On a hot summer day…

Saw film stars modelling for Mixed fruit juice 😉

Saw patient waiting 🙂

Ice cream and Badam Shake 🙂

Saw machine ka thanda paani 🙂

Being used to splash on faces…

Everybody seemed to love water 🙂

Also noticed this car 🙂

And this one using newspapers as curtains 🙂

And then I saw this car 😦


16 thoughts on “On a hot summer day…

  1. I was so happy seeing the first few pictures and thought of writing ‘It’s really hottt’. Then saw this car…feel sad. Thank god, nobody is hurt.

    I loved the different ways of cooling efforts, IHM!


  2. Gosh the last pictures were pretty scary..glad to read in the comments section that no one was hurt!

    Loved the first few pictures….especially the machine ka thanda pani :):)


  3. This post reminded me of Tejaswee’s blog….and how I mentioned she had inherited your love for observing and taking in the sights and scenes around to you, turning into extra ordinary posts, ordinary sights around her 🙂 Hugs!


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