Another earthquake this afternoon.

A big, heavy shake at 1: 10 pm. As usual twitter was the first to react, by the time I tweeted ‘tremor’ many others were tweeting. Someone tweeted, “There are 28 tremor tweets in my time line.”

Once again I thought it was one of the dogs 🙂 The cook said glasses were rattling, I felt giddy like many people had done in Delhi, after the Bhuj earthquake on 26 Jan 2000.

This is a screen shot from Galaxy S II.
Epicentre – Bahadurgarh, no wonder NCR shook.

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Here it says it was a 5.2, but the TV channels said it was 4.9 on Richter scale. It felt much more than 4.9, didn’t last long (10 seconds I think) – but it was big jolt.


11 thoughts on “Another earthquake this afternoon.

  1. oh thats a big tremor ..
    did i tell you once we had a small little quake here in uk a few years back it made a a lot of noise and I thought something was happeing outside I ran like a idiot with my hockey stick in had in middle of night to find nothing on the road .. EMpty and me alone standing 🙂

    then a few houses down a window opened and a woman shouted IS it a earth quake .. and i went back inside …


  2. I was in my office in gurgaon. I had White Stripes blaring in my ears (to help me concentrate on my excel sheets of course!) and didnt feel a thing. I only figured something was wrong when the office PA system went to overdrive and demanded we vacate the building. By the way disaster management in the glass and chrome motherships in gurgaon are quite…umm…disastrous. If there was really an emergency people would be more likely to die in the ensuing stampede.


    • Yes i agree. And now we have major sky towers being advertised in NOIDA and Guragaon. What will happen when there is a quake? Even if the building doesn’t crash, all the glass used could pose a major hazard. And the stampede that you talk about. A friend who lives on the eight floor of a multi-storey in Gurgoan says that ever since he has moved he has experienced three tremors! A big crack had developed during one quake in an eight storey structure in a Patparganj complex where I had a flat. All that the society did was to fill it up with concrete.
      Wonder how all the much hyped skygardens and skyheights will fare. How would anyone come down the staircase during a tremor which usually lasts for some seconds. Delhi sits on a fault line and till recently, the builders were not even talking about earthquake proof safety. They were more concerned hawking the modular kitchens and the wooden floors!


  3. Why don’t you name the copycat, IHM? I think all of us readers flooding the site with disapproving comments might work. One of my friends has a very popular food blog and she faced something similar a few months back. She got her readers to register their protests at the copycat’s site. It had the desired effect–the thief actually apologised.


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