So who doesn’t like Holi?

What is it that you don’t like about Holi?

The colors? πŸ™„ πŸ™‚

The dancing πŸ™‚


The dirt? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜†

I hope you enjoy your Holi just the way you like.


58 thoughts on “So who doesn’t like Holi?

  1. Happy Holi to you as well!

    Last year was my first Holi in India, and apart from an unfortunate experience with diluted bhang (which I tried for the first time in my life), I enjoyed every aspect of the crazy celebration!

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  2. Happy Holi IHM!
    Well I don’t indeed like the colors and the dirt but I do so love the gujhiyas and other goodies πŸ˜€
    Nice pics. And I liked your cushion covers in the third pic:-)


    • Oh yes, it can get quite filthy and scary, especially when hordes of drunk men take to the streets or when male friends use it as an opportunity to get touchy-feely. Ugh. But yes gujjiyas and the day off from work are nice!


  3. Made Gujjiya’s yesterday, was my first time πŸ˜€ Made specially for Arnav and thankfully he loved it πŸ™‚
    Though I don’t hate holi but I don’t play also πŸ˜€
    Lovely pics I must say, brings back some old memories of mine πŸ™‚

    Happy Holi πŸ˜€



  4. No Holi fan! But I have been to Holi gathering in Delhi – and yet, I ‘m not fond of it. It is too much of a pain to first get colored and then spend time to clean up!

    Happy Holi to all of you πŸ™‚

    – – and Gujiya pics are not good unless you parcel a few this way!


  5. The look on the face of some girls whose house you go to play holi he he he

    Brought some memories.. Happy holi to you IHM and all your readers… Have a good one enjoy…

    Sadly this year too I will not be able to celebrate it with friends in india but godwilling one day soon..

    Have fun.


  6. Loved loved loved all the pictures…while my parents and brother and husband dislike holi, I LOVE it…as long as its played within limits!!

    but loved the pictures… πŸ™‚ Happy Holi!!!


  7. ..and I loved the pictures (forgot on the pics part πŸ™‚ ! I don’t know how many show beyond the gujiya- the wonderful cushions! And in the last picture – I know the Happy Holi – poster hides the matching smile :))


  8. Its my first holi with a little one in tow, and! My area is known for its dowdy display of… fun I guess. Lovely pictures.. missing the school and college days!


  9. mmmmmmmmmm….gujiya! I’m already calculating the distance and time to the nearest sweet shop. I want me some gujiya now!! Happy Holi!


  10. Those pics are priceless… Happy Holi IHM and thnx for reminding me coz being abroad also sometimes means being forgetful abt the festivals back home. I miss holi. 😦


  11. Happy Holi to everyone! May it be happy and sexual harassment free! The photos are BEAUTIFUL!!

    (One of the reasons I don’t like Holi, an occasion for pervs to think they can get intimate!)

    IHM, I want to print your Prevention of Sexual harassment poster and put it up in some colleges and public places here in Ahmedabad, on A3 size sheets, would that be ok with you?


  12. Happy Holi. Love gujiyas but don’t like the colours. The dislike stems from random male population trying to take advantage of the festival.


    • Right! I love holi .. playing with colors, gujhiyas but hate perverts trying to spoil it for everyone.
      I think this video is good to create awareness ..


  13. Happy holi IHM.I used to love when i was a kid now i am scared about the colours.Kids wanted to play so brought herbal colours don’t how they are best then the other colours in the market.



  14. It has been years since I played holi. It stopped after I moved to Chennai. I loved being painted in colors and mud and dirt and water. Hoping I will get a chance to play again sometime.

    Happy Holi to everyone here!


  15. IHM very touching pics! I never spent Holi in my life but seeing these pics i felt the spirit of this holiday! Thank you! Happy Holi!


  16. I hate holi with a passion! when I was little (around 5-6) I use to love it. Loved putting colors in a pichkari and water balloons and squirting it at friends. But as I grew older it became a nuisance. For a teen girl in Delhi even walking to the bus stop a week before holi was horrible. The general male population used it as an excuse to become even more obnoxious than usual (some days I feel I can write a book on how hateful Delhi males were). During my college days I did not want to go college because guys would get on the bus and randomly rub gulal on the girl’s faces or throw objects through the bus windows. One of my friends would stop going to college a week before holi because her bus went through a particularly bad area of Delhi (Chirag Delhi). I think the final straw for me came when one day I was standing at my door outside my house and out of nowhere someone hurled a balloon at my face and got me square in my left eye (I was wearing glasses, but luckily they did not break).
    Ever since I left India I have not celebrated it even once, don’t even know when it happens unless I stumble across it like I did today.


  17. Happy holi to you IHM! I love the pics..especially the pepsi drinking one πŸ™‚
    I am the rarest of rare person who does not particularly look forward to holi. I do not like the colors and how they make my skin itchy! But yes, I never say no to a holiday and sweets!! though over here we do not have a holiday and I have to make my peace by drooling over the sweets ka pic on this post πŸ˜€


  18. Lovely pictures IHM, beautiful memories preserved forever!

    Happy Holi!

    Ps : I am one of those who has hated Holi for all the reasons you mentioned and many more. πŸ™‚


  19. I love TJ’s expression in that first pic…golu molu πŸ˜›

    When I got married I looked so forward to playing Holi for the first time in my life and it was an awesome experience because we played among friends inside the campus. But once we shifted out of the campus and started living in our own place in Delhi…things were not that rosy with random guys coming up and splashing you with colors πŸ˜₯

    It’s been years since I played Holi and I would love to play it with people like you and RM πŸ˜† The fun we will have rolling RM in the mud πŸ˜‰


  20. I absolutely love Holi, though most people I know detest the festival. I love the organised rain dances, the splashing around, the colours, the rigorous scrubbing that follows, the sweets, and every bit of it. Hopefully, next Holi I will be in India. Hope you had fun IHM πŸ™‚


  21. I don’t exactly “don’t like” Holi, but I am not too fond of it either.
    Still, I am surrounded by people who absolutely love it, so I can rarely stay true to my usual respectable squeaky clean persona. πŸ˜‰

    Holi can get ugly sometimes (not because of the colors and dirt, but because people use it as an excuse to get too touchy-feely).
    A man was shot to death in Noida today because he allegedly used the festival as an excuse to misbehave with a woman. I don’t know how true the allegations are, but by all accounts, it seems to be more of a misunderstanding than anything else. Of course, there’s a man dead now, and there will be hell to pay.
    My sister, who lives very close to where this incident occurred, was shaken enough to cry on the phone and I think it took the sheen off her Holi.

    So I’d say, have fun, but do remember to stay safe and respect peoples’ personal boundaries, especially when it comes to any kind of physical contact with people you do not know that well (even if they are of the same gender).

    Happy Holi to all. πŸ™‚


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