“UP will transform in the coming ten years, aap dekhiyega!”

Looks like Samajwadi Party (SP) and Akhilesh Yadav are going to come to power in UP.  Unlike 2009, this time they did not promise to act against English medium schools, Computers and Mall Culture.

From: The party is against English medium education and the use of computers

To: SP promises free laptops if voted to power.

I talk to a voter from UP.

What do you think made Sa Pa (SP) change their mind about English and Computers?

“Only when a neta (leader) cares to find out what voters want do they win.”

So is Uttar Pradesh voting for laptops?

That’s just one of the things.

Amar Singh is out. Farmers’ loans older than two years and upto Rs. 50,000/- will be waived.

Akhilesh Yadav has been working for a long time and he has shown that  corruption will not be tolerated.

Every girl who passes High School (class X) will get Rs. 30,000/ – Mayawati had stopped 20,000/- for girls who passed class XII…  but now every student who passes Inter (class XII) will get a lap top.

And who doesn’t want a laptop?

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Would you have voted for Sa Pa if they still wanted to ban English and Computers?

“They didn’t mean it, they just meant that Hindi should also be used in offices.” (Does that mean he would not have voted?)

So is this actually going to encourage parents to send their kids to school?

“Parents always want to send their kids to school, there should be schools available. Now every village has a primary school… UP will transform in the coming ten years, aap dekhiyega! (you will see!)

… and now with cellphones and tempos (transport) it’s possible for girls in our village to travel alone to nearby towns without the families getting paranoid… You should see the roads in our area.”

Cellphones empower women? Punjab State Commission for Women should hear him.

So looks like Varun Gandhi was right, this voter also believes that SP is winning.

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