How does the Gurgaon administration make it even more difficult for women to find employment, and stay safe on Gurgaon roads?

The morning newspaper first gave me hope…

Women protestors outside Sahara Mall:‘Need policing, not ban on work’. [link]

And then disappointment.

They can work, but employer must ensure safety: Admn

“Nowhere did he (Deputy Commissioner) ask the women not to work after 8 pm. Rather he is in favour of promoting women to take up employment,” the administration spokesperson said.

He said over 15,000 women work in BPOs, IT sector in Gurgaon with permission from the Labour department. [link]”

How does the Gurgaon admn make it even more difficult for women to find employment and stay safe on Gurgaon roads?

1. By making it simpler for employers to employ men. Employing women for jobs that might require them to stay at work after 8 pm would now require taking permission from the Labour department.

2. By making employers responsible for crimes against women employees beyond providing a cab and a driver. (PT pointed out that many  businesses may not find even this possible)

The pub attendant was not alone, she had her brother with her ((Gupta Ji please note?) and she was in a cab, the driver and her brother did what they could, it was the police who was found to be incompetent- it’s unimaginable that the police believed the rapist and not the victim’s brother.

Can such policemen be trusted to keep citizens safe? If not, should they still be paid for doing something they clearly are incapable of?

And so,

3. By not dismissing from service policemen who are dangerous for the safety of citizens.

4. By not seeing (?) that they are taking decisions that would reserve the roads after 8 pm for nonworking women, for unemployed and employed men and for rapists.  When roads are not a safe place for 50% of the population then we have even more crimes against the few who do need to step out.

Lesser number of women in malls and on the streets does not mean the rapists would stop raping the women (I am sure rapists won’t care if a woman is coming from a wedding with her husband or from her workplace with her brother), but it does mean that women would face even more restrictions if they need to step out.

Women feel safer in places where there are other women.

5. By refusing to see women as people/humans.

Sadly we don’t even talk about women needing to have fun – women’s recreational activities are seen as unnecessary, frivolous and even wrong. So nobody cares that for women who work all day, going out (movie, dinner, just a stroll, a fair, a wedding, visiting friends) after work would become even more difficult.

6. What do you think could Gurgaon Administration have done if they wanted to act responsibly?

Maybe say something like,

“No crimes against women will be tolerated. Women will be protected at all times. Those who commit such crimes will be given harshest punishments.”?

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