Aarushi Talwar’s parents.

I couldn’t help noticing the look on the faces of Aarushi Talwari’s parents, yesterday on the TV.  How do they feel when they see so much hatred and mistrust directed towards themselves – specially if they are innocent?

Last year when Utsav Sharma attacked Rajesh Talwar with a cleaver, in Ghaziabad CBI court, most people seem to justify the action.

A screen shot.

“Sharma had allegedly attacked SPS Rathore, a convict in Ruchika Girhotra molestation case, in the similar manner in February last year in Chandigarh.[Link]

While it was wrong to attack SPS Rathore too – Can we compare SPS Rathore who had been convicted [link] to Rajesh Talwar who is only a suspect? And if he is innocent then he is a grieving father too. Isn’t he supposed to be treated as ‘Innocent until proven guilty’?

Most people seem to believe some version of what the UP Police told the media, involving what they called ‘two affairs’. Does the UP police have a record of competence and reliability? [They don’t!]

I can’t help wondering what the parents must be going through if they are innocent.

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46 thoughts on “Aarushi Talwar’s parents.

  1. Citizens and netizens alike need to have their heads re-wired to take in and assimilate the fact that anyone is to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. The thought haunts me too, what if he were innocent? Imagine the magnitude of the sorrow they might be going through. It is beyond imagination actually.


    • The police should not be allowed to say whatever comes to their minds, with no responsibility towards the people involved. Many people seem to believe whatever the police (or media) says. Even in Noida rape case, two commentators believed what the police had stated – that the victim was ‘not lured’ and went willingly with the rapists and that she drank vodka with them.


      • The police need classes for what they can and not say. They seem to be blabber-mouths and think their job is not just policing but passing judgement/verdict too. It is time they are taken to task for this.


      • I find it difficult to believe that guilty parents would repeatedly seek justice.

        I think that it was pretty obvious whom the murderer most likely was (the dental assistant), and I believe that the Police are trying their damnedest to cover up a totally fucked-up, incompetent investigation. The best defense is offense, right?

        This whole case, the way it was handled, the way the parents are being treated, gives me the creeps.


  2. IHM
    Do you have any link on this episode where a DNA test was done to confirm that Aarushi was their daughter . I have searching for this missing link but could not find it anywhere .
    What I could find out was just that Nupur had a child after some clinical processes .
    It may sound out of context but since i am also following this case i thought let me ask you and your readers .


  3. to lose a child must be the most awful thing ever, and in such a brutal manner? unimaginably horrifying! i honestly feel we as a society are too hung up on passing judgement on others when what we really need is to feel empathy. doesn’t anybody ever think – oh my god, what if it were me, or my family?


  4. I think this is just one of those cases where we will probably never know what really happened.

    Without solid evidence, laying judgement on either the parents or the police (for making allegations against the parents) would be skating on very thin ice.

    I do agree that the police should have been much more circumspect in talking about a matter that is sub judice. Making accusations on one’s own accord can easily result in contempt of court proceedings, and should be avoided at all times.


  5. My mind has been swinging like a pendulum in this case.

    Are the parents really guilty after all? Difficult to believe, but still this could be one of those rarest of the rare cases. There is evidence to justify legitimate suspicion. Honour killings are not unknown. Mothers killing their own new born babes are not unknown. Cases of parents killing their children before committing suicide themselves are not unknown.

    But at the same time…

    Deep inside my heart I rebel at the thought or possibility that these parents can ever be guilty of murdering their their daughter like this. They don’t belong to the class of society that might do such a thing.

    Something tells me that this might well end up as one of History’s unsolved mysteries of all time.
    I don’t think the prosecution will ever be able to prove beyond any shadow of doubt that they are guilty.
    And neither will this couple ever be able to convince sections of society and the law that they are truly completely innocent.

    Only God knows the truth and God is not telling.


    • “they don’t belong to the class of society that might do such a thing”. It’s misconceptions like this, based along lines of class or socioeconomic advantage, that make it so hard to break down prejudice and let the rich get away with so much. Crimes of passion and evil are not just provinces of the poor. Just read the papers.


      • @unconfortableintrovert
        Thank you for your counter comment.

        I believe that most killings of their own off-spring, at birth by parents take place in societies where a girl child is unwanted. It also happens in the case of honour killings in village societies that are controlled by Khap like elders. I believe it does not happen in educated, upper middle class or rich society, to which the Talwars obviously belonged.
        I am not suggesting that the Talwars are innocent. I agree that there are valid reasons for suspicion.
        But if the Talwars really killed their own only daughter it is possibly the first and only case that I am aware of in this class of society.


      • Yes, it does make sense. At the time, they had shrewdly managed to get rid of any evidence that could point finger at them. They had to put on the act of wanting to open investigations to fake that they are fighting for their daughter’s cause. Now when CBI, court wants to have a fair trial, they are trying their best to evade the trial. They would have been long behind the bars, had they not been born in a country with an excessively corrupt judiciary. But I must commend CBI for once to be speaking the truth and leading the case towards a fair judgement.


    • Actually GV, if you look at the statistics of female foeticide, then it is more prevalent in the classes of society that are richer, because they are the ones that have more access to expensive medical procedures. Poorer parents either don’t kill their female children, or maybe they just abandon them after birth because of lack of money.
      And let’s not even discuss the sickening cases of women travelling abroad to places like Thailand to circumvent the laws against female foeticide in India. Such people are definitely rich (or borrowing money)..


  6. You know sometimes when I think about this case my thought goes on the line that all the clues or rather no clues point fingers towards the parents. But then the thought that immediately coems to my mind is that there is nothing concrete to prove them gulity and what must they be going through when they themselves are being blamed for the death of their beloved daughter. What reason can a set of well educated parents have to kill their only daughter? Where is the motive??
    And with the baseless accusations & millions of fingers poiting towards them they must dying every moment. Society can be merciless & insensitive sometimes.


  7. It has been my experience that empathy & ‘consideration for others’ isn’t highly valued (nor taught) in India. From asking overly inquisitive & publicly embarrassing questions to the inability to stand in a cue & wait your turn- Most Indians seem only concerned with themselves.


  8. well the police in Urvashi case has messed up a lot of clues and the way news showed how they trampled over the scene of crime and all, that it will be hard to get any proper proof .. so now that they have messed it nice and proper they are using all tactics to get to the bottom of it .. although I doubt if they will be able to get to the bottom of it …

    Attacking Rathore was justified i feel, just because of him being involved with a young girl being at such a higher post deserves that, what he did to the girl deserves much more ..

    The talwars from my experience and reading the news there is something fishy they may be innocent or may be involved we wont know till all the lines of investigation have been exhausted.. It will be a long wait for them and the end of it also we wont know if justice was done since evidence and all dna examples etc etc had all been trampled upon by the efficient policing.

    The reason i say this is everyone is asking what is the motive where is the motive for the parents to do this well , again in my line of work I have seem some aweful situations where MOTIVE is not even a clue .. people behave differently ..


  9. I have felt the same IHM, it must be a harrowing experience for the Talwars if innocent. This case also reminds me starkly of the Azaria Chamberlain disappearence case in Australia where the media bias led to the mother being convicted of her own daughter’s murder. She served several years in the jail before a chance discovery of evidence exonerated her.


  10. Aarushi Talwar’s case is extremely sad. The way media handled it was repugnant. I totally believe in Freedom of speech but when does freedom of speech become abuse? And what would one do when it happens? Poor Aarushi. What Fantastic stories came out at that time and that too only opinions of what the media thinks may have happened. I stopped watching those channels after this.


  11. IHM I don’t know what to make out of this case and deep in my heart I truly want to believe that the parents are innocent; but it’s so disgusting that the whole thing as usual turns into a circus and slowly when the public is bored watching……the entire horrifying incident is forgotten and they walk off to watch the next circus. The only people who will be scarred for life will be the parents 😥


      • Whiteruffles,God forbid such a grievous case does not happen within your family.Given the kind of assumptions,presumptions and witchhunting by the “covering our own flaws”police and public in this case,you don’t have much of a chance except a tortorous existence,even if you and God know that you are after all,innocent.Killing one’s own child,only child in this case is extremely unnatural.Don’t hunt down a set of parents cruelly,for your own satisfaction.Let the cops ,CBI and powers that be,do a thorough and professional job and find the guilty,whoever that is.


  12. While we may never know for sure who killed the poor girl, unless the killer decided to make a confession, I do not think that the parents are the real culprits here though. At most they may have altered the crime scene knowingly or unknowingly. Some of the reasons that have been given in the media are absurd and even laughable if it weren’t that 2 people are dead and 2 more convicted in the court of public opinion.

    If the couple indeed did murder their daughter and the help, then why did they accuse the help of having murdered their daughter, when they knew that his body was lying on the terrace and will be found eventually by someone. Wouldn’t it make better sense to dispose of the help’s body before alerting the authorities to their daughter’s death.

    Extra-marital affair- First the affair is pure speculation and there is no proof, secondly I think extra marital affairs are not so shocking anymore, to risk killing someone to cover up the affair.

    Relationship between the girl and the help: This angle of the story is what makes me sick to my stomach. The girl was 14, she was a child who had just entered her teens. There is no proof of any kind that there was something going on between the child and the help or rather the help doing something to the child. If there was something then it would constitute statutory rape, thus making the child a victim and not what the media and papers portray her to be.

    These are just a couple of points, I can think of many more inconsistencies in the media and police’s version. It is just horrific that we lost 2 lives and 2 more have been destroyed by the media in their pursuit of ratings and the cops who covered their incompetence by coming up with wild theories.


  13. Arushi was junior by a year to my son, in the same school. I do hope that whomsoever killed that lovely young child is caught and punished.
    However, treating the parents as guilty until they are convicted of the crime doesn’t make any sense to me.
    There are many strange, unaccounted facts, though. It is all very puzzling.


  14. There isn’t a shadow of a doubt in my mind that the Talwars are completely innocent. Not just because I know them personally, but from what the case and common sense tell us. Sheer incompetence on the part of the police have ruined lives and have made a spectacle of the tragedy. May God give the Talwars courage and strength to deal with their future, marred forever.


  15. Indian Homemaker, I do not have enough words to tell how much you annoy me. Actually, annoy would be an understatement. Someone following a case so closely, fails to see involvement of parents, two fake, dishonest, criminals. How I cringe when I see emotional morons like you defending them, and makes me wonder what’s wrong ? Lack of common sense, low IQ or just pure stubbornness, that I am morally most upright and my beliefs can’t be wrong, and harping on crap like “nobody’s guilty until proven”. The statement applies to judiciary system because efficient ruling is possible only when rules are followed. It has absolutely nothing to do with what the actual fact is.
    Who murdered the girl is not known but parents certainly know much more than they are revealing. Nupur Talwar, I never saw single genuine sentiment on her face. And now she is trying to evade trial in the court. I have little belief in Indian judiciary but hope, that the two suffer till the last day of their lives, for faking sentiments, for misleading cbi, for being a part of their daughter’s murder.
    Rest of you defending these hypocrites, you disgust me. Home-maker, you better not reply to me, because you would make me cringe even more.


    • Whiteruffles, you have waxed lengthy blaming those parents over and over and criticising anyone who expresses an ounce of positive sentiment towards them.
      Since you are king of common sense and IQ,answer a few questions please :

      1. If they indeed did commit the murder,why did they not clean up the act and call up cops for missing child ?

      2.You have been criticising Nupur Talwar for not beating her head and shrieking at camera and hence suspect guilt.Wow, that’s a lot of common sense!In my own family, I’ve lost a sibling in an accident whom my mom loved and adored a lot,but upon knowing of his death,her reaction was plain and cold. She took in the pain like a blow on her soul but did not cry as by nature she’s strong and does not cry in public. She did her grieving in private.When the Talwars could be grieving in private,you are not watching them on tv exactly,are you? So don’t judge someone on their absence of excess emotion,not everyone shows it. That would be plain common sense,agree?

      3. Why do you think there’s absolutely no possibility that an intruder could not have done it? Maybe you can come up with alternate convincing scenarios than, “parents did it! parents did it!”. Anybody could have done it,so let’s wait for expert criminal analysis,what do you think?

      Do you have reasonable answers to the above except personal bias and sensationalist witch-hunting?


      • Swathi,
        1. It’s not easy to dispose of two bodies and clean the bloody mess. Besides Talwars didn’t have their cars with them on the night.
        2. At what point did I say, that nupur talwar should get over-dramatic and beat her head and shriek at the camera ? I said genuine sentiments. If you interpret it as beating of head and shrieking, I am sorry to say, I see it as a sign of lack of grey cells. I have watched enough of their interviews, it’s always the same, evading to make straight answers and poker-faced. No anguish and rage against the killer. I never saw nitish katara’s mother cry or shriek but she never appeared fake.
        3. Again, I never said “parents did it”, I never claimed that there is no possibility of a third person being involved. I can’t possibly know the facts and am at no position to comment on it. But I have no doubt parents are involved and aware of the what actually transpired that night.
        Sensationalist witch-hunting !! nice, where did you copy-paste these 3 words from.
        Since you honored me with the title of king, just to clarify, if anything ,it has to be a queen, not that I have any ambitions to be either.


  16. I am reading the case since past 1 month. And started realizing that I have seen this news in 2008. It is really very cruel to look at parents as guilty and blaming them and making some nonsense stories.
    I gone thru the following article.
    There are many unanswered questions . There has to be someone or two in home, known to Hemraj. And Somewhere it is mentioned that police found one blood stained foot print of size 9, on the terrace where hemraj’s body was found, which was not matching to anybodies in house. There are chances that someone might have knocked Arushi’s door from outside and she might have opened it. The proofs which were present at crime scene are not utilized properly. Its just because police could not find someone else they pointed to someone who was in home and alive. It is possible that crime scene was masked…may be because no parents want people to know the sexual assault of their child as people take it in their own ways. Similarly people saying that parent are not looking grieved, or they appear cold…if parents had shown their grief in media the same public might have said that they are making drama…


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