Aarushi Talwar’s parents.

I couldn’t help noticing the look on the faces of Aarushi Talwari’s parents, yesterday on the TV.  How do they feel when they see so much hatred and mistrust directed towards themselves – specially if they are innocent?

Last year when Utsav Sharma attacked Rajesh Talwar with a cleaver, in Ghaziabad CBI court, most people seem to justify the action.

A screen shot.

“Sharma had allegedly attacked SPS Rathore, a convict in Ruchika Girhotra molestation case, in the similar manner in February last year in Chandigarh.[Link]

While it was wrong to attack SPS Rathore too – Can we compare SPS Rathore who had been convicted [link] to Rajesh Talwar who is only a suspect? And if he is innocent then he is a grieving father too. Isn’t he supposed to be treated as ‘Innocent until proven guilty’?

Most people seem to believe some version of what the UP Police told the media, involving what they called ‘two affairs’. Does the UP police have a record of competence and reliability? [They don’t!]

I can’t help wondering what the parents must be going through if they are innocent.

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