How do you celebrate yourself?

So, how do you celebrate yourself?

I think maybe by recognizing that we are people. For women it would mean loving ourselves. Not as ‘things of beauty’ and ‘joys forever’ but irrespective of how much one’s limbs, bum or eye lashes fit the latest criteria of what the world (women and non-women) thinks is beautiful.

By loving one’s body, not by ensuring the skin is ‘fair & lovely’ but by not forgetting that the skin (and brain, ovaries and intestines etc) are useful body parts – which if kept in prime condition would ensure richer lives.

So  does it mean women aren’t celebrating themselves, if they want to look attractive? No, it means women celebrate themselves when they reject the newest fads of what makes them beautiful. And more. Like Vidya Balan in ‘The Dirty Picture’- [Female Sexuality vs Patriarchy – Towards Harmony].

Celebrating oneself would mean not-needing excuses to love oneself. Excuses like, “I take care of myself because my family needs me.” (Because then, those who have no families to ‘take care of’, and  those whose families have stopped needing them – they don’t matter?)

It would mean not competing (with other women) to fit into stereotypes of ideal women – it would mean understanding that each woman (and non-woman) is unique.

It would also mean admitting that one has needs, wants, dreams, ambitions, weaknesses, and even strengths that one is not allowed to have.

And it would mean, (quoting Shail),

…if someone tells you that women are the epitome of sacrifice, look the moron person  in the eye with amusement and ask, “Oh yeah? Nice try!” [On Women’s Day – Shail ]

What is your idea of Celebrating Yourself?

You can win some prizes by answering here, Celebrating Myself – A contest on Women’s Web.

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28 thoughts on “How do you celebrate yourself?

  1. i celebrate myself by balancing doing what i wish, and doing what those dependent on me require. but at no point will i do something i am not respected for. and i will not do something only because i am expected to, if i do not have a connect with it.


  2. // Celebrating oneself would mean not-needing excuses to love oneself. Excuses like, “I take care of myself because my family needs me.” //

    Why do you think this is an excuse? It could still be a valid reason for some people, no?

    // Because then, those who have no families to ‘take care of’, and those whose families have stopped needing them – they don’t matter? //

    Of course, the first statement doesn’t imply that those with no families do not need to celebrate themselves. And that those people whose families have stopped caring about them, should not celebrate themselves.. There are 100s of reasons one can have for celebrating himself/herself, and one of them could be the family.


  3. Such a great post – esp. about worrying about other not-so-glam organs in our bodies and putting ourselves on top of the list. I also like the part about not competing with other women, would like to add being mean to other women when in reality, we are all trying to work it out for ourselves differently.

    I celebrate myself by telling me that I am doing a good job, failing this – I am doing my best. And there’s really not much more I can do today but enjoy the ‘now’.


  4. I love this post! It made me realise that on a very personal level, I don’t celebrate myself. As people bombarded with all sorts of different information and images and ideals from every direction, there is always some form of comparison that goes on in one’s head (intentional or subconscious). We ( perhaps I should write ‘I’) should be able to look at ourselves independently, as beings in our own right without comparing every aspect of our lives – bodies, faces, talents, whatever they may be- to those of others. I’m not defined by ‘thinner than X, fatter than Y, sings better/worse than A, ‘, but instead simply as “I am.” This post has really got me thinking. Time for some major introspection.

    Thank you, IHM. 🙂


  5. Totally with Sangitha and Bohemian Rhapsody there.
    Every once in a while I decide that today I am only going to care about myself. I do what I please without explaining anything to anybody. I work my routines around nobody’s schedules and I do my thing!
    Love this post, may be it generated some ideas for a celebrating myself post??

    I so love that you like my Dirty Picture post. It is one I am particularly proud of 🙂


  6. Celebrate myself by being what I am, what I want myself to be, not what others’ definition of what I should be.

    Celebrate myself by pursuing my own likes and desires, not those which society presumes I should follow. (It could be pursuing a hobby, it could be time-out for myself some “me-time” everyday, it could be going somewhere to pamper myself, whatever)

    Celebrate myself by doing what would make ME happy as opposed to being a doormat and watching out for only others.

    Loving oneself comes first 🙂 That’s important. How can you love others (friends, family etc.) if you cannot love yourself?


  7. ‘Celebrating myself ‘ me it means being me the way I want to be and the ways differ with my mood.At times I love to walk all alone,admiring ,noticing and enjoying way side blooms,sitting alone on my terrace with coffee mug in hand midst the plants watching the birds flitting by ,lying down with a book and spending the day in it’s company,even changing the look of my rooms,experimenting with a dish,having fun time with friends even walking in unmatched salwar and top….if that’s what I want at the moment.


  8. I loved what Ash had to say at the end of her comment – “How can you love others (friends, family etc.) if you cannot love yourself?”

    I celebrate myself by being myself!! I don’t put on “acts” to please others. That doesn’t mean I don’t do things for my loved ones. Being myself doesn’t make me selfish of course. (Some folks can’t make out the difference, sadly.)
    I am not the “epitome” of “caring”, “giving”, “sacrifice” or “Compromise”!! 😀 that’s how I celebrate myself! 🙂


  9. “I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to Live deep, and suck out all the marrow of Life. To put to rout all that was NOT Life and and not when I had come to die discover that I had not lived.” . My idea of a Celebration. An Ongoing Celebration.


  10. I think genetically we are hardwired to be attractive to opposite sex. So looking after our external appearance become important for survival of individual
    But in our modern societies our survival also depends on other organs of the body as well like Brain, Heart etc. So as we evolve the importance given to external appearance decreases and that of other organs of survival increases.


  11. how do I celebrate myself …by not cooking and instead by ordering in or just walking into the new restaurant and enjoy meal with a glass of wine ..and with a generous portion of dessert :)…
    by visiting spa , meeting my friends , just doing nothing at home , reading well past mid night …watching romantic SRK movies ..taking cab instead of local bus ( for convenience), saying No many times to ppl when i have to , not entertaining phone calls between 11 pm to 11 am ( a rule even my family follows), by speaking my mind , by not being ashamed about my sexuality , by not shying away from my ‘divorcee” status, by being a proud feminist, by taking holidays and breaks when I feel the need , by pampering my parents , by handling all my money matters , By just being me … I love being a women and i think I would have been equally loved myself had I been a man.


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  18. I’m a little late on this one but I’ll add my 2 cents! I celebrate myself by being gentle and forgiving to myself. By reminding myself “no one’s perfect,” and doing nice things for myself, like reading gossip magazines for no reason other than I enjoy them, and taking long baths with a glass of wine. These things make me really happy so I do them whenever I can!


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