Caught in action :) But where?









50 thoughts on “Caught in action :) But where?

  1. looks like some nepali market or something

    IHM you need to give hints to people who dont know india that much 🙂 not fair .. it is some sort of fair or rag market as they call ..

    tell tell bolo bolo what what 🙂


  2. OMG!!! This kid is adorable!
    I think all kids have their escape sensors on when they are out. Mine tries to run away at every opportunity, so I got her a back pack with the safety straps, now she feels independent and able to explore her surroundings and it makes me feel so not anxious for her safety. The downside is the looks I get from some folks because I have a kid on a leash.


  3. Well, the pictures do remind me powerfully of one of our trips to the Darjeeling/Siliguri/Jalpaiguri area. I have no idea why; it just looks familiar, somehow.

    No clue where this is, though.


  4. Wow! IHM, did you take these pictures? I never really cared for the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But I’ve changed my mind now. These photos are really like reading a story – it hit me a few seconds later that there were no words…
    BTW, as we talked about earlier, I’d like your readers to read this (tribute to your blog).
    Coming to your question, the place looks like one of those woollen-wear markets set up by Tibetan immigrants. Am I right?


  5. Love the pics, they are beautiful! 🙂 I think it could be the Tibetan market close to Kashmiri Gate ISBT in Delhi, or a special exhibition in Dilli Haat?


  6. I vote for No. 7 as my favourite pic.
    Feel like joining this kid on that plank.
    Its my favourite position these days after my recent retirement.
    Instead of the fruit, I hold my Ipad in my hand and support it on my belly.
    I now use my Ipad as my “bellytop” in addition to my “laptop”.
    Where is this?
    Can’t be Nepal. Too far to visit and return so soon.
    Some Tibetan camp?
    Dharmshala maybe?
    What’s the answer?


  7. love love love the pics..

    Tibetian market selling woollens…its a common thing in Baroda…we usually bought our warm clothes from there…known for the lovely colours and good quality, we would wait for the market to set up once an year for about 2 months 🙂


  8. Awww! What an adorable little girl! And I loved the bags and pouches on display 🙂 So where is this? Gangtok? Darjeeling? Or any place outside of India? Where where where??


  9. somewhere in sikkim? Or darjeeling? or maybe a crafts fair from that region, organized in Delhi? (But I think, it is not in delhi. Because you are away form your blog, would mean mostly that you are traveling somewhere :P)


  10. I recently saw these shoulder bags at Chiangmai in Thailand ( handcrafted by the hill tribes who are of Burmese and / or Chinese origins) .. If it has to be in India , it has to be Eastern/ North eastern part of India … ??


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