Khan sleeping with one paw covering his eyes is the cutest pic, like those of real babies 😛 You know he somehow reminds me of Garfield, plump and lazy as ever….the only cat I ever loved :mrgreen:


  8. I love your pictures- the gulmohar is so apt for North Indian summers- so hot and fiery just like the weather!

    Sher Khan, like his feline cousins here knows how to live the good life! Poor cats, they work so hard being cute, they need the cushions and the couch and laptops and so on- its not easy being the way they are!


  9. Hmmmm… Sher Khan’s tongue is out while spotting the pigeon.. I hope he’s not contemplating a snack!

    Beautiful pics 😀 I haven’t seen a gulmohar tree in ages, major nostalgia.


  10. Loved the pictures.. infact when i saw your pictures I realized that even in my township the Gulmohar are in full bloom ! Especially love the pictures of the birds..and I hope your Sher Khan isn’t a bird hunter 🙂 he looked as if his mouth is watering 😉


  11. Came here after eons. Not sure you still remember Lively from mypricelesslife.
    Had been to Delhi last week. My first Delhi summer. Did you say it’s the coolest in 30 Yrs? I almost died of heat attack. 😀
    Ok, I’m exaggerating but I really fell sick. Guess it was the food together with the heat that got me. And the locals told me real summer starts next month! :O
    But I agree that Gulmohor gives the summer a very nice twist.


  12. So many colours of summer 🙂 Brilliant!!

    Esp love Sher Khan’s pic…where is lying on that pink bedsheet with his eyes closed!! Man, the expressions he gives! 🙄 😛


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